Some thoughts about defending your retreat

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  1. kellory

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    Actually, they are not looking for drugs, at all. They are searching for the toy they were trained with that had been scented with drugs.
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  2. chelloveck

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    The dogs must get awfully confused when they make a detection that doesn't reveal the toy, but the handler goes nuts with excitement and satisfaction anyway.
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  3. kellory

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    They get rewarded every time, they do not mind.
  4. Tikka

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    My father bred and sold bird dogs and I helped train them. Protection/guard dogs are easier to train as all that is wanted is a response to anything out of the ordinary. It takes more work to keep a dog in improved cylinder range than to teach them to bark at anything strange.

    Actually as they reacted to the dog biscuits in grandson's back pack; drug dogs like dog biscuits as much as drugs. I'm not too sure about donuts. ;)
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  5. arleigh

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    I had an Aussi I affection trained for tracking in SAR didn't need any thing but appreciation lovin for doing her job.
    All you had to do was let her smell an article of clothing belonging to the one your looking for, and turn her lose.
    Finding a dog that loves to learn is half the trick ,maintaining all the training is the other half.
    Learning how to read your animal as he responds to his senses is critical he is talking to you , you just have to listen(pay attention)
    Wild animals too are no different, they read your body language and discern whether you are a threat or not. whether you see them or not .
    Sadly this modern generation is loosing this skill .
  6. jimLE

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    i have a Pomeranian.that lil stinker can be asleep in the house,and know when someone or something is walking across the yard..more then once,we were outside.and she let me know when there was a armadillo or opossum with in her comfort zone..
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    Members of the group are either : ASSETS or LIABILITIES. ASSETS should be kept and LIABILITIES disposed of. This sounds harsh but, theoretically a wheelchair bound person may at first glance seem to be a LIABILITY. But after a closer look you find he is a communications genius so he is moved to the ASSET group and on and on and on......AD INFINITUM..
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  8. arleigh

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    Trying to assemble a group post SHTF has the thinnest chance of survival .
    Cowards will give up security at the slighted hint of a threat ,no matter what their skills are.
    There will be those wiling to compromise security for the pathetic trap being laid before them.
    Kids will be sent knocking at your door, how are you going to respond ,,actually , especially if certain members of the group are soft hearted ?
    If one of your group goes out side, and is shot, who goes after him??
    How many people is it worth sacrificing their life, to attempt to retrieve a rebellious kid that won't listen to instruction.
    A great deal of discipline is going to be required to survive in this environment.
    What is the greatest range you can see?
    and your weapon is capable of reaching?
    Guaranteed , some raiders will have the capability better than your self .
    The problem in most situations is that the person willing to self sacrifice, is usually more important kept alive.

    buildings made of wood are not safe in the long run. fact.
    Any thing combustable is a liability ,fire wise , however brick and mortar are not so great when it comes to earth quakes .
    Reasonably sized steel structures can stand up to a lot of bad environments .
    the Quonset hut stands up to most environments very well . It's just not your most popular design in modern arcetectur.
    If I thought I could get away with it , that's what I'd build , with an under ground basement, and be happy.
    Any thing you make air tight however can be a liability as well ,so alternative method of entry an air filtration are a must.
    Security in this environment needs to be as up to date as possible with back up systems as well.

    I plan to put microphones through out the property in strategic locations others might hide in giving me heads up on threats .
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