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    A Matter of Defense

    If you are receiving this you are on a Friends mailing list and now that he does not have a bright view of the future. I have shared many of his beliefs for most of my adult life if not based on the same cause but on history. There has never been a society that has celebrated diversity, the idea of conflicting beliefs and then let the people in power attempt to enforce those beliefs on everyone that has survived.

    You only have to look at the ex Soviet Union to see a short lived yet current example. Even today some within the old USSR are attempting to revive it. There is chaos in many of the satellite countries that broke off and then picked up historical battles where they left off before soviet rule.

    Why does this matter to us? If you compare King county and Wenatchee you will find those who cling to their guns and God in the east and those who believe in the Government in the west. There is in this simple example two polar opposites who each think they are right and would pass laws to rule each others lives. Laws are passed to give the moral high ground to those who have the majority and ability to enforce their will. It makes those who don’t fit into their belief system criminals.

    You may say they will never do this but they do it all the time to keep you safe. Seat belt laws, helmet laws, these have nothing to do with anything other than regulating your safety based on their belief you cannot chose for your self. They are not needed to regulate the flow of traffic in an orderly manner, the actual reason for traffic laws.

    Many of you are looking at how to feed and supply yourselves and family. But how will you retain this when I come to take it. Many religious groups have their members store food. A family member told another family member that he had food for his family for a year to survive the bad times; the reply was I have a gun 1000 rounds of ammo and a list of your church members.

    For those of you who do not watch the weapons market there is a general panic. (yes there is a market, we spend as much on shooting sports in this country as we do on golf)
    Ammo has tripled in price if you can find it for battle type weapons. Reloading components are back ordered and guns are up 50% on the resale market and out of stock in many store. Yes the hunting rifles are still available but they are the most expensive to feed at between $.50 to 2.00 a round.

    If you have not purchased a gun or ammo you need to do something about that now. If you cannot afford or find an assault type weapon dust off grandpa’s old 22 in the closet and make sure it works. Buy 2 or more boxes of 22 shells available at Wal Mart or Bi Mart for about $15.00 each. They contain over 500 rounds per box.

    I would recommend at least one gun per adult and ammo for all guns. The amount of ammo used in a gun fight is a lot higher than most people think. A combat load is 220 rounds, I have burned thru that in training in 2-3 minutes semi auto and then burned through the 52 pistol rounds in another minute and I can hit my target. In a stress situation you will hit the target 1 in five to ten times.

    If you have to buy a 22 get a Ruger 10-22. They are 169.95 at Bi Mart. You can get 25 round magazines for $30.00 on line or at Cabels or Sports Co. (for the steel feed lips mags the only ones to get the plastic lip mags wear out to fast). Wal mart and Big 5 also sell these. A second choice is a 12 or 20 ga shotgun. Remington or Mossberg pumps are sold at all three of the above listed store and are reliable. There are also a few inexpensive side by side shotguns available at these store. They are often called coach guns as in stage coach as the driver carried a short barreled shot gun for defense. 100 round boxes of bird shot are $22.00 at Wal mart. Buy bird shot that is the lowest number they have. Buck shot and slugs are good to have but much more expensive. Get some from Sports mart or Sports Co they are the cheapest. Slugs are basically a bullet fired from a shot gun and would be used for distance 35 to 100 yards, buck shot 0,00,00,2 or 4 would be used mid ranges and heavy bird shot for closer ranges. Heavy bird shot can be used at longer ranges to dissuade people without normally causing a great deal of harm but I have seen it kill at 30+ yards.

    Pistols are a short range personnel defense weapon. If you have one in a drawer make sure it works and you have ammo for it. If you’re not sure what it is or if it works find someone who can tell you.

    If you are buying a pistol and don’t now much about guns or ifs for the wife get a revolver. 357’s are great because it can shoot .38 spcl and .357. Ammo is common and not to badly overpriced. If you buy a revolver get two speed loaders or speed stripes for reloading and practice with them.
    9mm 40 and 45acp are good and you can get cases of ammo but have at least five functional mags(clips).

    Back to you don’t have much money. There are Hi standard 22 revolvers that sell at the gun shows for around $100.00 for a basic non collectable gun. They are the R 100 series Double nine series and Sentinel series which all shoot 22.

    Make sure to get a good holster for what ever you buy that will hold the gun if you fall or bounce around in a truck or atv, it sucks when your gun goes skating along the ground.
    Your rifle should have a good useable sling. Tactical slings are nice but don’t go overboard. There is a single point system that goes over your neck and shoulder and clips to the rear sling swivel. It hangs the rifle to the front and the gun unclips easily. A standard carry sling is fine too. Use what you like.

    The time is going to come when things go bad, when you can’t get a gun or ammo due to laws or circumstance and I can attest that you never need a gun until you need one badly.

    I have also never had time to load the thing when I needed it.
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    Excellent post!

    Since you mentioned the 2 counties in Washington that are political polar opposites, I'm wondering what is their proximity? Are they some distance apart or are they pretty close to each other?
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    Out here it is libtard west vs christian ag east
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    I'm closer to Wenatchee - literally
    Great post and message

    off topic
    I'm getting a little spooked by the influx of WA members.....
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    Ahh, I love rugers [​IMG]
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