Soylent is made of ????

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by natshare, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Interesting he mentioned the word "Jail". Green bologna and white bread almost seems appealing.

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    The ultimate single payer solution...

    I want my body to be returned to the environment sooner rather than later (post expiration, thank you :)) but not directly into your sandwich...
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    Having served on board a US Navy aircraft carrier, I can assure you that it's usually green eggs and blue ham. The green eggs were a visual clue that they had stopped using fresh eggs to make the scrambled variety, and turned to using the powdered eggs. The blue ham was because the Supply Officer, in an attempt to stretch the $5/day he had to feed us, would resort to buying the cheapest cuts of meat. USDA markings on meat are made with an edible blue dye, stamped onto the meat. Cutting off and throwing out dyed meat was just guess what we'd occasionally see? :whistle:
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    I was Navy. I was referring to a certain sheriff in a certain state feeding criminals what they deserve.
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    Well I remember from the 1970's movie what soylent green was made out of...
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    Which is interesting since the book it was based off of (Make Room, Make Room!) never made that claim, it was a fabrication for the movie. The book isn't that great but it's better than the movie btw.
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    IMO it is scary stuff. When reading it I couldn't stop thinking Agenda 21. Glenn Beck's book Agenda 21, had the characters eating a cube, the cubes held all the nutrition that they needed. It was a society of no waste, all you need was efficient and "friendly".
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    A good book IMO, and a glimpse at what could come if we let our guard down.
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    I really doubt it, I never read the book but the movie was pretty unrealistic, over crowding until the the reproductive society is in a building surrounded by the masses who were used for food... Soylent Green?
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    Sorry, I was talking about the book @Motomom34 referenced.
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    If you want to see food hordes like the one in the movie, put an end to food stamps. EBT went down for 17 hours last year and Chaos broke loose! If one does not have enough food to handle less than a day, imagine what will happen after 2 weeks.
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    Our guard is down so far I've learned to walk with my pants down around my ankles.
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    "So I ordered a month's supply and for four weeks, religiously consumed Soylent and nothing else. Well, that and coffee. Naturally my colleagues at work were curious about the beige swill I was chugging instead of lunch; I let them try a little, and all of them agreed that while it was not entirely unpleasant (most of it is rice protein, so it tastes a bit like gritty, watered-down oatmeal), it would take an act of monumental will to get them to make it their only source of food."

    So, who wants to spend the rest of their life munching a tasteless tan gruel? Gosh, that would get old fast...... :oops:
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