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    With the house finally done and the move-in complete, I've shifted gears to implementing our prepping plans. I have a dedicated area of the basement (shared with mechanical equipment) that also goes under the stairs for storage of preps. I know buckets are the storage system of choice for most, but while packing empty buckets in to see how many I can store I can't help but see all the wasted space between them. Has anyone come up with a solution or found a square or rectangle storage system that seals as well as buckets? It's not a real big deal, but I'd really prefer to store everything as tightly as possible. I've looked at rubbermaid tubs at the store but haven't found anything even close to what I want- namely a sealing lid.
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  2. ghrit

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    Seems like you could easily use the tubs if you seal the stuff going inside in bags rather than bulk. Bags would also allow more efficient sizing of the product so you could open only a fraction of the tub at a time.
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  4. DKR

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    If you are planning to store canned goods, a good rack can help quite a bit with both storage and rotation - FIFO being the best type.

    Several commercial types are available, one brand even fits between the studs of your wall.

    Or you can roll your own
    I grabbed this from another board where I hang out.
    Here's the cardboard one. ... ting-rack/
    Different styles of rotators, not cardboard. ... 6-1-06.pdf unit.jpg ... cific.html ... Food-Shelf

    Commercial versions can be found here 2F2545336%2Fuploaded%2FFifo-Can-Tracker.jpg&picture.width.max=1124&picture.height.
    (This unit above is sold as the Can Tracker. I also have the Cansolidatior.
    Here is a video for both -

    Robot Check
    (several vendors sell this or a similar unit)

    Pantry Organizers - Free Standing has in wall storage units, very c


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  5. Silversnake

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    I have gotten 4 gallon square buckets from a local farm store for 2.50 a piece. The square buckets have less space between them, and are more modular for moving, storing in small spaces or transporting.
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  6. Kathy in WV

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    Obviously I didn't invent it, but I do love the can rotator shelf we just built!
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  7. Motomom34

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    I am in a re-shelving mode and things have snowballed. I have decided to get rid of all buckets because they take up so much space. I am looking for storage bins like the have for Daily Bread food. I took measurements and think I can actually store more in stackable bins.
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    Bought a bunch, love them, available in different sizes and reasonably priced, but a bugger to fold together
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  9. Tracy

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    I second silversnake's square buckets. I use 'em.
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  10. Brokor

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    Mostly heavy duty square, stacking bins with wheels and retracting handles (lockable too) work best for me. Inside, I can store small amounts or large amounts in mylar and/or buckets. If I ever do have to move, I do NOT want to pick that stuff up. No way!

    Aside from pasta, beans, rice, wheat berries, sugar and salt, I have mostly freeze dried foods stored now. Been phasing out canned goods as much as possible, though I still have quite a bit. Mmmm Red Feather butter! [touchdown]
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  11. DKR

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    BUMP -
    Added a video on the Can Tracker to my OP above - which looks at both the Can Tracker and the Cansolidator. I have both, the Can Track holds more cans and is made of heaver material - and quite rigid. Both lack a mean to keep can in the track during an earthquake.
    You may wan to add some mesh on the front to keep things tidy.
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  12. arleigh

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    If you have to move out, having buckets to put canned food in is a big plus .
    Things don't always happen in fare weather and move things in boxes that fall apart when they get wet is a problem .
    If you are rotating goods that's one thing but to be ready to bug out during a fire or flood there is no time to sort things.
    5 gallon buckets are consistent in size ,relatively easy to cary and stack well, even take a substantial amount of abuse.
    Something bigger makes it difficult to handle and place on the load .
    It is even easier to move them around with a hand truck up and down ramps and stairs . I have had those tubs and they don't last in moving around with any substantial weight .
    My dry goods are individually portioned with o2 absorbers, so that I can open the bucket and pull out what I need and not compromise the rest .even if the bucket is compromised the packaging inside is safe.
    If the contents are written on the out side and crossed off when removed, it relieves unnecessary handling and guess work .
    Buckets for things that are already canned don't need to be food grade at all, and good for other things down the line .
    Some things can be hidden in plain sight like making a bench along the wall using the buckets for the base and covering it with wood and cloth.
    I am thinking of starting a new storage place so that if the house burns down I still have a reserve to fall back on .
  13. BTPost

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    Around here we use those Square Gray Plastic Milk containers that are about 14" Cubed... They Stack real well as long as you do NOT exceed the Inside Height measurement with stuff...
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  14. arleigh

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    We loved those milk crates, but they are hard to get any more.
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  15. Merkun

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    Talk about multi use, I have "some" handy to carry stuff around. Make a square of plywood, just the right size and cover it with scrap carpet, and you have a seat for working on low stuff, or stack two and have a seat for fine bench work. (Got mine from a kleptomaniac woman, couldn't help herself from throwing them in the back of my pickup, then deciding she didn't need them after all. Gad.)
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