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    I just got a call at 6:00 pm, that 2 people, driving a blue and white pickup had started a fire in an abandoned homesite up north. The 1st call was pretty much garbled and very hard to understand....I now know why, the person calling was in his 2 man cart ( think mini-sandrail), upside down. He was hit and drug some 40-50 deet by the one guy that ran from the area.
    The cart was destroyed, the driver may have suffered broken ribs as he was hit in the drivers side of the cart. He said the cart flipped as the truck turned and went into a different direction.....
    He managed to call several of the locals that came to his rescue, while others went to the fire. In the melee one of the arsonists was caught and is being held by locals, awaiting response from the Sheriff's office.
    Due to the roads and no maps or street signs of the area, this could be a severe nightmare for those responding.
    The person that was driving the truck trying to get away, is also the one I had called the Sheriff's on, a few days ago. He was seen at that time on my land, walking around by my trailer and someone fired a shot at the former caretaker that saw the truck go into my area.
    This same person just tried to run over the same caretaker this evening.
    I am waiting for further news on IF they got the fire contained and what else has happened up there. Supposedly, the 2 perps were trying to save time in scrapping out a trailer they wanted the aluminum siding off of, so they chose to burn the trailer to get the siding free from the wood frame!
    Now we have arson, and attempted vehicluar homicide, in the newest adventure up there.
    I was asked how fast I could get up there....
    No way! No gas, andmy big van is down for electrical repairs, and I have nothing in the van right now to make a trip anywhere. No money at this point for gas and it is a 150 mile trip one way! It Takes me 2 1/2 hours on a good day, during the day. Even I don't drive out there at night!
    I can get lost even today after having been in and out of the area, some 9-12 times. It should get/be interesting to see the results of this latest fiasco! The scrappers never rest! Now the locals are involved, having to catch and DETAIN one of their very own....Now that's IRONY!
    If the fire is NOT controlled, it could get really bad really fast....there is NO fire station or department for over 35+miles, one way, all the way up in Williams Az.! Being dark, and unable to see the roads is intolerable at best. No water laden fire truck could get in there from either of 3 separate directions. It's a bad situation gone serious!
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    7:10 pm...
    According to people on site with the sheriff's deputy, that is there right now, claims there has been NO arson....The one person that was detained now claims to own the property, then changed his story to having a lien on the property...so that makes it ok...? No way!
    As for the driver, he should be chrged ( at the very least) with hit and run, and leaving the scene of an accident (same same) a FELONY! Evidently, the deputy is incompetent or lazy! He does not twant to persue anyone, or arrest anyone, for any reason. He does not even want to write a report, much less have to transport a person ( felon or not), back up to Flagstaff for a 72 hour hold, to run a background check for wants and warrants.
    It just gets better doesn't it?
    (Film at eleven!???)
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    7:40 pm
    I spoke to my son, a deputy/detective here in Maricopa County, and I was told that both items were in fact, class 4 felonies!
    Both, Hit and run and arson of a structure, regardless of the ownership.
    At 7:50 I spoke with a man up north as many locals are still arguing with the deputy on scene, and the deputy flatly refuses to do anything, not even a report on the call!???
    "Misfeasance of office"!
    IF he is in fact: a "sworn" deputy!
    IF he is ONLY a volunter or a posse member, then we have an issue!
    It stinks!
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    tell them it ok, let him go, but wait til youre there locked and loaded
    say its ok, no harm done, he wont have to arrest anyone
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    Locals are up in "arms" quite literally and have chosen a course of action I had hoped they wouldn't...but then again....
    That may be the ONLY way to resolve the isssues at hand. Vigilantism is an ugly thing. But they are sick and tired of the "games" with local law enforcement. It could get bad for a couple of individuals now, since the locals now know their names and where they "supposedly" live.
    Oh Boy! I can see this could get out of control...maybe that's what the "cops" want? I can't see it any other way right now! If so, the end result will be a mess. ( bring a sponge!)
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    This would be a good job for "rent-a-guy".
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    Letter I sent to the Sheriff, The County Board of supervisors and the County Attorney!‏

    <META name=Generator content="Microsoft SafeHTML"><STYLE>.ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}</STYLE>October 23, 2011. ( approx. 5:30 pm)
    CCSO officers were called regarding a "fire" and a "hit and run" incident in the K. K. Estates area of Unit 17. 2 individuals had started a fire in a mobile home ( supposedly accidental) which rapidly got out of control.
    The fire rapidly spread to surrounding trees in the area and was seen by a number of residents of Unit 17 . 1 person responded, while calling other residents to come and help if they could. That person a "Mr. B." drove to the area where the fire was and was, driving a small 2 person type of kart.
    1 of those persons that had started the fire, upon seeing Mr. B. approaching, quickly got into a blue and white pickup truck and was trying to run away. Mr. B. attempted to block his exit. The driver of the truck deliberately rammed and drug Mr. B. in his kart broadside for some 40-50 feet, in his attempt to elude being caught. The driver of the truck then made a quick left turn and freed the kart and occupant. Mr. B. has suffered minor injuries, including possible broken ribs, as he was hit in the drivers side being only protected by the kart's roll cage. The driver of the truck was trying to run him over. As a direct result of the truck drivers actions, the kart was virtually destroyed. Others responded to the fire and quickly cut down a number of burning trees, against the protests of a man Known as Mr. S.. ( "J. K. S." according to the CGIS mapping site)
    The driver of the pickup truck was said to be Mr. A. S., Mr. J. S.' son. 2 CCSO deputies which responded, were told by Mr. J. S. that first they owned, and then secondly that they had a lien on the property, which was burning. They also claimed the fire was accidental. However according to county CGIS mapping and taxes information, the property Mr. S. owns is in fact in Unit 17 lot # 453.
    The area where the fire was started, was in fact, in Unit 8, lot #182. The lots sit diagonally opposed with lot# 182 northwest and adjoining corners of lot# 453.
    They are separated by a road: V. V. Blvd.,the dividing line between units 17 and 8.
    Mr. A. S. apparently has some sort of "problem's" with being caught, especially with a weapon in his posession, as well as in the vehicle, as he hid the damaged truck in the juniper trees, on the lot his father apparently owns and then walked back when the officers arrived on scene.
    Neither were arrested, charged or anything done at all...
    1 of the 2 officers which responded, an Officer R. K., was wearing badge no.73, however the business card he handed out, was in fact marked as badge no. 82. The business card was also "mismarked" according to the officer, as the pnone number was a misprint. He was out of the Williams Az. Office.
    (Something is very wrong here.)

    Add'l information:
    On Tuesday, October the 18th, 2011...Mr. A. S. was seen entering and inspecting my personal property, in the K. K. Estates Unit 19, lot 817. There currently is a trailer there, NOT abandoned. I own it. I was notified by Mr. B.,
    ( my former caretaker) which had gone to see where this person was headed in a gold and white GMC dually tow truck. Upon his reaching the cross road area, of R. Blvd.and E. Dr., just a few hundred feet from my land, he was shot at, the round striking approximately 10 feet from his kart's front tire. Mr. B. then called me and was in the process of departing the area as quickly as he could. The driver of that vehicle is one and the same described above as a Mr. A. S. which Mr. B. relayed to the CCSO dispatcher and gave a full description of him and the vehicle, except there was NO license plate on it at the time. This information, as well as driving directions, were relayed via phone to Deputy H., by myself, and I stayed on the phone with him until he had reached my parcel. He was accompanied by another deputy which responded to the call.
    The K. K. Estates Area is rife with "scrappers" and the person that was driving both trucks is known around town to be but one that is responsible for stripping trailers and selling the materials for scrap. Now I was warned that my trailer may be next in line and yet, NOT a single arrest has been made. Why?
    If my trailer is next to be stripped or torched, then who do I seek damages against?
    UNLESS someone in the law enforcement community is willing to show some backbone and arrest these people, it will continue to grow until it comes down to gunplay! Many residents up there yesterday evening were ready and willing to take matters into their own hands...That means someone is either going to be seriously injured or killed. Personally, I'd suggest your department make some sort of show of EFFORT to quell this situation before that happens, and before the news media get wind of either the incompetence or misfeasance of the department they all rely on.
    Thank You for your time and Interest in this matter.
    W. D. L. B.

    Now I spoke with my son about this matter, and he was totally dumbfounded by the officers actions....
    What I had to share with him, and hear his reaction, was EXACTLY the same as mine...When the officers arrived on scene, the trailer was fully engulfed and somewhere unbeknownst to anyone present, ( including the so called owners) there were a few thousand rounds of live ammo being hidden in that trailer. Oh YEAH!

    When the rounds started to go off, 1 of the 2 deputies pulled his service weapon and began waving it and pointing it at everyone standing within a few feet of him, and yet the fire was well over a hundred feet away!
    I asked my son what he thought about that, and he asked if he took his one bullet out of his shirt pocket!?
    Barney Fife!
    I love it!
    ( can you say morons? I knew you could!)
    Anyway, on to the MEAT...
    In Arizona it is a class 4 FELONY to set fire to ANY structure that has a value of over $100. Regardless if you own it or not. If it is less than $100 in value it's only a class 5 Felony!
    Also, in Arizona ANY motor vehicle which collides with any other vehicle that is occupied and leaves the scene of said accident is a class 4 Felony! If the other vehicle's occupants are injured ( even minor injuries) it is a class 4felony. If the injuroes are serious or cause death, it moves up to a Class 3 Felony...( we only go to a classs 1!)
    Now what's really funny ( if you can find it here!) is that the deputies told the 2 perps to bring information and proof to them the next day, that they own the property which they burned. Huh? Guess their computers were down?
    The 2 deputies gave the 2 perps an "escort" for safe passage ,until they got into town and away from the MOB!
    As far as the fire itself, since it caught surrounding trees on fire, GUESS WHAT? It's now Federal jurisdiction! The BLM and National Forest Service may be involved and I'd NOT want to be in those deputies shoes! Anytime a fire up in that area starts burning trees, and poses a threat to the surrounding lands...Oh BOY! We are off to the races!
    Well that's that for now...I may be sending an update from the graybar motel...I am sure that the people I sent the letter to will NOT take it lying down! Oh well, it's time for the slugs to do their jobs and get the bad guys put away!

    Note, it ain't easy deleting all those names, ya know that? But I did, I learned my lesson!
    I even deleted the street names!
    I need a strong cup of coffee now!
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    Contact the local Sherriffs officeand file a complaint with copies to the State bureau of Investigation... request a review of the incident report/or lack of one.... and stand by to collect afadavits from those who were present...
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    The one I sent to the county attorney's office was returned as "undeliverable". Can you believe that? I was told to file a complaint that not even the state attorney general's office can do anything, I have to go to the DOJ! Yeah, like thats gonna do any good at all! No one wants to TOUCH the mess up there! And it's NOT just one county it's also the adjacent one as well!
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