Spring 12 gathering dates set (NC/SC)

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by -06, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. -06

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    March 30-31-1 April all set and waiting for us. We will have the camp/ranges to ourselves. Camping down by the lake again. Theme this spring is a Bug Out exercise. Use the cabins if you like but most will be tenting/camper/RVing for practice. Doing meals differently this time--Dutch Oven competition Sat afternoon will be our only joint meal as a total group.
    For those who do not know--we rent 4-H camp Millstone near Rockingham, NC for the weekend. You can google the camp for pics/details.
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  2. hedger

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    Please take a lot of pictures.

    Camping, Shooting, learning new ways to handle a bug out situation.

    There is a whole lot of stuff that I'll be envying.
  3. -06

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    Couple of folks usually take lots of pics. Will post classes as they develop.
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    I can make it down on that Saturday. I am North Central NC-USA.

    I will send you a message.
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    Spring is a beautiful season, I like spring, because everything in the spring recovery, very beautiful scenery.This season is very suitable for the party.So I often go camping with my companions.Sometimes we will also go to KTV .
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    Will be in meetings that weekend... so i won't be able to make it... have fun...
  7. -06

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    Well, it is here. Nice weekend lined up. Lots of door prizes and competition awards. Several sponsors/suppliers/shops have donated items. Price change: Cabins are $10 per night instead of per head so 9 people can share if they like. Camp usage is $3 per person but the auction usually covers camp costs so no sweat there. Bring your ammo,shooters, food, bedding, and an expectation of lots of fun. See you there.
    A few families will be coming in late so let's have them some stew so they can relax. Will have the large tarp set up near the fire ring so bring your lounge chairs--just don't be sleeping--lol. Friend is bringing some saw horses/plywood for the tables. If you have a "trouble light" or clamp on type lamp please bring it. Will have one long drop with two outlets so if you have a small drop cord it would be helpful. Thanks, wc
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    Won't be able to make it due to work and preparing for a move. Sure y'all will have a blast. Wish I could come....maybe next time

  9. BTPost

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    I wish I could be there..... but alas, not this year.... maybe on some future year... ..... YMMV.....
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