Springtime "IMAGES" from our Backwoods Survivalist Homestead

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    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    There's nothing better than having the PEACE & SERENITY of living in a very private backwoods location... Garsh, if we wanted to, we could become NUDISTS out here and no one would even know, or see a thing!?!?! lol

    But anyway, we had some FUN taking pics from around our BACKWOODS SURVIVALIST HOMESTEAD. It was part of daughter's "HOMESCHOOL PROJECT!" ;)


    (ABOVE PHOTO) The view of some of our dairygoats in the pasture from the front porch of our home which is in the middle of the woods on a hilltop surrounded on 2 sides by a year round creek (live water), & 1 side by a wet weather creek...


    Fruit blossoms starting to come on in the orchard...


    Around our backwoods home, we've fenced off approx. 2 & 1/2 - 3 acres with 6ft tall chicken fence to keep all of our poultry safe while they graze/eat healthful bugs for most of the year... Here's a snap of our colorful "Mr. Gobble" who's a Royal Palm Heritage breed of Turkey.


    A nice Alpine buckling enjoying himself while he grazes out on the pasture near our looooooong backwoods driveway...


    (Above photo) A few of our dairygoat kids enjoying SPRINGTIME in the most beautiful Ozarks!

    Alrighty, time for me to "head back out"... as it's absolutely beautiful outside and there is so much that I want to get done today/this weekend!


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