Sprouting- Using Stored Grain, Nuts, Seeds to Optimize Health

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    As a child my family canned and stored food. When I left home I did not do any of that until I hit my 30's. At which point I just made sure I had beans and rice in the cupboard. I then went on to increase the amounts so that I was storing 5 gallon buckets. This was fine when I ate bread and pasta but as I have aged I have cut out bread, pasta, sugar etc.

    The dilema I faced was what to do with those 5 gallon buckets of wheat, beans, peas and rice. The solution to maximize the nutritional value in beans rice and seeds. Sprouting.

    Some nutritional facts if you want to look . In summary there is an increase in protein and energy value of sprouted grains.
    Health Benefits of Sprouted Grains | The Whole Grains Council
    Benefits of Sprouted Foods

    The information below is a brief statement as to why I don't think being a vegan is a viable option for long term. And its important to understand that eating vegetables and sprouts can go along way to providing for good nutrition and holistic health. Many of the sources I discuss for sprouting came from the raw food or vegan world of eating. They have some interesting judgements about eating meat but that does not invalidate the information they provide about nutrition.

    Using grains by sprouting falls in line with the type of eating that I do now, meat and veggies. I don't think long term raw food eating or eating vegan is good for you. There are plenty of studies that show there are nutrient deficiencies in veganism. Particularly B12. Very low B12 intakes can cause anemia and nervous system damage. Most vegans consume enough B12 to avoid anemia and nervous system damage, but many do not get enough to minimize potential risk of heart disease or pregnancy complications. You can supplement with nutritional yeast for some B12 but true vegan's need to supplement with B12. I have to supplement B12 anyway as my family has a predisposition for low B12. There are numerous long term studies that show B12 supplementation is a must for Vegan's.

    Anne Wigmore is the founder of eating raw food. She has wonderful ideas for sprouting and combining food. As a young woman she was very ill and cured herself eating only greens. When winter came she did not know how she was going to survive. She prayed and God gave her an answer. Sprouting grains, seeds and nuts. The key to raw food eating is have the food not get hotter than 115F. The beneficial enzymes are killed at temperatures above 115F.

    She makes a great drink called Rejuvelac made from sprouted wheat. This provides many enzymes and probiotics needed for proper digestion. It is also used in 'energy soup' which is critical in this type of eating.

    Two types of sprouting. 1) Sprouting seeds and nuts (and some grains) till you see the tail of the sprout. 2) Micro-greens

    Seeds and Nuts
    pumpkin and sunflower seeds and nuts can be sprouted to make all kinds of cheese, crackers and to be blended with Rejuvelac to make an energy soup which is the staple of raw food eating

    mung beans, lentils, alfalfa, mustard, radish - used in energy soup (with rejuvelac) or in salads.

    Almonds, cashews - sprouted and then can make milk, cheese

    wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, oats, etc - these can be sprouted and turned into crackers, energy soup etc.

    this is for iodine and minerals - dulce is the mainstay

    is not to convince anyone to eat raw living foods, the point is to briefly summarize how to maximize what you already have in your larder. (or in this case what I have in mine):D

    This is also a cheap way to eat. You can eat for less than $1 a day

    I have further expanded my preps to include the following thing so I can use grains and seeds. I dont have all the manual use equipment solved yet.

    Raw Food tools
    Coffee grinder (for grinding seeds and some nuts)
    Juicer - lots of good mechanical and electrical of these.
    Dehydrator - electrical can't beat excalibur, or this is a decent alternative. Amazon.com: Ivation Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator with 6 Drying Racks, Digital Temperature Controls and Timer with Automatic Shutoff, Even Dry From 95º F To 158º F: Kitchen & Dining
    sun drying Cooking & Food - Solar Chimney and/or Downdraft Dehydrator plans | Survival Monkey Forums
    Vita mixer or Omni 3HP Blender (I don't have a good mechanical solution to this on)
    Food processor -
    Food Mill - the food mill will do most of what the vita mix and food processor will do. I included it because its mechanical and not electric
    Salad spinner (faster washing of sprouts and greens, the less water you store them with the longer they last)
    Spirializer - Benringer cook helper
    Water filter system
    Offset spatula
    (for easier scraping)
    Springform pan (for making cheese and crackers or raw bread
    Sprouter (half gallon glass jars about 12 of them or an auto sprouter)
    Sprout bags - I just buy high quality cheese cloth and sew bags with no corners
    Fermenting crock pot -Amazon.com - 1-Gallon Stoneware Pickling Crock - Utensil Organizers
    or you can ferment in jars - Lacto-Fermentation: Anyone else preserve foods this way? | Page 2 | Survival Monkey Forums
    Food saver or vacuum pump - is a mechanical pump for jars, bags etc Pump and Seal food saver vacuum sealer is better than Tilia FoodSaver
    Nut butter grinder (this is really expensive to get a good one and not essential)
    Nut milk bags -
    Cafeteria trays
    for sprouting micro greens
    Carlisle CT101406 Cafe Standard Plastic Cafeteria/Fast Food Tray, NSF Certified, BPA Free, 14" Length x 10" Width, Beige (Pack of 24): Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

    There are several things I have not solved
    Manual or non-electric
    1) Juicers (wheat grass and micro greens need a different type of juicer than carrots and apples)
    2) Food processor and or blender - a food mill will work some but not for everything
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    Sounds like you got it going on Ganado! Sprouting is just another form of gardening, and I do it in the winter and early spring to get some good nutrients for my body when my outside garden is at low ebb. My sproutings are more unrefined than yours, and thinking about stepping them up some. Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks @Oltymer I like cooking and you can make some amazing things with sprouting. And its easy, I just put the seeds in those cafateria trays and stack them 3 deep on top of refrigerator, when they have sprouted enough I give em some sunlight for a day or so to green up the micro greens like wheat grass and alfalfa, mustard, radish
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    I KNEW it, yer one of them long haired hippie types[stoner]
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    I'm so glad you are back to harass me [grouphug]
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    Most of the people on Earth live on foods we wouldn't even recognize. Barley is almost as important as rice in northern Asia, and the people in India thrive on the pulse grains that we don't even class as food. Think lentils and peas etc. Peanuts, corn, sorghum, sea weed, mushrooms, taro and other earth tubers, berries, coconuts, and on it goes. Thank you for reminding us of some of the more common changes we can make using the foods we are comfortable with by sprouting, juicing, etc.
    I like farina, cous cous, and some other grains that are prepared, but can be stored and are quick to prepare, though the processing often destroys most of the vitamins found in the sprouted foods.
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    I agree duane. Unlike many people I'm not concerned with calories but in the quality of the food. Sprouting optimizes nutrition and my next step is to make it palatable. so I will be trying some raw recipes. If it doesn't taste good no one will eat it until they are desperate. .. the goal is not to be desperate.
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    Shelflife of Sprouting Seeds
    Adzuki - 3 Years
    Alfalfa - 2 Years
    Almond - 4 Years
    Arugula - 4 Years
    Barley (hulled) - 18 Months
    Basil - 3 Years
    Black Turtle Bean - 4 Years
    Broccoli - 4 Years
    Buckwheat, in hull - 2 Years
    Buckwheat, hulled (Groats) - 2 Years
    Cabbage, Generic - 4 Years
    Cabbage, Green (Early Jersey Wakefield) - 4 Years
    Cabbage, Red - 4 Years
    Cauliflower, Snowball - 4 Years
    Celery - 5 Years
    Clover, Crimson - 2 Years
    Clover, Red - 2 Years
    Cress, Curly - 4 Years
    Dill - 3 Years
    Fennel (leaf) - 3 Years
    Fenugreek - 3 Years
    Flax, Brown - 2 Years
    Flax, Golden - 2 Years
    Garbanzo, Beige - 3 Years
    Garbanzo, Black - 3 Years
    Garbanzo, Brown - 3 Years
    Garlic (Chive) - 18 Months
    Hemp Seed - 3 Years
    Kale, Red Russian - 4 Years
    Kamut® - 18 Months
    Leek - 18 Months
    Lentil, Black - 5 Years
    Lentil, Crimson - 5 Years
    Lentil, French (blue) - 5 Years
    Lentil, Green (regular) - 5 Years
    Lentil, Green (small) - 5 Years
    Lentil, Red (in hull) - 5 Years
    Lentil, Red (hulled) - 5 Years
    Millet - 2 Years
    Mizuna - 4 Years
    Mung Bean - 2 Years
    Mustard, Oriental (yellow) - 4 Years
    Oats, in hull - 2 Years
    Oats, hulless - 18 Months
    Onion - 18 Months
    Pea, Bill Jump (small speckled) - 4 Years
    Pea, Bounty (sweet shelling) - 4 Years
    Pea, Green - 4 Years
    Pea, Snow - 4 Years
    Pea, Sweet Shoot (speckled) - 4 Years
    Pea, Yellow - 4 Years
    Peanut, Valencia - 5 Years
    Pinto Bean - 4 Years
    Popcorn, Red - 8 years
    Popcorn, White - 8 years
    Pumpkin, Naked Seed - 3 Years
    Quinoa - 3 Years
    Radish, China Rose - 4 Years
    Radish, Daikon - 4 Years
    Radish, Oil Seed (generic) - 4 Years
    Rice, Brown (short grain) - 2 Years
    Rye - 18 Months
    Sesame - 2 Years
    Soy Bean - 4 Years
    Spelt - 18 Months
    Sunflower, Black Oil (in hull) - 18 Months
    Sunflower, hulled - 2 Years
    Tatsoi - 4 Years
    Triticale - 2 Years
    Wheat, Hard Red Winter - 2 Years
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    How to make digestive enzymes for your wheat and dried grain and bean eating

    Enzymes and good micro-organisms are at their highest when Rejuvelac is still fermenting. Refrigeration slows down their activity.

    (1) — In Jar One, soak one-third of a measuring cup of wheat berries on Saturday night.
    Drain all the water out of Jar One on Sunday morning, then rinse and drain on Sunday evening, and again on Monday morning.
    Then to begin your Rejuvelac in first jar:

    (2) — Fill Jar One with water Monday night. Give sprouts a final rinse before filling jar, to wash away unseen mold (you can't see it with naked eye).
    At same time, start Jar Two by soaking seeds overnight Monday night to Tuesday morning, then rinse/drain these every 12 hours, morning and evening.

    (3) — On Wednesday night, pour off Rejuvelac (fermented water) from Jar One and refrigerate for next day Thursday, refill Jar One with water, leaving in the old sprouts. You use each batch of sprouts twice over to make two jars of Rejuvelac.
    Also on Wednesday night, fill Jar Two with water — that's the one with new sprouts. Begin Jar Three, soaking seeds overnight.
    On Thursday morning take Rejuvelac out of refrigerator so you always drink it at room temperature.

    (4) — On Friday morning pour off second batch of Rejuvelac from Jar One and throw away the wheatberries, rinse out jar. Use Rejuvelac that same day so no need to refrigerate.

    (5) [repeat of Step 3] — On Friday evening pour off Rejuvelac from Jar Two and leave in refrigerator for Saturday, refill Jar Two. Fill Jar Three with water. Begin Jar One again, soaking one-third cup of wheatberries in it overnight.

    This way you use each jar of wheatberries twice for two lots of Rejuvelac (not three as in Ann Wigmore's method — it gets too weak) and you have a fresh jar every day — for use in blending Energy Soup and seed milk or yogurt.

    EDIT: not sure why I posted two threads on same thing
    Sprouting Seeds for Food
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    Ann wigmore was ahead of her time.
    Hippocrates health institute has helped many.
    A nice book is :
    Survival into the 21 century
    Viktorus Kulvinskis
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    More of eating what you store

    If You ONLY Have: Water, Wheat, Salt, Shortening or Oil You Can Make:
    Sprouted wheat
    Cooked cracked wheat
    Cooked whole wheat
    Wheat grass
    Gluten (a strange bread-type food that has a very high protein content)

    Just Add: Powdered Milk, Powdered Eggs, Honey or Sugar, Flour And You Can Make the Items Above PLUS:
    Wheat pudding
    German pancakes

    Just Add: Yeast, Baking Powder, Baking Soda And You Can Make the Items Above PLUS:
    Some varieties of cookies
    Muffins/English muffins
    Some varieties of crackers

    Just Add: Tomatoes, Powdered Butter and Cheese, Unflavored Gelatin, Canned Milk, Canned or Freeze-Dried Fruits And You Can Make the Items Above PLUS:
    Meatless dinners
    Meatless casseroles
    Cream sauces
    Jello salads
    Whipped cream desserts
    Baby formula
    Just Add: Rice, Legumes, Beef/Chicken Broth, Canned or Freeze-Dried Meats, Dried Potatoes, Dehydrated Vegetables And You Can Make the Items Above PLUS:
    Lots of great chunky soups
    Refried beans
    Rice dinners
    Rice puddings
    Many different dinners and casseroles

    Just Add: Extras such as Oats, Raisins, Nuts, Spices, Juice, Peanut Butter, Cream of Tarter, etc. And You Can Make the Items Above PLUS:
    A wide variety of almost any type of food you would want to cook

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    I saw at a local Mexican restaurant that they had "raw tacos". There was no shell just the stuff wrapped in lettuce. People really are moving towards a no grain diet.
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    I reworked a provisioning worksheet for food storage for sprouting and meals.. I will see if i can get someone to upload it or convert it to a file to attache here.

    you change the number of people at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
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    9 oz cacao butter, melted
    ¼ C coconut oil
    4T honey
    2C cacao powder
    ½ t ashwagandha
    ⅛ t sceletium
    ¼ t red ginseng
    ½ t taheebo
    ¼ cats claw
    ½ t siberian ginseng
    1 ½ t buchu powder or spring fo fresh mint
    ½ t maca
    1 T foti
    ½ t cayenne pepper

    Melt cacao butter in a double boiler, put melted liquid into your power blender. Add the melted coconut oil and honey and blend. Slowly sieve the cacao powder into liquid mixture, blending on low speed. Add the herbs and continue to blend until everything is mixed through. Pour into chocolate molds or ice trays and refrigerate. NOTE: you can add nuts and berries as well before you refrigerate

    Ashwagandha adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb, it boosts the immune system and reduces stress
    Astragalus support and enhance the immune system
    Sceletium Eleveates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension as well as being an effective antidepressant
    Ginseng restores vigor, increases longevity, enhance overall health and stimulate both appetite and memory
    Taheebo aka Pau d’Arco, antifungal and antibiotic properties
    Foi aka Ho Shou Wu and has reputation for enhancing longevity and energy, and serving as tonic to increase overall vitality
    Cat’s Claw Antiviral and anti-inflammatory enhances immune and gastrointestinal

    7 oz cacao butter, melted
    ½ C coconut oil
    ½ C agave
    2C cacao powder
    Seeds of 1 vanilla pod

    Melt cacao butter in a double boiler, put melted liquid into your power blender. Add the melted coconut oil and other ingredients … Slowly sieve the cacao powder into the mixture and blend on low until all is combined. Pour into molds.
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    Grocery List and Menu for one week of eating raw/sprouted food.

    Attached Files:

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    Do you follow this list? The weekly sprouting diet? I think it is all so interesting and I have my packets of sprouting seeds sitting on the counter. I haven't started them yet. I would rather do something like this vs. taking a multivitamin. I used to bring a juiced beverage to work everyday and I noticed I always felt better, I just got out of the habit. This is such good information that will be extremely beneficial if S ever HTF. I do not think most realize how much nutrition is available to them before a plant reaches maturity.
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    I do a raw week every month. It does take some prep and work. I try to practice the stuff I post before I post it. I don't invent a lot of new stuff buy I do try it before I post it.

    There will be a lot of people with 5 gallon buckets of seeds (particularly wheat) that they won't know what to do with it to get the maximum nutrition out of it.

    Quite frankly I can't physically eat enough greens, and I don't like the taste of most of them. Wheat grass is really sweet and if you don't like it you just bite into a sliced orange after you do a shot.

    Sprouting wheat and making rejuvalac is a huge help for indigestion and constipation. It has digestive enzymes naturally that most people lack in their diet.

    I finally found a manual wheat grass juicer!


    and this is an inexpensive electric one that will make nut butter

    Sprouting Seeds for Food
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