Stations selling non-E10 Gasoline

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Seawolf1090, Nov 13, 2011.

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    The feller at the mower shop told me if fuel isnt ethonal it will have methonal (a tree product I think) which is worth than corn based ethenol. Its supposedluy federally mandated to have 10% non oil products in gaseloene. Dont know for sure if its true.

    Any small equiptment that is going to sit over 2 weeks gets Stabil. I have so many problems that I have found new small engine carburators are very cheap on e-bay.
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    Just a Note, here: The only way to be SURE of "No Alcohol" Gasoline is to buy it at your local General Aviation Airport. Either 80/85 or 100LL These are 100% Gasoline and Certified to be so, by Federal FAA Regulation.
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    Absolutely true!

    . . . but remember to take fuel cans. They will not let you put it in the gas tank of your vehicle because of the road tax issue. Or well at least they are not supposed to let you fuel your vehicle.

    I got away with it for a while, but eventually a supervisor saw me and ended that . . . . abruptly. [nono]
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    Ya know I have used E-85 in my small motors (4 stroke) and it works just fine... the one lesson I learned the hard way is ... use up all that E-85 right away... or in other words I rusted the tank out of a lawnmower cause I left it full of E-85 over one winter...

    on the flip side I would never dare fill my Gold Wing with E-85...
    besides it would void the warranty
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