Steiner 5912 8x30mm Military Spec Binoculars $279.99..list $799.99

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    I did a quick price check and they seem to hold pretty close to the $799 list price..

    The Steiner 5912, 8x30 Military R is a military spec. tactical binocular, the same as the model #481 but with a different reticle. This model is used by many special operations units because of its compact size, outstanding durability and extraordinary image brightness. Ideal for many tactical applications under extreme conditions, especially if you’re on foot or have space and weight limitations. The 8x30 R is lightweight, compact, and fits into a coat or BDU pocket. The brilliant optics deliver excellent performance in low light, amazingly at only 18 ounces.


    Steiner 8x30 Military Spec Binoculars
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    I looked on Amazon. $229 for a Steiner 8x30 that looked a lot like these, maybe not but close.

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    From the Woot comment board..

    jamesbottomtooth wrote:
    so this looks like its almost as all the linked deals, but with the "Recticle" ie the notches that help you with distance guestimation..

    wonder if its really worth it.. this Steiner Military Series Binoculars-Choose Size: Sports & Outdoors vs Steiner 8x30 Military/Marine Binocular: Sports & Outdoors $500+ price difference on amazon for just the recticle?

    i'll get this tomorrow morning if someone convinces me


    Completely different binoculars. The 280 in the 2nd link is a commercial version of the military binocular in the 1st link. Our military binoculars are made to strict US military specifications whereas the civilian versions are not. These are some seriously rugged binos and the optical quality is superb. This is a ridiculous deal on these binoculars. You won't be disappointed.

    If you are looking for an extremely rugged military grade binocular I'd jump on this immediately. It looks like our military products will once again become restricted from commercial sales very soon.
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    Update I really like these binoculars but about a week after I posted this another package arrived from Amazon with a second pair of binoculars..Amazon bought Woot and they fulfil from the same warehouses so they must have entered two orders with one payment:)

    The reason for the close out must have been a cancelled Military contract from the cammo pattern on the case..

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    The Germans make fine optics. The reticle sometimes is a distraction.
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    I got my wife a pair of Steiner minis a few years back. The optical clarity is amazing
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