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    Let's face it, we are all stocked up to some degree more than the average person already or we wouldn't be here. Most of us have packed and re-packed a BOB more times than we care to admit and most of us rotate our canned good stock pile faithfully. Most of us will admit that there is always more that can be done but for the most part, we feel better prepared and educated on the subject than most. We always want a little more but we have all the bases covered..... right?

    A closer look however might reveal that many of us spend a fair amount of time online and when we have a question we simply "google it" at will. A truly dire situation however you will most likely not have such easy access to information. You will most likely be left with what you can remember off the top of your head and what you have stock piled.

    That's right. Stock piled information. Books, papers, DIY guides, pamphlets. Often over looked or taken for granted. Sites like this are a treasure trove of information but useless if you can't plug yourself in! Print out the good stuff, keep it in a three ring binder. Buy hard copies of books on country living skills, DIY projects, improvising, gun smithing, etc. Pay particular attention to subjects that you are not as familar with!

    If you're an expert on gun smithing but not gardening makes sure you have at least some information on the subject so in the worst case scenario you're not cuaght wondering exactly what that ratio of green to brown manure was or vice versa, if that .308 will work in the 7.62 X 54R chambered Nagant.

    Try and find books on skills such as
    Wild edible plants in your area
    First Aid
    Country Living
    Farming skills including raising livestock
    DIY projects
    Canning and preserving

    The list goes on and on of course and you can't have an entire library, but you can have a few books on subjects that you think of as being your weak points to supplament your skill set.

    Knowledge is power
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    reprint of; the Self-Sufficient Life and how to live it

    I add to my reference library almost each and every day. I search for books at flea markets and garage sale that add to that end. My local library system is one of the best I have ever dealt with, and I have used local libraries all over this nation. An oldie in reprint with added material that I just found is; "the Self-Sufficient Life and how to live it" the complete back to basics guide ----- expanded with over 100 pages from "the new self sufficient gardener" .... by John Seymour
    the original book published back in the 70s was going for $100 plus on Amazon ...... the 2009 release above for around $23
    . The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It (9780789493323): John Seymour: Books
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    "five acres and indepence" m.g.kains
    excellent info source
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    Good info, I have most of the books mentioned and they all have something to contribute for sure. I always hit the local thrift store myself, find some really good deals there, sometimes on obscure out of print subject matter too.
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    Beast, holy cow, awesome link!! (The Household Cyclopedia)
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    Great stuff, thanks
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    I have a medium sized home collection, but what I think is most valuable is my 3" binder, a sort of bug out book of PDF's that I may need post SHTF
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  10. Yep, I have at least 15 binders covering all the topics I can think of, printed on archival quality paper. That along with many books. Of course, take the time to turn all of that information into hands on time.
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    To add... if you can download a copy of the "Firefox" books...

    there not so much about survival but how things were done back in the days before we had running water and eltric lights...
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    i have the whole set here someplace, digitized
    need to sort thru my files and arrange them right
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    One of the pdf sites in the link I posted above,has the full foxfire series.
    I need to go through them when I have the time,and weed out the links that have died since I posted them.

    If you know of any pdf collections that are not posted at that link.Please PM the link/links to me,and I'll add them to it.
    I'm trying to make an everything go to list for firearms/bush craft/diy/how to/survival/prepping/farming/ect.That way I can post one link as a go to for pdf's instead of having to repost every link.
    My phone doesnt do cut,and paste,so every link I post has to be copy'd by hand on paper before it's posted.
    It still pains my right hand to write,after the table saw,so I'm trying to make it easier for me,and everyone else.
    That link probably contains a couple of Terabytes worth of info,that I have hopes of adding more to.
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    The encyclopedia of country living and manuals for all of you cars tractors and engines, there will always be some type of fuel you can make.
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    Thats what I've done things that works for my area like a quick refrence guide my only trouble I started out with one 3" binder and now have 3 I have the in a water proof bag and my wife teases me about how I all the time add to them and act like they are the holy grail. But they are always with in reach and one of the first things on my bug out list. I have every thing from shelters to canning apples.
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    You'll probably need more ink,paper,and binders Alpha Dog.
    My list of FREE pdf download sites. : PDF's / Downloads - SHTF Survival, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Forums
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    Here's my contribution for publications:

    Free Downloads

    The site also has a cutom search engine for preppers. If this redundant or posted elsewhere, then my apologies.

    - Rman
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    I have been printing out "stuff" that would help me when the SHTF, thinking that I would have helpful resources right at hand. However, I am having a terrible time with Printers....none of them seem to last very long without something going haywire. The latest one was fine until it all of a sudden informed me that it could not work with my internet. Even my computer geek grandson could not get it going again. So it has gone the way of no return and my son is beginning to mutiny - doesn't want me to get yet another one. I depend on it also because I have arthritis in my hands and while I can still write (painfully), I can't write legibly and the poor souls who receive my missives have a struggle deciphering my scrawl.

    Can I ask what tips, if any, you folks might have that would keep my printers in better shape or is it perhaps another case of "planned obsolescence", perchance? Any thoughts and ideas would be welcome....
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