Storing/Rotating Canned Goods

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Hispeedal2, Jun 2, 2010.

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    All seem like a good idea. I have something similar to the pre-made plastic one only I have 2 "inputs" if you will. There are 2 top shelves to put the cans in, they both feed into one "output" shelf to take the can out of. Works pretty good.
    Fifo Storage

    Expensive, yes. But considering at the time we got them both the wife and I were working 2 jobs and we have 2 kids so there wasn't enough time in the day to build something on our own. Now on the other hand it's a different story.

    Tango, yes the one you mentioned is a lot less work, but if the first one is done right, I think you would have twice the storage per "line" then the easier one. Also I know I wouldn't have the room to access behind the shelf to load, so I would need something to load from the front.
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    One of my first real jobs was working in a grocery store stocking shelves, so we always checked dates with what we stoc.ked. otherwise with a Metal can you can get either Tomaine poisoning or Botulism. If you don't it's a good case of Diarhea/ maybe vomiting with a mild case. With a bad case It could be you attain a permenatly horizontal position. Its even worse with canned meats, so just a friendly warning from your freindly nieghborhood grocer.
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    Nice system pictured. I don't have one of these but my husband built me a 5' high by 3' deep shelving system for my canned foods. I rotate items(FIFO) and always look for expiration dates 2-4 years out when I replace items. I also invested in two large plastic free-standing cabinets from Lowe's to store condiments, personal hygiene items, medical supplies and dried food, as well as plastic storage bins for pastas, rices, mixes, etc. Storage buckets of food:grains, rice are kept on pallets.
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    I bought a set of plans from CanRacks. My neighbor, the carpenter, still has them LOL. Cabinets that are customized to my "unique lifestyle" as he calls it are in the kitchen, dining room, and pantry of the cabin we hope to build someday. If I have my way there will not be a wall that doesn't have at least some cabinetry on it ...
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