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    Hello everyone,

    In some of my attempts to prepare for what ever the future may bring, I have started to store up gas. For short and long term storage. Also gas prices are just getting worse so I have started to store up now at the current prices and not just wait and hope.

    So while I was searching for good gas cans to store my gasoline in I came across some genuine NATO Jerry Cans. I was relieved to find that these cans are not CARB compliant. I have tried CARB compliant gas cans before and will never do it again. I was so happy with my new Jerry Cans that I have started to sell my extra cans.

    The following is some details about the NATO Jerry Cans;

    Jerry Cans are brand new, never used.
    The Jerry Cans are the same cans the NATO armies use today so they are made to the original and highest specs.
    The Jerry Can is center spline constructed and is designed to withstand a 10 foot drop full of liquid without leaking.
    Locking pins are included.
    I have four "kelly green" Jerry Cans available right now. (I will be receiving four red cans very soon.)
    Jerry Cans are rated for gasoline and diesel.
    The Jerry Cans are $69.00's each, without shipping.

    I can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. I do most of my business through my email so if you are interested please email me and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Todd Cole
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    Unless your planning on rotating your Gasoline Reserve supply, OFTEN, your heading for a BIG disappointment. Modern Gasoline can not be stored for more than a year, in most cases, an much less than that if you do not Seal it in Air Tight containers. You would be better served to convert all yourGasoline fueled equipment to diesel fueled engines, and then store your diesel fuel in Sealed, Air Tight containers. Diesel can be stored almost indefinitely, in Sealed Containers. ...... YMMV.....
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    I have used two-year-old stored E10 gas without problems, as I give it the 'long term' Stabil Treatment each year using their Marine formula. Works fine in my 2005 minivan and 2005 KLR carb-equipped bike. Pri-G is even better, but I haven't found it locally.
    I am storing non-ethanol gas for my small-engine equipment.
    I use a combination of metal and plastic gas cans.
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    Have been experiment with fuel storage here on the farm for several years. Diesel, E10, Straight up Dixie no-Ethanol gas. Prima G is the Best for anything. I have used stable and after 16 months the gas was usable but of poor quality and smell. After 2 years with PrimaG, e10 and no-ethanol gas was still good to go. Noticed a little smell, but no loss in octane or quality.
    Diesel is, Well it is Diesel. Hard to kill it. Have some that was stored without additives for 6/10 years in the back of the tool shed (must have been used for cleaning tools) that worked great. Gas is much, much more suceptable to deteriation than diesel. Of course you mileage may vary.

    If you can not protect what you own, you won't own it long.
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    Just been testing a Gasoline type Fuel Stabilizer/Gum Solvent, for use around the place. It came highly recommended, by a few Old Timers, with more decades of experience than I have. Product is called SeaFoam. Sea Foam | Home

    So, I will report back, NEXT Spring, after I have a year of Real World Testing in hand. Out here in the bush, Energy is Life..... ..... YMMV.....
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    PRI-G is what I use. Stabil, as Ga. said, is good for about a year, then the gas varnishes up. I've used PRI-G for 5 years storage ( 55gal drums ) myself, and the gasoline was fine.
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    I rotated ten gallons of gas I stored in March 2010 and retreated in March 2011, smelled like fresh gas, looked like fresh gas, put seven gallons of new gas from the local station over it. Been running fine all day. Just gassed the bike with the same stored gas - expect no problems.

    We KLRistas use Seafoam as a gas treatment to keep our bike's fuel lines and carbs clean. I have 42,000 miles on the bike - NEVER had the carb off or the cases opened. The stuff is GREAT!! [beer]

    STABIL works fine as long as the gas hasn't already gone bad - Pri-G is supposed to revive 'bad gas'. The only caveat is, use the STABL that is formulated for E10! The red stuff has now been so modified - previously the green STABIL (Marine formula) was the stuff to use for E10. The older Red STABIL was for straight gas only. Being a lot cheaper than the E10-compatible formula, people used it by mistake - this has caused a lot of the anti-STABIL friction......
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    Sea Foam is great

    Have used Seafoam for years in the vehicles and power tools. Works great for getting the internals clean and keeping them that way. Never even crossed my mind to use it for storage. Well, I guess that means something else to experiment with[winkthumb]

    If you can not protect what you own, you won't own it long.
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