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    I recently had a goat kid and fail to care for her kids. One died right away the other was circling the drain. Called a friend who was raised on a dairy. She came down and mixed non iodized salt (canning salt) sugar and water making an IV solution. Warmed it to body temp, then She injected the kid in the loose skin over the shoulder. The kid goat perked up by the second 5cc injection.

    I was told it will work for any loose skinned animal. I think this is info we all need who may have to care for stock.
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    Roughly the same as D5W, works good in dehydrated cats, used it on mine when he was sick

    btw, congrats!, hope it stays healthy for you
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    Yep...had to use an IV on a cat once for about a week. Definitely on death's door. Ended up living another 14 years.

    Yes...I had very brief thoughts wondering if I could run an IV of beer between my shoulders. My quick mental calculations told me that I can drink it faster.
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