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subject: Butter In Stock, Rumors, Preparedness Supplies

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by smithy308, May 23, 2008.

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    <hr style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Just got this email from a friend, and I thought it could be of use to some here...


    It could be to your advantage to read this whole News Letter.
    > I've done business with them and I recommend them highly.
    > The butter is from New Zealand, it is very good, it is in 12 oz. cans.
    > Has several years shelf life and only requires cool storage, not
    > refrigeration. Made from cream and is lightly salted. Nothing else.
    > I used it this morning for eggs and toast. Excellent. The same
    > goes for canned cheese................F
    > Subject: Butter In Stock, Rumors, Preparedness Supplies
    >> e-mail News Letter-Alerts-Specials
    >> from The Survival Center
    >> Box 234 McKenna, Wa 98558
    >> May 22, 2008
    >> Awareness & Preparedness
    >> These News - Alerts may contain information on Earth/Climate Changes,
    >> Volcanoes,
    >> Earthquakes, Potential Events, Preparedness, Current Events, Comments,
    >> and
    >> More. This
    >> information is provided for our continuing education and building the
    >> case
    >> for personal and family preparedness.
    >> ( Some of the Reasons Why We are Preparing )
    >> Are you Prepared to be on You Own for Extended Periods of Time?
    >> Storing Food, Water, and Essential Items Is One of Our Greatest assets in
    >> being "Prepared" for What Ever may come our way!
    >> There are a lot of rumors going around these days regarding emergency and
    >> preparedness supplies.
    >> These comments are from our point of view and may or may not reflect
    >> official opinions.
    >> 1. No, the government is not buying up all the supplies creating a back
    >> order situation at most of the countries leading emergency and
    >> preparedness companies. They already have theirs. They have been stocking
    >> up for years. Only the general population is starting to wake up to what
    >> most of us in this tiny industry ( if you can call it that ) have been
    >> saying for years.
    >> If you want to have emergency supplies in the event of an emergency or
    >> long term shortage ( emergency) then one must prepare ahead of time. Here
    >> is a quote from one of our local emergency managers "The difference
    >> between adventure and disaster is preparedness."
    >> It is like buying insurance after an accident. It is a bit late then!
    >> 2. Are there problems with the supply of preparedness items? Yes, and
    >> that
    >> is because when only a small portion of the
    >> population decide they need to be prepared, there are no major warehouses
    >> or supply line waiting for you full of goodies.
    >> Prices and availability changes daily. So do the shipping cost due to the
    >> almost daily higher prices of fuel etc. After Y2K most everyone in this
    >> business went out of business. Only a few of us stayed in this business.
    >> I
    >> can count all of them on one hand and have some fingers left over. It
    >> takes time to gear up.
    >> 3. What to do? Be patient. Get your orders in so we know how much of what
    >> items to get ready for you. Give us time to do that. Some of the major
    >> manufactures of these type products do not believe it is a big deal yet
    >> and are slowly, very slowly gearing up. Some have stopped taking orders
    >> since they cannot keep up. In my talks with them, and I have talked to
    >> most all of them, it is a, we will only do so much at this time, until we
    >> see where this is going. We suspect this is only temporary. I need to
    >> show
    >> them some numbers first.
    >> 4. Fly-By-Nights - Just as with Y2K, many people think they can now
    >> jump
    >> on the band wagon and make a fast buck. Where are they now? Please do
    >> yourself a favor and only deal with those who have been in this business
    >> continuously for some time, like long before Y2K. 10 + years is a good
    >> start. That will show some sincerity of those you deal with. And were
    >> they
    >> in business all that time since the year 2000 or did they really go out
    >> of
    >> business and just start up again? How many actually have a store plus a
    >> catalog and web site? The Survival Center does. We are serious about
    >> helping you prepare. We have the Knowledge and Experience. Check out our
    >> web site.
    >> 5. Calls. We are getting calls for help from all over the country. Many
    >> of
    >> you do not know what to do or where to start. Obviously we cannot teach
    >> each of you over the phone, that is just not practical, however, we have
    >> a
    >> solution to that problem.
    >> The Survival Center has been teaching classes for years. We wrote THE
    >> book
    >> on preparedness "Basic Preparedness" and just recently we released a 3
    >> DVD
    >> Home Study course call "Basic Preparedness" the 3 DVD series. This is
    >> where you need to start. This is a 6 hour, here is how you do it course
    >> with lots of visuals, questions and answers. This was filmed before a
    >> live
    >> full day class here at The Survival Center's main campus in Washington
    >> State.
    >> So, If you are really, really, really serious about being prepared for
    >> what ever may come your way, and want to be prepared to be on your own
    >> for
    >> extended periods of time, then this 3 DVD series and the book "Basic
    >> Preparedness" is a must have.
    >> Link Here: New "Basic Preparedness" The 3 DVD series:
    >> http://www.survivalcenter.com/dvd.html
    >> Butter
    >> Butter is back in stock and ready to ship ( cheese also ). We have caught
    >> up on most of the back orders. There again, this is an item that is
    >> imported and not always available. Yes, the government did buy a
    >> container
    >> load of it recently ( hey, they like good butter too! ) and that slowed
    >> things down a bit ( they subscribe to our newsletter ) so don't delay,
    >> call today and get on the list.
    >> Local Area News
    >> For those in the local area, we will be open this Saturday 052408 from
    >> 10-1 pm only.
    >> We receive many calls and questions each day. Some of these questions we
    >> will address in up coming newsletters. As time permits, we will do our
    >> best to keep you as up to date as possible with this newsletter in
    >> regards
    >> to what we see happening, earth changes, supply issues etc. New items
    >> will
    >> be announced here. We are researching some exciting new products.
    >> Please pass this newsletter on to your e-mail list and suggest they
    >> subscribe. The link is listed below.
    >> Have a great Holiday Weekend.
    >> The Survival Center
    >> Providers of Family Preparedness, Health, & Survival Supplies
    >> http://www.survivalcenter.com
    >> 1-360-458-6778v
    >> 10-6 M-F PT
    >> Be Prepared to Be on you own for extended periods of time!
    >> Always STAY ready to keep from having to GET ready!
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    >> New "Basic Preparedness" The 3 DVD series:
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    >> media and non-public sources. We provide this information about things
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    >> considered reliable however we suggest you check it out for yourself
    >> before making any decisions with it.
    >> We have sources both locally, nationally and internationally. You are
    >> invited to take the information provided in these articles and
    >> presentations and conduct your own research, however please understand
    >> that it is sometimes impossible to provide detailed sources for much of
    >> this information. All books, video tapes, articles, and comments are for
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