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Subject: Countrygal looking for a Countryboy (OZARKS REGION)

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by wildernessgal, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Ok, now this isn't for me as I AM VERY HAPPILY MARRIED... This is on behalf of someone I know who is a widow, and has finally decided that she wants to FIND THE RIGHT GUY for a serious meaningful relationship... of course taking the time to get to know one another & startin' off as friends first.

    Here we go....

    I won't give an "exact name" or send her "personal contact info." all over the internet (for safety purposes), but if anyone is interested in getting to know a very simple/down-to earth countrygal who's 46 yrs of age, loves the outdoors & so on... feel free to contact me with your name/e-mail (so that she may write you back/correspond ). Now she doesn't describe herself as "A SURVIVALIST" but has a lot in common with one. She maintains her woodstove with firewood (<--on her own), gardens, loves to make homecooked meals and so much more... She's lookin' for a like-minded person with a good work ethic who wants to find a "life partner" to enjoy life/achieve goals as "team mates". I'll leave the rest for y'all to learn from one another. :) Please don't respond if you aren't "seriously" interested.


    (who needs to get off of this darn computer... lol busy,busy,busy)


    P.S.- Please make note that the above described person "has had a change of heart" and is no longer looking. What can I say other than I tried & they changed their mind. Thanks anyway! :) Btw, could this be deleted THANKS!!!!
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