Summers gone.

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    Well dang 2ed week of Septemper is over and done with already.
    We have made some progress here at least.
    We have some fences to fix from the elk breaking and squshing them. The young ones don't quite make it over and there goes the top of the fenceing or breaking of top wire on the barbed wire fences.
    Which allowed our calf to get out and made for a time for me getting her back home by myself.
    The old chickens are butchered (the ones we didn't give away) and the coop cleaned and the 3 month old chickens are now installed in the coop.
    The turkeys are in there permanant home until butchering time in the fall.
    Our oldest son Todd and family made their move out here last week and are staying down in the valley with his younger brother Seth and family in their basement family room.
    They spent this last weekend up with us and slept in the old 1973 Winnabego.
    Two weeks ago David Jr and his 2 kids stayed in it, lol it makes a good guest cabin.
    It was my moms and she gave it to my hubby as a birthday present and all he could think of is what in the world are we going to do with that?
    But low and behold it had a very good use for us and our very small home.
    It needs work, the generator is gone out of it but we plugged it in for electric for them to have lights.
    We had around 3 weeks of summer weather.
    The garden is still growing but the voles are driving us crazy and destroying.
    We have to water every couple of days and still no rain in sight and the area is under high fire danger. The smoke formt he neighboring forest fires has made its way up here into the foothills.
    I was in town this week and the smoke was so bad I came home with a sore throat.<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->
    This morning it is 50 degrees and only supposed to be in the 70's today with tomorrow in the 60's and down hill from there. That means lows in the 30's.
    Dh still has wood to split and stick in the wood shed. We have enough for the beginning of fall but will need the rest split.
    Time is always flying and the big thing to do yet is dig up that water faucet in the barn and find out what is leaking before the ground is frozen.
    Anyone care to help? lol Its mostly rocks with a little dirt and clay thrown in.
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