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    I have decided to rewrite this section Im new at a lot of this like writing blogs.

    I want to start by saying all the training in the world can't help if you don't have or can get access to the supplies needed to survie. That includes everything from food to ammo. I try to keep atleast six months food and water stock at my residence and a week supply in my personal vehicle for me, wife and baby also a week for me in my patrol unit I work a rual area and patrol by myself 90% of the time. Now as for the residence I keep alot of simple prepare meals Mac and cheese, Ramen noodle, canned food, powder milk, powder eggs. Then ten cases of MRE's only as last resort. large supply of water, instant coffee, coolaid/ gatoraid mixes,coco.
    REMEMBER: As soon as the SHTF and you start useing you supplies start the first day planning on how to replace them, don't pass anything up(don't walk by a looted store with can food scattered all over and say well I have supplies at home watch the area from a distance if it is safe collect the extra supplies) you will need them. I also keep a small propane camp stove and 24 small bottles of propane to operate it. I have two large Med bags full of supplies, I have a large lock box filled with everything from anti-acids to pain Meds I store all Med supplies in a cool, dry, dark place. As do I with most of my SHTF supplies. From most of the research Ive done sun light or light in general decreases the time supplies can be stored. As for temp. Ive found the avererage suggested temp is between 65 and 70 degrees. As for ammo I keep 1500 round per weapon that Ive decided would be most useful. Alot of people say you should have a 1000 rounds per weapon you own. I disagree If you have a single shot 20ga and a Mossberg 500A keep a couple hundred round for the 20ga but use the extra money to purchas ammo for the mossberg it will be more useful as far as defense. For hunting small game stock up on 22lr dont use you 12ga or AR unless its big game and will extend the food supply.
    My weapons are mossberg 500A, Ar-15, 1911 45 acp and a glock 9mm. The wife mossberg 500A, AR-15 and 9mm glock. Then we have a 10/22 for small game. (1500rds per weapon each) we can also if needed switch mags. now as for other weapons I have a double barrel 20 ga at fron door, single barrel 20 ga back door, 380 in the bathroom and kitchen. ( I have a couple hundred rounds for each).
    My POV
    I have an exteme weather Military sleeping bag and a heavey packing quilt, medic bag, flashlight and batteries, 10 12hr glow sticks, 3 MRE's, 3 of the 72hr food bar packs x3, gallon of water, water purication tabs, water proof matches, fire stick, steel wool, duct tape then a new empty 2 gallon gas can, jumper cables, a few tools, tow stap, tire plug kit, fix-a-flat, small tire pump 3/4 ratchet, extention, socket for the lug nuts, box of ammo, CB radio, and an extra qt of oil, trans fluid, power stering fluid, brake fluid, gal of anti-freeze, It sounds like alot but it packs up small and could save you life or the life of you family. Before I go on If you notice I put steel wool in my vehicle. This is why it is a third form of fire.( you take and hook the jumper cables to you battery then tear off a small peice of the steel wool and stretch it out, take the two jumper cable clamps and hook it to the steel wool, then stick it to your plie of tender and it works just like using the 9 volt battery.)
    My patrol Unit
    I carry a jump bag every where I go It has 2 bottles of water, water tabs, a canteen, 2 72hrs food bar packs,extra ammo, small fishing kit, flashlight and batteries, first aid kit, 6 12 hr glow sticks, wire saw, compass, bi-noculars, Extra pair of heavy socks, long sleeve thermal shirt, K-Bar, 9volt battery, fire stick,water proff matches, poncho, 10x10 tarp, 50ft of rope,
    I know it sounds like alot of work for someone just starting, but it's to late when you need it and don't have it. As time goes on you will see it's not as hard as one might think and the supplies wont take alot of space. Keep survival supplies simple anything with directions read them, know your equipment and supplies. Always remimber it is important to carry a jump bag in your vehicle for atleast three days because with all the supplies you have if you can't survive the trip to them it's the same as not having them.
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    great post about having supplies
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