Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tikka, May 27, 2011.

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    Cool. I also found this story linked:
    Arpaio deputy faces human smuggling charges - US news - Crime & courts -

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    We did not loose so many of our rights all at once; it happened one step at a time. To retake them will require small steps. If and when we retake what was stolen from us there will still be criminals. The difference is we will have retaken what was stolen and usurped from us.

    In the greater scheme of things, the Supreme Court upholding Arizona's Rights is a lot more important than a few more crooked cops getting busted.

    Does Donald Sutherland's “Don’t give me those negative vibes man!” apply here? :D
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    lol. Well, the fact that Arizona can try illegals and deal with them is important. The rights of the states to rid themselves of illegals should be encouraged, not shunned. And that is why I linked the corruption story, to show that the illegals have friends everywhere. Just when you think you have this all sorted out, when song of victory is in the air, I am here to pull you back down to reality. Every form of government is corruptible, and most of it is unnecessary.
    Yes. I will be quiet now. (y)
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    As friends wouldn't charge them the illegals don't have friends. It was just a few crooked cops; same as crooked people they exist every where.
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    Wrong. Money can buy all types of "friends". As long as you don't run out of's the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. Tikka

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    True, but it doesn't apply here. Money can buy people; here it is similar to a ride in a taxi where you "buy" however all you get is a ride.
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    If there wasn't a core group of good guys, these felons wouldn't have been arrested and you would have never heard about it.
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    if we had a core group of good guys, we wouldn't be hearing about this story because it would have never happened.
  11. Tikka

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    If we had a core group of good guys we wouldn't need cops or courts. lol
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    Crooked cops exist, but the vast majority are not crooked. Policing is OLDER than the Constitution in this country. Some people like to forget that fact. The earliest example is dated in the mid 1600s in New York. Police as we know them date to about early 1800s. Those facts aren't something that many want to talk about when it comes to the Constitutionality of policing in America. Let alone the courts, which are written into the Constitution.

    Is there a need for police? I say yes. There are a lot of things the police handle that most people overlook or ignore. One example- responding to accidents or writing police reports. How the heck would that work in modern society if you were rear ended by an illegal with no insurance? A police report will get you paid assuming you have the coverage. Other things include helping dear old Granny who isn't adept at self defense, but is being burglarized. Just because we are able bodied and able to defend ourselves, doesn't mean that everyone is... which brings us to the real point having police in the first place.

    Its easy to say WE could police ourselves, but I don't think that anyone really wants mob justice... the end results violates the Constitution as well. And when the mob gets it wrong, who polices the mob?

    These questions have come up frequently here lately. With the posting of the PA police being disrespectful to a citizen open carrying a firearm, the Pharmacist that has been sentenced for murder (sorta related), and the arrest of the activist dancing at a DC memorial- the trend is the same. Note how many of these were staged (cameras or recordings already rolling at the beginning- its like we are constantly being Punked- I blame Ashton Kutchner). People are going out and bullying the police into doing something just to make a point. That is not helpful, nor needed to address most of these issues. There are better ways. It is simply in vogue to try to catch cops in difficult circumstances. Film it and allow the internet to tear it up. Most of the time, the full story isn't explained in the video either. The defense that a lot of people use to defend the Pharmacist, for example, doesn't work for police in this double standard that WE create.

    This is a great point-
    This is the system working. An IA investigation is a great example of how the system does work.

    These are difficult questions and thus far, I haven't seen a single answer that covers the entire, complex question. Its far more complex than the "do away with police" answer.

    As for the original post, good on AZ. I hope every state in the Union follows suit. Tackling illegal immigration is one of the many steps towards recovering this mess of an economy. If it opens a few jobs for real tax-paying Americans, excellent!
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