Survival and security - what to do?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by dragonfly, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I have read and even talked to some that are 'offering their services' as they are, to others, as a separate and sole entity to provide security to groups, families, etc....
    Here is what I recently found "posted" on S/B's "finding others" listing:

    West Central Alberta Canada SHTF security collective for hire.

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    A collective of friends and family with a well armed/trained and prepped SHTF security force that is more than equal to that of a platoon, looking for a well financed individual who’s in need of a security collective for in the event of a SHTF senario, as in TEOTWAWKI.
    Here’s the offer:
    -You buy a BOL in the form of a large mostly tree’d property in the west central Alberta area.

    -You develop the property into a legal gun range that’s for combat shooters and such related training needs.

    -You develop the property and stock it for SHTF related needs stockpiling the required supplies for you and your immediate family.

    -You ensure that there’s a sound, safe, well maintianed and completely “self sufficient” large home on the property.

    -You hire a member from our collective as the onsite property management, and allow that person and their family to live in the onsight home for free as payment.

    -You allow any other member of the collective the option to move onsite for a low rent agreement, and help with any land prepping required i.e. for moving in a mobile home or manufactured home.

    -You will the entire property to whomever you like and the property management in a combined ownership in the event of your passing.

    -You are not required to train with us nor have any firearms of any kind. However you are welcome to join us if desired.

    -You are not part of any leadership structure within our collective unless you earn it based on an agreement from members of the collective.

    -A SHTF senario would mean either a war on Canadian soil (most unlikely), or a social breakdown where an everyman for himself way of life comes into existance.
    -In a SHTF senario, you and your immediate family would go to the BOL. You nor any of your immediate family would be responsible for any security taskings, as by helping out our collective, you’ll of earned you and your immediate families right to the safety provided by our collective.
    -Your immediate family is you, your wife, your children, your childrens children, and your grandchildrens children.
    You must be of good morale character and stay within the confines of the local laws. We’ll talk more details in person. If interested, please leave your contact info here and I will email you privately using the email heading “Completelydiff.”
    Thank you.

    Here is the one response left thus far....!

    There is one small problem with the”services” which you are offering.
    You see, I have spoken to a number of people, some are groups of only a handful, some are quite large, and there is a general consensus…..
    Most people are afraid to take in anyone as a “separate security force” or a “detachment” of so-called “security professionals”, to speak of. They are afraid that this ‘force” will ultimately become one that takes over their land, their people, and some even fear that they may become endentured servants or “slaves” if you will, to these people.
    I personally kow of some very special S/F personnel that are trying to “offer” the same services as you have here. There are no takers….There will not be any either!
    When I mentioned this to my group, they were quite upset about the entire idea, saying NO way!
    The security people will have to do the same work as anyone else, and be required to work, if they want to eat. Now, I discussed this idea with the S/F people and they insist that their “job” of providing 24/7/365 security is above and beyond any other consideration….They insisted I give the TOTAL CONTROL over my land and my people to them, in order to “maintain” as safe a place for all.
    Personally, I do not intend to become a slave to anyone, and, and there is NO way on earth I am ever going to place their name/s on a piece of legal document allowing them ANY ownership, especially in the case of my demise! Accidents seem to happen you know? I am NOT inviting my own murder or “accidental death” . Do not tell me it cannot happen, I am ex-Law enforcement, both military and civilian. I spent a lot of years in Private Investigations as well.
    My advice:
    Back up and re-think your offer and position. Re-word your ad and make it an offer, the way you have it written here, it sounds far too ominous! You’ll only scare off Any perspective clientele!
    Most groups have at least 1 or more members that are ex-military, and some have active members as well. 99.99% are extremely well armed. Most have pre-positioned themselves into areas which they can defend with little to NO outside help whatsoever.
    In a SHTF scenario, your services would probably be more in demand, at some point in time.
    Right now, I cannot say there is anyone out there that will even consider your services or offer.
    In this particular instance, your advertisement, is offering a “division” of sorts, and people are NOT inclined to accept that division, as it causes them far too many problems in the future.
    Best of luck!

    I found this to be interesting....BUT, as stated VERY "DANGEROUS"!
    Seriously, I cannot think of anyone gullible or stupid enough to even consider this "offer'. Who would so much as put on a legal document a "will" to place the "collective" as this guy advertises, as a manager or anything of the sort, in almost nearly any scenario?
    Not many!

    I can see an obvious attempt right there, to be in KONTROL of a group, or at least the land where they live....
    I found the ad to be just a bit "out there"!
    But, then again, maybe I'm too paranoid?
    Trust someone with that type of power, uhhhh.....NO, not me!
    ( I like the part of: YOU; you buy, you provide, you do this, you do that, you hire us...)
    See anything here that ruffles YOUR feathers?
  2. UGRev

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    Yeah.. that's out in bizzaro land for sure.

    "In the event of your passing, you leave the land to us"..

    Gee. armed mercenaries couldn't possibly make that happen.
  3. E.L.

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    God help the poor person that hires these people.
  4. Seawolf1090

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    This type of arrangement already exists - the United States Government..... [freedom]
  5. Brokor

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    "Please allow myself and my group of thugs to come in and take over your property. You cannot tell us what to do, but we can tell you what to do instead. Please feed us and provide shelter or else we will be angry and take your property from you by killing you since you willed it to us upon your demise. Signed, -Moron."

  6. dragonfly

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    Yeah I kinda was taken back by that one myself!
    I had pretty much the same offer from a group here in Arizona....For some bizarre reasoning....
    I decided not to try that!
    Trust is earned,.... NOT given!
  7. RouteClearance

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    No thanks, I would rather go at it alone than to hire those "Blackwater" types.
  8. jim2

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    I was thinking "What the h---!?!" I wonder if they're trying to recreate medeavil Europe?
  9. fortunateson

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    Some people just have no social graces.

    Maybe he's a psycho bent on creating some kind of fiefdom if SHTF. But more likely just a moron who can't put himself in another's shoes for 5 minutes.

    Never thought about what his reaction would be as a reader.
  10. dragonfly

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    Re: Survival and "security"...what to do?

    I can see the "need" as it is, for well trained people for security reasons and purposes, but at what cost?
    I got the feeling I was being set-up, like a lamb on the "Donner's party".
    Not a good feeling!
    Hiring the wolves to guard the hen house.....Nah, it's a bad idea!
    Too many wacko's and weirdo's are coming out of the woodwork lately, and I dare to say that they fancy themselves as Hired Guns or Mercenaries....
    Not unlike Blackwater/XE's thugs.....
    But, I am also wondering just how many of those out there, are actually in any way trained? I think there are a ton of those that advertise their services, that are no more than military "rejects" or wannabe's.
    There is one such "idiot" living up near my property, gave hinself the name of "ghost". (His name is Dave!)
    He was ousted from the Marine corps!
    Now, he has convinced himself he is a trained Marine Corps sniper...
    He is trying to "scare" or "convince" others he is a real bad a66!
    This individual never even completed basic!
    Talk about a wannabe!
    The bad part is, he supposedly has managed to get a ghillie suit, and likes to traipse around and look thru his rifle's scope at other people!
    I was told he has an M1A1, (M-14 non selective fire version).
    I passed word through the "grapevine" up there, that it would be extremely hazardous to his or anyone else's health, to attempt to do such a thing on or around my land....
    Now, we have to wait and see......
    Some take heed, some do not.
    He already has quite an interesting "reputation" in the town......
    I don't have one!
    I feel so unloved!
    My caretaker says: just give them time and you'll have to come up here and let these people meet you....then let them make a decision on what or who they think you are.....
    Some already had labeled us as FEDS!
    Now that's funneeee!
  11. Sherman

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    LOL INSTANT ARMY just add CASH!!
    yeah pretty funny, I get what he's after, a contractual arrangement.... he's got a survival group but cant afford a BOL. But he just hasn't thought it thru.
  12. dragonfly

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    I see the "ad" has been changed to a solitary individual now....
    Must have been hard to get the shrug when you come on like a group of "Mafia" soldiers bent on collecting for "insurance" purposes!
  13. Snake Plisken

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    MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm? He left out one thing?
    At what point do they cut off your nuts and put them in a jar?

    I can hear the conversation now...

    "Ok hunny, I'll be right here chained up in the kitchen washing the dishes.
    You just go along with the nice men and do whatever they say".

    "Stupid is as stupid does..."[imwithstupid1]
    Call me Snake.
  14. Seawolf1090

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    What that 'security professional' has described is quite literally FEUDALISM - with himself and his buddies as Lord and Knights, and the 'owners' as vassals. NOBODY would willingly put themselves in that position. The old Knights got away with it due to themselves being the only ones heavily armed and trained. If the serfs revolted, kill them and bring in new serfs. In those days, serfs weren't allowed swords and bows.
    Bring this guy onto your land, you'll be handing him your guns too. :rolleyes:
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