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    What would have in yours? We all know that it is not good to have all of your eggs in one basket, but how and where would you put your caches?
    Keeping in mind while the options are endless, we have financial limitations. We cannot bury GE miniguns throughout the country, this needs to be well thought out and on a budget. Weapons, ammo, food and a few $$$ stored. What, where, and how?

    My proposal is going cheap. A M44 carbine for each cache, cheap CZ52 or FEG PA63, MAkarov, or .38 pistol, ammo, lighters, four to five day supply Mountain House or MRE's, ammo, flashlight, meds/first aid kit, batteries, and a radio. Not to mention some extra clothes and cheap waterproof panchos. You could pack this all into a large diameter PVC pipe (which I am going to attempt to do a later date complete with pics) but for my purposes I plan to buy lockers and place them in homes of family. A nice cache complete with all immediate necessities and some extras can be built cheaply.

    Here are some good articles on caches. Repost: (+) THE ART OF THE (WEAPONS) CACHE (+)

    The Outlands - Caching

    For weapons, I am contemplating the cheaper military arms. Ammo is plentiful and cheap.

    Such as the M44 Carbine 7.62x54R. At $54 through

    They are very reasonable, and would enable the buyer to purchase several for caches without spending a tremendous amount of money. For this example lets start with one caches. The amount of the rifle, shipping, and transfer fees, and taxes should be in the neighborhood of $110

    I also run across deals in the newspapers, online, and at gunshows. The added bonus is no paperwork trail. Buyer beware though. Deals are there to be found. With a couple of hundred invested, you can have a cache that can fill the basic needs.

    What are your plans?
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    Great thread you beat me to it, in fact I quoted your bugout gun thread post and was working on a rant in wordperfect.
    a cache for natural disaster would be different than cacheing arms or equipment to wage civil insurrection to violently reclaim the peoples power.
    Good links there.
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    Kind of a continuation from another thread.

    I like all your suggestions, but I have to put in a vote to replace the rifle with a short barrel, rifle sighted, folding stocked, 12 gauge pump. Extended mag tube would be nice as well.

    Not much can touch the shotty in versatility. Devastating out to 60 yds or so with 00 buck, out to 150 with slugs. Unrivaled in putting meat on the table with birds, small and large game. You can even buy signal flares for them. And their pretty cheap.
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    I agree with you, I love the shottys and have three of the short barrel variety. For purposes of the cache I left it out as the shotguns are higher than the cheap military rifles that are in abundance. I agree though, they should certainly be considered, and I may end up having one in a cache of my own. I have one that fits the bill perfectly.
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    Well at this point finances would not allow much of anything in the way of caches for me and since I PLAN to BI and have 2 or 3 places within 10 miles to head to if had to BO that would be able to equip me if escential to get further, then its not a top priority for me at this point.

    If I was going to set up a cache though I would start with all the same basics that are in my BOBs. A day or 2 supply of food and snares and such to help in resupplying with food, water purification stuff, moderatly extensive first aid stuff, shelter makeing materials, knife, cooking/mess kit, multiple fire sources, etc. Then to round it out would add probably an SKS with 500 rounds or so, a NEA single shot 20 ga @ like $85 and 100 rounds of field loads, 50 or so 00 buck and 20 or so slugs, money and space permitting I would also add a Rugger 10/22 @ about $150 IIRC and 2-3k rounds of ammo and 2-3 30 or 50 round mags. The SKS covers defence and large game needs pretty well, the shotgun dose well for first encounter defence at close range and works well for meat and helpful for defence beyond first contact, then the 10/22 dose a lot for small game and up close (inside 50 yards) can bring down big game with well placed shots and dose so a lot more descreetly than the others then also while underpowered as a defensive arm not many folks will stick their heads up and walk into the muzzle because its 'just a .22' shooting at them and after 10 or 12 rounds from it (or even 1 or 2) are not likely to be in the mood to do much more fighting if given an option and since you can carry 10k rounds of it for the weight and space of 500 rounds for the SKS and is a lot quieter then it can be used a lot more liberaly than the others. I would also choose these since the caliburs match what I (there would be 3 of us at least) would already be likely to be carrying so could resupply ammo for the guns would hope to have along even if didnt need the rest of the stuff. Then if I still had money would add a .357 since its what I already carry and also easy to resupply since its a common round and also shoots .38 spl. Then add 500 rounds or so of ammo for it.

    If it was a cache in the sence of being in a storage unit or friends barn or some such as opposed to being burried or whatever so space would not be such a concern, then I would also add a cheap mountian bike from garage sales or flea markets for each person to make further travel easier if had come to a point of foot travel. The bikes can be had easily for around $20 if you watch.

    I guess to me the caches, or at least one or 2 of them (assumeing you would have a couple near home or likely starting destination and one every so often along the likely route to planned destination) would need to have all of the basics you would figure you would need to equip to face whatever might come, includeing being forced to become a nomad, if you got there with nothing but (if you were lucky) the clothes on your back. To me the whole premis for them is that you may be forced to head out unprepaired or may loose/be forced to abandon your gear along the way. You might be able to also stash a bit of extra food and or ammo along the way at various points if it was just that you expected to have to BO and had a known destination and didnt want/expect to be able to carry all of what you would need to get you there.

    Given my own plans and situations though the only things I personaly would be likely to cache, other than stuff in my barn and such that could get us by if the house burned or some such, would be that if I had enouph money to buy more guns and ammo than what I was shooting then I might consider putting some guns and ammo some place where they might not be found if gun grabbers went door to door so that they could later be used to aquire other arms for other folks interested in removeing whatever occupying force would attempt such an act. That however is just for my own situation and plans and even that dont happen since I cant even afford the guns and ammo I would like to already be shooting/carrying on aregular to daily basis.
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    When I was a kid, visiting a friend that lived in a run-down antebellum mansion, we broke through a parlor wall while roller-skating in the ball-room. We immediately knew we were in big trouble, but the hole in the wall revealed an interesting find. There was a hidden room filled with black powder, mini-balls, rifles, revolvers, swords, and various other war materials from the war of northern aggression. The stirr over finding this secret cache, out-weighed even the fact that we were playing pop-the-whip inside the house for most of the day.
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  7. E.L.

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    Now that is cool!
  8. Tango3

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    Sounds like the beginning of a disney movie full of ghost pirates and soldiers...Holy Nancy Drew scoob...I mean like there's all kindsof antique weapons but no scoobysnacks... "rutt-rho"
    That is an amazingly cool story, every kids dream!!!
  9. E.L.

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    Wow, that is a big cache, more of a total re-supply. I was thinking more along the lines of one weapon, a couple of boxes of shells, med kit, some food, multi-tool, sleeping bag, paracord, and maybe a small tent. I am thinking that if I really need it then things have truly gone to hell in a handbasket. I would want just enough to get me by in a pinch.
  10. monkeyman

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    Well I was also thinking of it in terms of being set up forat leat 3 people and maybe more as well as figureing that if Im haveing to get into a cache then it means am most likely already haveing to BO which is my absolute last resort AND either had to BO in such a hurry that wasnt able to grab the supplies on the way out or that due to theft or some other freak thing lost gear along the way. So I figure if I was to set up a cache and had to use it then it would mean not only that TSHTF but that I was already drowning in it past my chin, so would want to be sure had all the basics to get out of dodge if had nothing or to supply unplanned additions to the group or just handle whatever Murphy had come up with.
  11. phishi

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    I've been thinking lately about all the gear that I have obtained (or will inherit) that has been replaced by better, lighter, faster gear in my collection. For example, I have an Esbit stove that was replaced by an MSR whisperlight, which in turn has been replaced by a Jetboil. I am trying to do more with what I have, rather than continue to look for the next great piece of gear. As a result, I created my list of what could be assembled from my existing pile and turned into two similar caches.

    -Ruger 10/22 with 3 mags

    -Thompson Contender pistol with a .22 LR barrel and a .357 mag. barrel

    -.357 mag. revolver (either SA or DA-have not decided)

    -.38 special ammo-50 rounds

    -.357 mag. ammo-50 rounds

    -.22 LR ammo-500 rounds

    -Complete cleaning kit with parts for each caliber

    -Good fixed blade knife with sharpening stone

    -Good folder or multitool

    -Small first aid kit

    -Compass and maps of AO

    -Nalgene bottle and H2O purification tablets

    -Esbit stove, fuel, sierra cup and spoon

    -Fire starter and tinder

    -Space blanket x2

    -Mountain House-3 meals x 3 days


    -Paracord and Duct tape

    -Mini mag lite with LED head and extra batteries

    -Duffle bag or pack to store and carry all of the above

    The tinder could be created for next to nothing. The LED heads, batteries, and mountain house will need to be purchased, but all are on the list anyway. Extra space blankets, duct tape, and paracord would round out the list of what I would need to get. Pretty cheap form of insurance.

  12. Tango3

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    Do you like the jetboil Phishi???
  13. phishi

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    I have yet to use mine, although I have used friends Jetboils on group backpacking trips. My opinion is mixed. If you are a backcountry chef, one who enjoys creating high end meals in the great outdoors, than you are going to need another stove. If you find you prefer too just boil water and pour it into an aluminum pouch, than this might be worth considering.

    IMO, it is hard to beat for a survival stove if you believe your diet will consist of Mountain House type packets. It packs down small, about the size of a nalgene bottle. It uses fuel canisters which I find to be less trouble than liquid models. Its boil time is as stated, around 3 min for 32 oz. IIRC. For the amount of food packets that you could carry, one fresh canister would probably die about the same time that your food runs out. I figure at that point I could ditch the thing and cook what ever I might have caught over a fire. I don't believe it would work well for roasting a rabbit, but if I was in that situation......maybe. Also has a French press for making coffee.

    I plan on getting 3 more over the next few years. Two for backpacking, and one for a kit to be placed in each car. My folks also have one that they take with them when they travel in cold weather. Nice piece of kit for those times when you are stuck in a ditch with a blizzard blowing past.

    Just my .02, sorry for the hyjack, back to the original post.
  14. E.L.

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    Good info Phishi. That is the essence of why we are here, to inform each other of what we have, what we have tried, etc. I have been thinking about one of these lightweight stoves. I already have the big Coleman that we use on camping/hunting trips, and we have even used it during a couple of ice storms. I don't see hauling that big stove of mine in a pack and taking off on foot though. I have quite a few of the small propane bottles, for lamps, the stove, etc. I would like to find a small stove that would run off of the same propane bottles.

    Phishi do you have any ideas of how you are going to cache this supply? Buried, underwater, or at someone's house?
  15. phishi

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    I have not decided. My thoughts lead to putting it in a trunk or locker at a friends place. Maybe paid storage? I don't trust that I would be success full in protecting all that metal from rust if I was to burry it. Really had not gotten that far......let me work on this some.

  16. Seacowboys

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    The best solution to cache location that I have found is a group affiliation with a number of safe-houses in various parts of the country available for activation by code from two or more members. There are food, medical supplies, transportation, and a means of communication at each of these safe-houses; all legal. There is also directions for locations to defensive arms at each location, should they be required.
  17. Factfind

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    The psychology of the bug out mentality

    I am fascinated by the psychology of the whole bug-out mentality. I keep a supply of appropriate items in my car, I also keep a small kit with me when I hike. I do this because it makes me feel that I have done what I can to provide for my own safety and security. I believe that most folks who participate in these forums feel likewise and also represent the part of America that is independent in its thinking,that's a good thing..

    As recently as the past few days people have perished in their automobiles in Colorado snowstorms for the lack of simple preparation.
    So although I am not burying caches of arms and munitions around the countryside. I think it's prudent, and it's smart to prepare for real world possibilities.
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  18. E.L.

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    That is pretty much what I am thinking.
  19. E.L.

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    I like that method best. It makes more sense.
  20. phishi

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    Kinda like a life boat........makes sense, some days I feel like we are on a sinking ship!

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