Survival for the Handicapped Person

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    I found an interesting blog about survival for the handicapped person.

    Check it out - Survival for the Handicapped
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    People with disabilities have special survival needs

    An interesting blog site....most people have a close friend or three who have a disability or chronic health issue. The information in this site is especially useful for survival group leaders who have little or no experience in planning for people with disabilities or chronic health issues.

    Thankyou for sharing.
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    My brother had Muscular Dystrophy and was wheelchair bound for most of his life. A person with a handicap or complete disability might be totally dependent on others for their survival. I remember living at Fort Monroe, Virginia in the late 1950's when we had a severe hurricane. The roof of a nearby water tower was lifted and hurled into our house on base. I was scared but as young as I was, I knew I could run for cover. My brother did not have that option.
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    I've always worn glasses, but last year I quit smoking and then 6 months later had a bout of bronchitis that kept me in the hospital for a week. And then I was back in the hospital soon after. And now I can't get through an entire day without a very expensive inhaler. I'm not bad enough to be on oxygen, but I sure will be. I've never felt so helpless in my life.
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    so when i was looking at details for my place i was thinking about building ..i started to look at my long term personal moveablity in the future to get around topside and down below going into the place because i knew for along time i was never going to get back like it was before the surgery to fix the areas that where destoryed dureing a line of duty work injury ..

    so i came up with a earth covered design taken from a Fallout shelter idea combo with a curlvet house idea all reworked to a small studio set up inside a tube with bedroom & liveing & bathroom & kitchen in one open area space to one area completely designed as the storage rack shelf system to hold supplies also with under the floor storage space racks to hold supplies as well ..

    so to keep up the basic of work details around the place up and i figure out that a two 30 min work details and 10 min work detail right after lunch on a daily basis on the above ground is going to be it for me before i have problems that day with my movement

    so it a 30 min work detail in the morning with a 10 min work detail right after lunch makeing sure the solar panels is completey cleaned off with a duster set up to make the panels have all dust and other thing that can make them not get the max out of the sunlight hitting them and tracking the sun to get the max out of them and a 30 min work detail in the evening right before closeing down the place for the evening it basic things for me in the end when it comes to my long term survival ....

    then inside the place a 3o min planed details to clean the kitchen and bathroom and make the bed and saight up the place dureing the morning right after the morning topside work detail ..

    so i went and bult my place completely underground with a off grid solar and wind set up to power the place ..

    i did have someone asked me why underground and i explained to them there is no need for heating or cooling of the place and it the one thing that as i get older i never hope to have to use it in the orignal idea for it instead of a weekend vaction home that has alot of extras bult into for long term survival
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