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    Here's how this thread works:

    1. Find any American made product(s) and post the information and link if possible.
    2. Give your brief review, if applicable.
    3. Share your ideas, but keep the chatter to a minimum. I would like to make this thread as clean as possible so it may serve as a mold for others to find USA products.

    I don't particularly like "Made in China", and I believe most of you don't either. Let's build something here and inspire others to buy American!


    DBA-856 - Johnson Adventure Baconmaker Knife From Ka-Bar 7" Recurved Blade Flat Dark Earth Adventuregrip Handle
    Manufacturer: Ka-Bar 7" knife.
    The Flat Dark Earth scales featuring aggressively textured Adventuregrip helps you maintain positive control of the blade at all times. Knife made in the USA.

    The Adventure sheath has belt loops at two different belt carry heights and multiple MOLLE attachment points. In addition, it also has an integral sheath to carry the smaller piggyback knife (included). A stuff sack on the front of the sheath includes 8 feet of Adventurecord and is also handy for carrying latex gloves, fishing gear, light sticks, water purification tablets or anything else your adventure requires. Sheath is imported.

    Blade length: 7"
    Blade thickness: 3/16" Grind: Flat
    Shape: Recurve
    Sheath: Heavy Duty Polyester
    Stamp: KA-BAR/JAB
    Steel: 1095 cro-van

    EDIT for 2024

    - America's Marketplace - Support American Made Products!
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    America's Marketplace
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    Fine Grit Mini-Sharp Knife Sharpener

    18097 - Fine Grit Mini-Sharp Knife Sharpener

    Specifications and features:
    Mini-Sharp knife sharpener
    Fine grit
    Fits in your pocket
    Flip open lid and handle
    Swivel ring for key chain
    5-1/2" open
    Made in the USA

    Price: $7.57
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  3. gunbunny

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    Zippo lighters- Made in Bradford, PA
    You can still get some models for $12.95
  4. Hispeedal2

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    This isn't a product, but it is a group of products. People often pop in here asking about web gear or other means to carry ammo and essentials. I can vouch for Tactical Tailor:
    TACTICAL TAILOR Quality Tactical Gear for Military and Law Enforcement
    Great products. All made in the USA. I have used the MAV extensively. I have also used some of their hard cases, 3+ day assault pack, and their Large ALICE Ruck Mods. Stand up folks that supply the majority of Fort Lewis.

    I have also recently come upon Mayflower:
    Mayflower Online Store - Online Store
    People are raving about their products. Particularly their body armor carriers.

    If you like the KaBar linked above and you dig sheaths that aren't leather, Blade Tech makes the kydex sheaths for Ka Bar:
    Blade Tech holsters, knives and tactical gear for military, law enforcement, shooting competition and hunting.
    They also have a huge line of holsters. I used to drive by their factory daily. There is a reason why they have a 3 week lead time right now. Great products. All made in WA state.

    GO USA!!! [flag]
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  5. jasonl6

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    KA-BAR & ZIPPO are both located within an hour of me. I love there stuff and give them a huge [winkthumb]

  6. Grand58742

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    Here's a decent start for a main list of American made goods. Provided not too many people are going to need Hart Schaffner Marx or Brooks Brothers in a SHTF world, but it's a decent list of companies that still have mills/factories in the USA. Also, there are some on this list that make some of their items offshore and some still in America, so you have to check.

    THE AMERICAN LIST | A Continuous Lean.

    A few brands that stick out in my mind of having good Made in the USA kit that I personally own:

    Carhartt (work jacket)

    Danner (boots)

    Fox River Mills (socks, oh heavenly socks!)

    New Balance (running shoes)

    Benchmade (knives)

    Buck (knives)

    Some other gear manufacturers not on that list that I own and made in the USA:

    Oakley (sunglasses, eye protective wear)

    the aforementioned Tactical Tailor (too many pouches and kit pieces to mention)

    Winchester Firearms

    Springfield Firearms

    London Bridge Trading (pack, pouches)

    Magpul (weapons accessories, magazines)

    Pelican (cases and flashlights)

    Surefire (flashlights)

    Maglight (flashlights)

    Spec Ops Brand (pouches)

    Raine Products (pouches)

    Tactical Assault Gear (belt, pouches)

    Woolrich (pants, clothing)

    Propper (uniforms, jackets)

    Mountain House (not specifically gear, but related)

    EOTech sights

    Leupold Sights

    Cammenga (compass)

    Ontario Knife (knives)

    That's about all I can think of for the moment...
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  7. Falcon15

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    Ah - the all important Full Capacity (semi-)Automatic Rifle made in Minnesota, I own rifles manufactured by these folks. EXCELLENT STUFF:
    DPMS Panther Arms

    For you shooters on a budget, I recommend the HiPoint firearms. I have 2 of their C9 Pistols. They get the job done, and cheap. Made in beautiful Dayton, Ohio, with a lifetime warranty, that is able to be passed on to three (3) different owners:
    Hi-Point Firearms

    For anything else you may want, a page dedicated to locating Made in the USA products:
    Made in the USA.Org

    Oh and one more. The new "bump fire" stock. Fully legal. Fully affordable, and comes with appropriate ATF letter:
    YouTube - ‪Incredible Bump Fire! New ATF Approved stock for AR-15 Allows Easy and Safe Bump firing‬‏
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  9. Falcon15

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    Huge difference. The Pasco Accelerator mechanized the recoil resistance, using springs et al. The one I posted uses nothing more than your own strength and resistance against the recoil. No mechanical additions what so ever. No springs, nothing. Just a freely sliding butt stock that mounts over your recoil tube and a specially designed rest for your trigger finger. No mechanical mods, no springs, not a thing. Pasco's used a spring system to store and use the recoil to bump fire.
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    I like this thread and support the idea. I always try to by USA products, and sometimes do without when I can't. I do own some import knives, like Hen and Rooster, but at least they ain't made in China. I've stopped buying from more than one company that started in the USA, then moved to China.
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    Brokor, Do you own one of these? How is the durability? I have used this type of "stone" before but do not have any long term experience with them. Lifespan expectancy?
  12. beast

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    Gerber Portland OR good knives
    Georgia Arms canned heat ammo
  14. Mountainman

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    Grover Rocket Stove

    Buy a Heavy Duty Rocket Stove

    Got one for SHTF and used it to cook hamburgers on a few times for a test. Works great, takes about 3-5 minutes to really get it going and used a very small amount of wood for cooking. Also easy to make for the do it yourself people.
  15. Brokor

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    Nope, I don't own one of these, bud. Maybe for a few bucks it's worth a try. I have a lot of sharpeners, though. The best I have used are Arkansas Whetstones, but they aren't as portable. (also made in the USA)
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    Ghrit you mean something like THIS thread?
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    Does Coors Beer count?
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  18. ghrit

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    Well, not quite. [boozingbuddies]
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    Recently all of the KA-Bar blades I have considered buying are stamped "China" on the blade. They may be assembled in the USA, but the blades? Chinese. Heck there was one with Singapore...SINGAPORE, dig? On the blade. KA-Bar lost a lot of respect and a customer when I saw that.

    Zippo is king of lighters, IMO. I have 3. One is 30 years old, one is 25 and one is 15 years old respectively. All work like charms. Just load flints, fluid, and occasionally pull up on or swap wicks, and you are golden.
  20. Gafarmboy

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    American Made and Damn Well Made..

    For those of you that have not heard of them, try SPEC-OPS Brands. Discount Military Gear & Discount Tactical Gear | SPEC.-OPS Tactical Gear

    They are high quality gear made in America. The Link above is for their Clearance Stuff. MUNDO great Prices for great gear. I have many of their products and can highly recommend them to anyone.

    I use this holster, not because I am a BAMF, but because it works for my needs. I don't carry a 9mm, but it is a perfect fit for my 1911. I purchased the plastic insert for my Glock 21 and it is smooth....for the price, nothing can touch it...

    Vapor Pistol Holster, M-9 RH Olive Drab

    If you can not protect what you own, you won't own it long.
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