Survival in Hostile Terrain Following catastrophic events

Discussion in 'Survival Articles' started by melbo, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Excellent! [shtf]I love the point about DOS and battery types.
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    When I was a Navy corpsman they always taught us that a human bite is more likely to get infected than a rabid dog bite. Reason being is that a humans mouth has more bacteria than a dogs and they lick their rear end :eek:
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    True, but humans rarely bite when hunting in packs....
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    This is true. We have livestock so all strays get shot on sight, that reduces the dog bites significantly ;)
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    Training is what saves lives. In a SHTF event this can mean most anything, but if you have a plan and trained for the plan at least you are a leg up on most. This training should include the normal survial plans of routes in and out of your planned area, food & water as well as an E&E plan. With kids you need to train them in this too but under the "What if the Neighbor's House burns" where do we meet up?

    One step at a time and I now see my kids, grown with children, doing their own plans. Being x Mil they now understand the 50/50 of do nothing and your're 100% wrong, do at least something to a plan and you will be at least half right, maybe.
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    17+2? You know some high speed ninja stuff I don't? ;)
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    I am glad this thread flashed on the feature article banner. I reread it and mentioned the meeting place/rally point. I thought we had it nailed down but my child said no we go here first. We had meet place one then 2. Go no further then 2. These are the meet places in case our home is under evacuation. I am unsure why a different place got incorporated but I realized that this is a plan that needs to be revisited probably every six months. Actually we have a grab and go list and I think the rally points need to go on top of the list.
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    great post!im currently in vallejo california(a ghetto) . im planning to move to bellingham wa. in june and eventually alsaska. current political insanity has me more than a little worried and your post was very informative thank you!
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    If you plan on Alaska, you had better have some JOB Prospects, and Job SkillSets, before you head North... It costs a lot of GREEN, and YEARS, of HARD Work, to put together a place to exist, in Alaska....especially out here, in the Bush... It isn't for just any FlatLander, who thinks he/she can make a go of it....... Just telling it, like it is.... From one who actually lives out in the Alaskan Bush....
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    Lots of good info every one thanks.
    Important to note is that even if one never needs to actually use the information ,there is an appreciation for the potential.
    For the most part,I figure that defending the homestead needs to be done a good distance from it long before trouble sees it.
    One shouldn't wait for trouble to get to your doorstep . If you can help it.
    I believe that it is important to have some identifying flag one's group is wearing i.e.. hat, arm band, sweat band ,wrist band, ect.
    Just a thought.
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    And I think we can all see the obvious 'security issues' with young people of that mindset about - can we? It's unlikely, amongst people like us at least, that they learnt those attitudes at home; more likely they got them from school, reinforced by other young people, and one of those bits of propaganda going about these days, is that killing off the elderly or finding a way to institutionalize them is a good thing, so they can take whatever they have. The most serious mistake that elders can make these days is to believe that their own young, even if they display all the defects you illustrated here, are exceptions; to date, I have never met one. Furthermore, with so many divorces and step-children becoming the norm, there's no blood tie to engender the least hesitation in the young towards taking advantage of their elders so that's a risk that can't be ignored for the wise. 'Entitled' people with no survival skills or motivation to get any can see only one way to acquire what they need when deprivation threatens: treachery. They're too lazy to go rob a stranger, much easier to attack those who trust them. Any LEO here knows exactly what I'm talking about and has seen plenty of it already.

    This doesn't have much to do with hostile terrain, except maybe a heads up to watch your step even more carefully than usual when times get tough and maintaining your relatives in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed is no longer possible. This isn't a generation we've seen before; there are new things under the sun after all. This one will do *anything* for profit - except work for it.
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    I think as was mentioned by the OP injury and or health, a simple cold today could be catastrophic in certain situation
    In a hostile terrain not getting hurt yet still do what is needed becomes a huge issue. Spain your ankle today no big deal do it in a life and death struggle and that alone could make you statistic. One thing to consider as well is those with contained mental illnesses may seem fine today and you may not even know but have them off their prozac a few days and things could change allot.
    Why there are many aspects to a situation like this your health and well being will rely heavily on how well you can physically execute the needs at the moment. Training and even being physically fit helps but a kidney stone, the flue gees so many things we do not look at now could be a major issue.
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    When planning any mission we started with a successful egress and worked our way back to the insertion. Insertion without an egress plan is almost always fatal. Just food for thought.
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    Seems to me that planning one's escape should be one's first priority , other events, though relative do not add to one's safety.
    Should I have to make the trip him on foot from some distant location, I already anticipate several things .
    1. It will take longer than a normal walk home would at this time.
    2. the greater the distance, the more distractions toward water sources is required.
    3. though each distraction takes time, without water and the prospect of further distractions, the challenge expands. one must expect distractions.
    4. all plans need counter plans. If your part of a group you need to all be in the same page and, have communications.
    5. the longer it takes to get home the more likely those foraging will finally come to your own place, ( providing there is no one to resist invasion) assuming your not going to show up .
    Cash the gear i'm carrying before I get home and have gear cashed around the property as well in the event the house is taken or burned down.
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    OP is a great read and still applies today. A lot of ideas and information in the subsequent replies. Just a note, from a Marine that was there for the LA Riots (Rodney King in 1992), living in a metropolitan area does not always mean you need to Bug Out, but you still need to be prepared to stay inside for a period of time.

    Some things are beyond our control and Bugging Out may not be an option or be a viable option. The LA Riots very quickly turned from a ‘situation’ to the National Guard being deployed. After the National Guard fiasco of deploying without ammunition, Marines from Camp Pendleton were also deployed into some of the ‘hotspots’. Amazing what the presence of an LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) can do to civilians. The law of “Posse Comitatus” prevents the military from acting in a direct action of domestic law enforcement. Members of the military were attached to LEO’s (Law Enforcement Organization) to assist them in a backup/support role or patrolling areas (Natl Guard) while in radio contact with not only their military Chain of Command (CoC) but also with the agency/officer involved if they were not immediately present. A lot of people had no choice but to ‘hole up’ and wait it out. Those who couldn’t Bug Out did just that, but there were people who needed support for basic medical supplies due to lack of electricity (This mostly applied to the elderly and those with chronic conditions requiring a support device..i.e. oxygen, dialysis machines, etc..) There were also those who did not have enough food to hold out for the week.

    Over the years since this occurred I have seen several ‘issues’ in the news that made me think about the ‘what if’, but I have never taken the next step. We always have enough food, and toilet paper, to get us through a week so I have never taken the next step. So beat me over the head with the ‘dumbass’ stick, what is it going to take to get me to see the light and start making and working a good plan?

    SIDE NOTE: I was already typing my “Grandpa Patch’s EDC” post when I took a break from typing to read this.
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