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    What are the best books on survival and prepping? I am looking to buy a great reference book/Ebook.

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    My first thought was the LDS manual. That is a wealth of info. We should have it on here. I will link it if I find it.
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  4. Bishop

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    Ragnar Benson and James ballou have some good books check paladin press
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    Agree that the LDS book is probably the best for anyone who is part of a MAG or group. In my mind the LDS are probably the largest, been around the longest, most organized and effective, mutual assistance group in the USA and if not for some differences in views on religion I would join them for that alone. I don't think that there is any one magic book on prepping. In the resources section of the monkey and reading the back posts and their referrals will do more for your mindset and prepping than any book. Just as a few simple examples, LDS book on food storage, When there is no doctor, When there is no dentist, SAS book, posts on simple effective rocket stoves, posts on survival firearms and their uses, military manuals, etc. One of the least appreciated continuing posts in the group is the topic of the month. It in effect pulls together a lot of information on one area of prepping and reviews it. I think spending a few hours reading back posts, they are well indexed, reading the information they often refer to, and joining in the discussions will give you more information than any one book and it will give you a range of different options and views that no one book can. In the posts for example you can find information on catching a rabbit, snare, sling shot, rifle, arrow, or how to raise them, how to skin it, how to make a stove to cook it on, recipes for cooking it, how to grow the herbs you need for the meal, how to tan the hide, how to store it for future use, if it is paleo or not and if you should eat it, what diseases you can get preparing it, and so on. No one book will let you sit down, start reading , and let your mind go in so many directions and consider so many options, as reading the posts will, and while the monkey has a tip jar, it does not force you to use it. Hope this isn't to far off topic.
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    LDS Preparedness Manual is a good general reference on prepping, and is downloadable at no cost. Don't waste your money on J.W..Rawles.....there are better sources of prepping info elsewhere....but if you like Rawlesian style post apocalyptic fantasy fiction...knock yourself out.

    The Reader's Digest "Back to Basics" book is worth a look at. Sometimes later editions of the book can be found quite reasonably in the books section of thrift shops and second hand bookstores. The book is a good starting point primer in a wide range of self sufficiency, and sustainable living topics.

    Back to Basics Book

    General intro books will often cover a wide range of topics, but not necessarily in any great depth....that kind of info will need further research through books specialising in particular subjects in greater detail/depth.

    John Seymour's Book "Complete Self Sufficiency" is a very comprehensive reference book, that is readily downloadable as a .pdf file from a variety of websites. A hard copy version is well worth letting the moths out of your wallet to buy a personal copy for your bookshelf / coffee table. complete Book of Self Sufficiency.pdf (approx. 25Mb download)
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    Chelloveck shows just what I hope you can see. I bought Back to Basics at a yard sale or 50 cents and have bought a lot of other good prep books for $1 or so at yard sales, library sales, or flea markets. Read a lot and make haste slowly, save the money for preps, hopefully at the same yard sales.
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