Survival tips from Kyle Lamb (Ret. Delta Force)

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    You might think you’re prepared to respond to any threats that might come your way — but the odds are, you aren’t prepared enough to satisfy Kyle Lamb.

    Lamb is a retired Delta Force sergeant major who served 21 years in the Army, mostly with U.S. Army Special Operations. He now runs Viking Tactics, which offers tactical firearms instruction and consulting. Needless to say, he knows “prepared.”

    Speaking to a packed room of gun owners at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting on Friday, Lamb offered a crash course in preparedness in the face of unexpected personal danger. The military veteran, who served five combat tours in Iraq, was as thorough on the subject as he was politically incorrect.

    (Photo credit: Lukas Lamb)

    The “Survival Mindset” seminar included several components that many people just don’t think about — like being prepared for the sounds a human being makes after being shot. Much of the information Lamb passed down he learned from his experiences in combat.

    “If you’re offended by the word ‘combat’ — it’s America. There’s the door,” Lamb told the audience, pointing his finger towards the door. He received prolonged applause for the line.

    A key part of being ready to efficiently handle any threat that may sneak up on you, he said, is being prepared for three phases of combat: “Before, during and after.”

    Lamb said he conducts a “mental rehearsal” every morning, during which he contemplates what he would do if he found himself in a life-threatening situation. Another important aspect of this process, he said, is making sure your “tools” — including firearms — are ready and available.

    Further, the “combat mindset” means “facing reality” and taking the responsibility of carrying a gun seriously, he continued. But it’s also about understanding why you carry it and realizing you might have to use it.

    “I don’t take that very lightly, and I hope you don’t either,” he said.

    Lamb seemingly caught a number of people off guard when he dedicated an entire slide to one question: “What do people sound like when they are shot?”

    Recalling a combat incident where one of his fellow Americans had been shot, Lamb said, “We’re trying to take care of him and I’m listening to those sounds that he’s making — and it’s disturbing,”

    “However, I was prepared for that because I knew going into it what I was getting myself into,” he added.

    But at a different time, when he shot a bear while hunting and heard the animal let out a “death squall” that echoed through the mountains, it made him sick to his stomach because he didn’t prepare for it. The importance of mental preparedness is vital, according to the veteran.

    Here are a few other key points from Lamb’s presentation:

    • Gunfighting skills are not circus tricks — train for realistic situations

    • Train frequently

    • Practice shooting on the move

    • Prepare to engage multiple targets

    • Visualize and think through possible scenarios you might deal with

    • Sharpen skills with a secondary weapon

    • Basic physical fitness is part of being prepared

    Rest assured, there’s much more to Lamb’s preparedness seminar. It’s better to listen to him explain:

    Lamb also took a passionate position on open carry. When he asked attendees if open carry is responsible, several of them replied, “no.”

    “I understand, some folks want to open carry to prove a point, but I’m going to tell you something right now. If I’m sitting at the local Dairy Queen and some dude in Bermuda shorts and a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt walks in with an AK slung around his neck, there’s going to be freaking problems,” Lamb said.

    “First of all, I perceive that as a threat,” he continued. “Second of all, the business people perceive that as a threat. Third, they don’t want to see that and you’ve told everyone that you’re carrying a gun. Dog gone folks, please, you’re killing me. … Now we’ve lost our right to carry at several of those establishments. I don’t feel that’s being responsible. That’s me.”

    If you’d like to hear more from Lamb, he also has a book out, “Stay in the Fight! Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol.”
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    Wow that brought back a hunting memory... I was 15 and in my second solo season hunting. Gut shot a deer... Trailed it and had to slit it's throat. I was not prepared for the sound... Smell yes but not the sound... I puked, cried all the way back to camp to get the horse... And God love my Dad he didn't say anything he just walked back with me, helped me load up and say a prayer.

    Later back at camp he helped hang and skin it and told me about the 1st time he missed.

    I don't know the sound of a human being dying and hope I never have too... but after that day... I decided if I was going to carry I had better be prepared to use it, never regret, And be OK with more than one shot to finish the job if that is what it takes It's not an easy choice to make.
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    I spine shot a deer with a bow, once, and had to finish the job with a knife. It fought me, and screamed at me, loud enough to bring another hunter from the other end of the property, running. He thought I was hollering for him to come running!!
    I slit it's throat, and it was unsettling, but necessary. I will handle it better, next time. Because of the experience.
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    Death is a horrible experience even if it is from a distance. I have let deer walk instead of ending a life. Would be different if hungry/etc. Bullets hurt just as arrows do. Hung up my compound and sold it last year because I found a broadhead point imbedded in a small deer's shoulder blade. It had already "boned over" but must have been terribly painful for a long time. Almost made me sick as we had raised a doe from bottle up. I vowed to never "wound" a deer but make sure it went down as humanly as possible.
    People know when they are dying either from wounds or "naturally". It is always unsettling--sometimes really badly.
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    My experiences with death have been of two natures. I had to handle putting down pets and livestock when I was young. I learned early that a quick death was hands down better than slow suffering as my show goat did when her knees got bad. Dad offered to put her down, but she was mine. Second, I was an EMT for a year while stationed at Ft Gordon, GA. Bad drivers brought death on a weekly basis. Never had to learn it on a combat team. In some ways I have been lucky.
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    Thorough AND politically incorrect... My kind of guy.
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    If you shoot them correctly, they won't make a sound. And I am not going to agree with this gentleman's assertions on open carry, but I certainly can see his point may be justifiable in certain situations when folks try to make a statement while open carrying. I live in an open carry "friendly" state, and on more than a few occasions, I have seen folks with a sidearm or a rifle and it never sent my hackles up or made me go into Rambo mode.

    I say, too much Terrorism™ television induced delusions if you ask me. Maybe it's the latest trend, to believe that Terrorists™ are also "homegrown". We need more civilian force presence, and not in the form of rioting thugs, militarized police and Libertarian activists.
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    it is rare to see someone NOT Carrying out where I live.... But that is just how folks LIVE, in Bush, Alaska....
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    I agree with Lamb's assertions when it comes to open carry. In my liberal hood, I rarely see someone open carry unless it is on the range. IMO, I would rather have the benefit of surprise, keeping my CC as an advantage vs advertising that I am armed. I have no issue with open carry by others in general (it is their right to do so), as I do it once in a while when I am not wearing a jacket, but I limit where that is and who see's it....just my personal rules on carrying. I can not disagree with his opinion on open carry whatsoever.

    In my local vicinity, nobody is going to freak out if I walk into a store wearing Open, but if I go down the road 10 miles, I may get some "concerned" lib call the cop's thinking I am a threat. You just have to remember where you are and what you are saying with your weapon. I prefer to say nothing at all..... I would rather just be discreet.
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    Oh, definitely, in this day and age if it comes to "either -or", the concealed carry option is definitely the way to go. However, it is a topic worth pondering because a great deal of America is still pro-second Amendment, and I would like to see more States standing up to the Federal bullies by advocating no license for carry, which really is in the spirit of the Constitution and since licensing is a means to create a privilege out of a RIGHT. Too many people fear guns for no good reason. Any carry is Constitutional carry, provided the "individual" in question is not a violent felon (although that varies as well). It's only an issue because of the gun-grabbing idiots and the corporate media, who obey the policy of global governance dictated to them by organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations.

    We need to re-institute sound Constitutional process and give the middle finger to the Federal sycophants and let the people enjoy liberty once again. Saying it and doing it are two different animals, unfortunately. We cannot have "a little bit of tyranny" and still have freedom, it doesn't work that way.
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    Washington once said that citizens need to be armed with the same weapons as their government...
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