Survival Uses for Pantyhose

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    Pantyhose are a multi-use item. A must have for preppers.

    @Ura-Ki talked about the uses for pantyhose in the TOTM
    TOTM - Topic of the Month March 2019- The Get Home Bag
    But pantyhose have other uses:

    Here are 20 ways you can use pantyhose for survival:
    1. Stay Warm
    When it’s cold, every extra layer makes a difference. Wearing pantyhose will help you stay warm. Note: Men may have to cut some extra space in the crotch area.

    2. Prevent Blisters
    This is important if you bug out and spend several hours a day walking. You don’t want to get a blister on your foot that could get infected. Just cut the feet off the pantyhose and wear them under your socks, or you could get the footy or knee-high kind.

    3. Prevent Bug Bites
    Marines have been known to use them to stop tick, ant, and chigger bites. They will also stop jellyfish stings and leeches when you’re wading through water. However, they won’t stop mosquitos.

    4. As a Mosquito Net
    Although mosquitos can bite through them, they can’t fly through them. Cut several of them lengthwise and stitch them together to make a mosquito net.

    5. As a Mask
    If you are in an area with lots of dust and ash in the air, put pantyhose over your head like a robber would. This will protect your lungs. It won’t protect against viruses and toxins, but it will stop the dust.

    6. For First Aid
    There are several options here: use them as a tourniquet, as a way to hold bandages in place, to tie a splint in place, or to make a sling.

    7. Filter Water
    The first step to purifying water, no matter what method you use, is to filter out the debris and large particles. Stretch it over a container of water and pour the water into another container.

    8. Sprout Seeds
    First, soak your seeds in two inches of lukewarm water for 24 hours. Then pour the water and seeds into pantyhose, squeeze out as much water as you can, and hang it up to dry. Pour water over the seeds and hang them up to dry again, and do that several times a day. Once the seeds sprout, transplant them.

    9. Grow Plants
    For potted plants, plug the bottom with pantyhose to keep soil from escaping while the extra water drains out. For climbing plants such as peas and tomatoes, use strips of pantyhose to tie the stalks to a support without damaging them.

    10. Protect Your Garden
    Put dog or human hair in some pantyhose, then tie them in several places on the fence around your . The smell will keep deer and other foragers away. You can also stretch them over squash and melons to keep animals from eating them.

    11. Store Small Items
    While foraging, you can use them to gather berries, nuts, and herbs. You could also use them to organize or carry small items like nuts and bolts, bathroom supplies, pill bottles, etc.

    12. Store Your Food
    Foods like garlic, onions, and potatoes spoil faster while lying on a surface. Put them in pantyhose, tie knots between each one, and hang them up. This works better than other types of bags because the holes allow air in so they stay fresh longer. In fact, onions can last as long as six months this way.

    13. Dry Your Food
    Put peppers, herbs, and other food in them and hang them in the sun to dry out. Another way is to spread them out on a surface in the sun and spread the nylon over them to keep bugs and dirt off.

    14. Dry Your Tinder
    If your tinder is damp, you don’t want to store it in an ordinary bag or in your pocket. It’s better to put it in pantyhose and hang it up so it can dry out.

    15. Catch Bait
    You won’t be able to catch large fish with pantyhose, but you may be able to catch some bait fish and things like crawdads and small frogs. To do this, stretch them over a Y-shaped branch to create a makeshift net, then skim the water. They are also a great option for storing bait while you fish.

    16. Catch Crabs
    Put some bait in the toe and dangle the pantyhose in shallow water. When crabs try to get the bait, they’ll get tangled in the netting. Then you can just lift up the hose and you’ll have a fresh crab.

    17. Hunt Small Animals
    Put a large rock or several small rocks in the toe and tie it off, then use it as a bola to kill birds and small game.

    18. As a Rope
    Twist it up really tight and it will make great cordage. You can tie things together, hang things up, or even use it to make cross joints and tie branches together to make a shelter.

    19. As a Belt
    If you don’t have anything else, you can use it to hold your pants up. After all, many of us are bound to lose weight after the SHTF.

    20. Fix Your Vehicle
    Pantyhose can also be used as a temporary fan belt. It won’t last long, but it could get your vehicle home or to the nearest garage.
    20 Survival Uses for Pantyhose
    ( ^^^^^ good site of multi-use lists)
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    GIs have used nylon stockings for decades for shining shoes and boots. The fine nylon is used to burnish the polish to a high shine.
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    Yup, but I don't wear the darn things, and any time I ask a female friend not to throw away old torn panty hose away, but to let me have them, they stop talking to me and walk away in a huffy snit fit.
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    Old Old politically incorrect 1950's USAF joke from basic training. TI tells trainee that used nylon panties work best for putting a high shine on boots. Slick sleeve asks WAAF what she does with her nylon underwear when she wears them out? She answers, if I can find them, I wear them home. Slick sleeve was Airman basic, less than 6 months in service or a total screwup and not a term used in respect.
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    lol :ROFLMAO:[LMAO] I can't help myself[Moto][LMAO][lolol]

    how did you ask? if you did the man thing you probably did not tell them why you wanted them. So it probably sounded creepy.[lolol][nutkick][LMAO]:lol: I have this picture in my head of @tacmotusn innocently asking for panty hose then dodgin a kick in the wrong place.... sorry tac I can't help myself my mind went there.
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    Back to the thread. I'm not a fan of panty hose for warmth or comfort. They give me blisters, I may be allergic idk. I do have tights in my winter gear

    I have used them to hang onions or garlic If I'm in a hurry or too lazy to braid them. I have also cut them length wise and stretched them over a pvc frame for drying stuff it's not efficient but it works. You can also use hose in place of any thing you use cheese cloth for.

    I have used them for ties for storage of blankets sheets etc. you can use the tube that hose make in packing suitcases if you roll your cloths. Silk and rayon don't roll well so a pantyhose tube is great for these items.
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    I wear compression full length sox and I found that though my feet sweat the moisture is evaporated ,unlike wearing cotton or wool sox. something to consider .
  8. tacmotusn

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    Ganado, Do you ever watch the tv series "big bang theory" .... They have these geeks who often fail to communicate smoothly with females. One of them, can't even talk to females without a bit of an alcohol toot on.. I am not as bad as the latter, but I do sometime stumble over my tongue, and fail to get all the details out there before what I say before it sounds like an off color proposition. As a result yes I have been slapped, as a result, but luckily not kicked anywhere tender, and on occasion the off color sounding proposition turned out to be agreeable. Maybe being a clumsy talker ain't so bad after all. .......... ;)
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    Filled with a few ounces of sand and doubled up for strength they'd make a pretty nasty thumper if you got into a situation where you had nothing else as a weapon.

    Lined with a plastic grocery bag or non-lubricated condom they can be used to carry quite a bit of water.
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    Lest see, A emergency fan belt, a air filter "Pre-Filter", an oil or fuel filter removal aid, a hot sleeve, Glove, emergency water filter, air filter, bug bite prevention, wound dressing, belt replacement, traction aid for shoes on ice, traction aid for tires on ice, hose clamp replacement, food storage, any thing storage, washer/dryer guard for nice things you don't want messed up in the wash ( the wife's nice fancy girly stuff) Fishing tackle, fish trap, bait trap, gun bore cleaner, optics "Kill Flash" and clothing base layer, windshield cover when the bugs are really thick, air plane propeller blade cover when it's icy!

    For the fellas that might need to wear them, pro tips:
    Get at least "Queen Size" or bigger ( might need to special order, or visit the Plus size stores) and get the middle denier weight of 40+ for light weather, and the heavy denier 60+ for cold. you can also get the heavier leggings like the wimmins wear for winter time, and even the work out type, as long as they are non compression because guys have different areas that compression might not work so good! The foot type can also affect the fellers differently, some guys find the "Stirrup" type work better and prevent blisters, while others find the normal re enforced toe work well. try different waist types to find what works best, the Sheer to waist will likely have the least compression and some do not have any re enforced panty, and the seamless may not have the cotton crotch which may or may not help! I find the re enforced panty version works better for winter, and the shear to waste better for warmer months! the higher weight will be stronger, and will also protect the skin better, and the high spandex will stretch less, and protect more, but it's a trade off, and hairy guys like me will need to stick to the lighter weight more stretchy stuff. Avoid actual silk for wear, keep them for other uses, especially medical, and avoid the ultra shear, low denier ( lower then 20) stuff as its just about a 1 and done use deal. I have no brand recommendations, but Amazon has a metric ton to choose from, so do a little research and try different kinds and types!

    I mentioned in the TOTM thread about cutting them, any thing can be used, but for better performance and longer life, use a soldering iron to cut them and you will be happy.
  11. Strips of nylon hose suspended above rows of legumes attract atmospheric nitrogen, the plants will capture that nitrogen and fertilize the garden soil. Good final use.
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    Filtered cooking oil when I had my diesel truck running on cooking oil. Was hit in the eye with a stocking with change in it from about 5 feet
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    Evidently they don't like competition...the story of my life. ;)
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    I'm certain theres more to that story?
  16. Bishop

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    Yeah don't help a girl out when her boy friend is beating the hell out of her change in a stocking will stretch a long way.
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    Hahaha, I always said a sock with change in it will wear out a hijacker!
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    soap chips in the toe of up-cycleded PH makes for a good hand wash tool.

    and yes, they are the bob-digity for buffing shoes to a high shine w/ little effort.
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    could one use them for a garrote?
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    Emergency bank withdrawal attire ,,,,:cool:,,, saw it in a movie one time ,,, sorry,, I just couldn't resist,,
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