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    Little voice expects hard winter...and doesn't know who "her" is.
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    Have 40 acres remote with a solar powered deep well pump (580 ft) that can alternatively be run on any small portable generator. A second well has no pump. Could probably install a hand operated that would work in a pinch.

    It is surrounded by rocky, rugged, chest high brush-covered terrain with a single vehicle access in/out for the last mile and a half. The nearest pavement (no town there) is 17 miles and almost an hour's drive. Have about a dozen like minded neighbors, some who live there full time and are spread out over a roughly 10 - 20 square mile area. If SHTF, we'll likely be pooling assets. It's an ongoing discussion and we meet several times a year. Like-minded neighbors are, by themselves an important asset.

    The properties sit next to a cattle ranch and a friendly open dialog is maintained with the rancher. His beef and horses are allowed to roam freely on most of the properties, with only small portions fenced off. Elk, deer, small game, dove and quail are available also. Worse comes to worst, tweety birds may fall to a pellet gun (quiet) if need be.

    At present on the property there is only a travel trailer and two sheds. One shed is completely covered by natural vegetation and not visible even from Google Earth. It houses food stores and hand tools. No shelter or shed is visible from the only (sometimes maintained) dirt road that passes within about 3/4 mile, or the access road. That will also be a requirement for any new buildings / shelters constructed.

    There is a 1kW solar array, small battery bank and 1500W inverter that powers everything in the travel trailer with the exception of the air conditioner. This solar array is completely separate from the solar array that powers the well pump. Fridge, water heater, and heater are propane.

    Could go on and on. But your eyelids are already drooping.
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    The style we carry looks a lot like that.
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    Her? Why, Queen Hillary the first!
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