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    Letter Re: A Political Solution to America's Pending Economic Catastrophe

    Mr. Rawles:
    I recently read your novel "Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse". I actually had to read it twice. (The first time for enjoyment, and the second time to take down notes.) With all of the recent news about the collapse of the credit market, monetizing of the National Debt and out of control Federal spending (which all sound frighteningly close to the first chapter of "Patriots"), I can only wonder how much longer America can hang in there before we suffer a total economic collapse. I can only see one possible hope: a return to a fiscally-sound constitutional government.And I only see one presidential candidate who is promising to do that: Congressman Ron Paul.
    I strongly encourage all SurvivalBlog readers that live in the US to get involved in the Ron Paul campaign. He is our only hope to get us back on track, economically. He stands for a lot of things that will ring true with SurvivalBlog readers. He is: pro-Second Amendment, favors smaller government (within Constitutional limits), favors abolishing both the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve system, and favors free market capitalism and restoring a sound currency backed by gold and silver. (See the Ron Paul 2008 web site or his full platform.) I realize that your blog must intentionally be non-political to avoid divisive flame wars and chases down political rabbit trails. But I consider this a survival issue! With all of the other issues aside, after having watched a lot of his speeches and debates on YouTube, I am now sure that Ron Paul is the right choice for America, economically. I'm convinced that all of the other presidential candidates will just continue down the path of Big Government (and consequently big spending and big budget deficits.) I believe that if Ron Paul is elected and his platform is adopted by congress, we can probably avert an economic catastrophe. I feel so strongly about this that I'm buying ad space for a Ron Paul 2008 ad in one of your scrolling banner ad spots until the November, 2008 election. This way, I will be supporting both Ron Paul and SurvivalBlog. Sincerely, - Al in Indiana
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    Preachin' to the choir, my dear the choir. Choir. Strange word.
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    Amen, brother.....[beer]

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