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    I love Survival Frog gear. I have never bought off their web site but I have picked up their stuff at shows. It is good quality. I have solar lantern and some of their para-cord stuff and other stuff. If you are going to order, google for coupon codes and that will cut down on the cost.
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    Thanks for the info... (y)
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    I have both of these.
    Luci Original Solar Lantern Inflatable Light with FREE Bonus - Survival Frog

    I love the solar lantern. It is so compact and really does give good light. It is so light weight and I like that it has a hook to hang it with. You can use the hook to clip it to your bag, therefore you can charge it while hiking during the day.

    The survival cards are fun. The kids and I will draw one out of the deck and discuss a situation. Really good mental exercise IMO, the kids always look at things in a different manner, we teach each other. I should post one of the cards on here.
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    Do they rebate?
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