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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by limaask, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. limaask

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    "Prepare for the unexpected."

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  2. limaask

    limaask Monkey+

    "Prepare for the unexpected."
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  3. trigger1961

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    when the "SHTF" I hope we are all as prepared as everyone quotes to be. because we cannot possibly afford to do or have what would be required for each of us. When we make our stand we are going to have to do it as small pockets of resistance against big brother and it is going to be a very nasty, very bloody, unless you are a trained Marine Combat Hunter, or a Recon Marine and on our side, this will be a very one sided fan blowing.
  4. Waz

    Waz Monkey+

    In theory it all sounds good, but honestly, even a trained Soldier will succumb to a greater Force, if the Gov't sends in the Military, then get out, play a hero and be killed, better to live.
    All we can do is be as prepared as best we can be, like a lot of others, we here have such radical weather changes, one day it's 36 c, and in a week we are down to 3 degrees in the mornings, am trying to have two BOBs, One for Winter and One for Summer, decisions decisions, food etc not so complicated, as long as we have enough, it's the bugging out that worries me.
  5. Falcon15

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    If the trained soldier goes out and goes toe to toe with a superior force by playing "hero" he was not a very well trained soldier. If the Government sends in the military, before taking action, you need to determine their intentions, get some seriously good intel on assets, equipment, deployment, etc. Then react accordingly. Trigger 1961 is right, in many ways. Small pockets of resistance, using guerrilla tactics can cripple or even defeat a "superior force". To paraphrase from The Patriot: "start with the officers and work your way down".

    Being prepared as best we can includes cultivating common sense and having a healthy dose of respect for one simple fact: the universe owes you nothing.

    Now I am not saying just lay down and die, but understanding you are mortal, and you are responsible for ensuring your survival (and if you have a family - your families as well), gives you a huge edge over "armchair preppers".

    If bugging out worries you, then perhaps a plan would be in order. You are less apt to make a stupid mistake if you, for example, have a plan to bug out to a friend's house. Just packing a BoB and thinking you'll just head out "somewhere" is almost a 100% guarantee of failure. Plans, contingency plans, routes, alternate routes, cached goods along all routes, and multiple safe havens to try for will all add to not only your sense of well being, but also ensure that you have some flexibility if all does not go according to "plan". These are just some suggestions to think on.

    Just my two copper clad zinc slugs for your consideration.
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  6. ghrit

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    Quoting a guy for whom I had great respect, "No plan = failure."
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  7. Falcon15

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    By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail - Benjamin Franklin
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  8. Waz

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    Cheers, do have a plan, missus is in the class of won't last long without Meds, she has had Two Spinal Fusions, and in constant agony, should have elaborated why BO worries me, I too have had a Fusion but am a lot better that my Wife, can still walk etc, and not on the heavy Meds either.
    Where we live there is limited Bush or even half decent places to go, Western Australia is big, but lacking in a lot of ways for water etc, and our Bush areas have been made User friendly, in other words every Man and his dog has access, and ever long weekend they do, there is no area quiet and safe, the Hordes will be there in hours, some ppl will be ok, but the druggies etc have their crops all through the Hills, and the yobbos that go camping up there are hopeless, they bring their Stereos, large loud gennies, you get my drift.
    One area I have picked is down the Coast, half an hr away then along the Beach, as of yet 4x4 is the only access, no water though and will need to distil sea water, behind the dunes are areas we can hopefully go gray, lot of fish and the odd skippy to get food.
    Am prepared as best I can, will BI for as long as is safe, our roads are a Nightmare and will be blocked by traffic in hrs, we have some stupid Town planners and Engineers.
    We are just out of the City, a Map of where we live[​IMG]
  9. weegrannymush

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    Very interesting post, Waz! We here in north America (I'm in Canada) tend to think of Australia as being one huge area of fantastic BO territory but obviously your post shows that this is not the case. I am so sorry to hear about you and your wife's medical problems.....will keep you in my prayers, if that is all right with you?

    Are you alone in your BO plans, are there no other family members within easy driving distance? I think your situation might call for signing up with a group of likeminded people who are preparing a place somewhere in the bush, where you and your wife would be able to be more comfortable and have some of the load taken from you. Would you both be able to cope, given the medical conditions, with the hardships of being alone and having to do everything necessary for survival. Perhaps Australians have not yet got to the point of building "BO camps" for themselves though and it would not be an option for you. It certainly sounds as if you have thought it all out and will do what you can.....but I know what you mean about the hordes, I will have the same problem here even though I am 150 miles from Toronto, they'll find us eventually!

    Really enjoyed looking at the map...and will look forward to seeing more posts from far off Australia!
  10. Waz

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    We are Christians, so any and all Prayers are gratefully received.
    We have a Daughter close by, her and SIL with Grand daughter will come here if it gets bad, SIL is on board with prepping, Son (33) is home with us, helps us out.
    Luckily for us we are far enough away from Perth or Fremantle to maybe avoid any fallout if it comes to that, most Aussies are clueless to what is happening in this World, even when I tried to waken some at Church, typical response from One Guy, we will just come to your house.
    There are a lot of Aussies that are aware, have talked via Forums and they agree that it will be hard to get anywhere isolated, won't be forming a group as such, as you can imagine, typical scenario, what preps will you bring, this is their response, Alcohol, drugs, sheesh who would want to bug out with drunks and space cadets.
    Glad you like the post about WA, we love it where we are, either side of us, fish from the Ocean and in the Estuary occasionally prawns and crabs, unfortunately the Urban sprawl is ruining it, what we had here 40 yrs ago was amazing, now it's flash homes, unemployment, drugs, sad to see our small fishing town grow into what it is today.
    Have made BO bags for the SIL, Son, if it comes then they are ready, also git hammock for wife, trying to think ahead of all worse case scenarios for us, Meds will be the hardest.
  11. weegrannymush

    weegrannymush Monkey+

    Oh, that is good to hear - that you won't be struggling alone, you have family. Also good to hear you are Christians; in the final analysis, it will be for us as the Lord wills, which is one of the reasons I try not to get too obsessed with Prepping because I feel it could become the centre of my life instead of Jesus. My motto is Lean and Trust!

    I'm afraid a lot of areas are like your hometown....same here in Canada, urban sprawl is everywhere, although by and large it is still a huge vast and empty place. Unfortunately, most of it could not be lived in, like your bush, I suspect. I am particularly fortunate in living in a very small Canadian village about ten miles from a town of 6,500 so goods and services are accessible but we are still very rural. Behind the one street of our village there lies nothing but miles and miles of rocks, trees, bush, lakes and streams. Also lots of deer, moose and bears - the latter can get very bold in the fall when they are hungry and trying to fatten up for hibernation. We walk softly and carry a big stick, lol!

    We also have the same problem as you do in Australia - very few Preppers in Canada, although the general economy has worsened enough that more people are being alerted and are getting a bit scared. There just aren't enough of us to make a difference though...I have tried to warn people but they do good ostrich imitations! Even my own family (I have a large clan) are not preparing, except for one or two. I have warned them that they cannot all land in on me because there will not be enough stuff for everybody but if things got really bad, how would I be able to turn away my own family, especially the wee ones? A real moral dilemma!

    Hope everything works out well for you.
  12. DKR

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    A bit more on WA

    Mandurah is 45 miles South of Perth - a bedroom suburb by NA standards.

    Mandurah has grown from isolated holiday communities along the shores of the Peel-Harvey Estuary to a major regional city in just over a decade, in a similar vein to the Gold Coast in Eastern Australia, in recent times forming a conurbation with nearby Rockingham and the capital Perth along the coast.
    Mandurah has also become a popular lifestyle alternative for Perth retirees and its connection with the Perth CBD has been strengthened with the opening of the Perth-Mandurah railway line in December 2007 and a direct road connection to the Kwinana Freeway built by late 2010. A housing affordability survey of 227 cities in 2008 ranked it the least affordable city in Australia.

    A look at a large scale map shows the area as heavily urbanized for quite some distance.

    Not quite like living in LA, but still looking pretty busy.
    Best of luck to you.
    <sup id="cite_ref-1" class="reference"></sup>
  13. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Very much a built up area. Had look at Google Earth, looks like no way out, and few places to go without a boat.
  14. Waz

    Waz Monkey+

    Not as bad as it seems though, well e have idiots on the left, dopeheads on the right, and in the middle we have naah just kidding, we love it here, not what it is now though, we live over the Bridge (Halls Head) and away from a lot of riff raff that live closer to the City, hmm Once I get the Daughter, SIL and Grand daughter over here, may just have to do some remodelling of access points lol, sheesh if I was anywhere else that would ring alarm bells and have me on a watch list :).
    It would be a nightmare trying to get through the traffic to our Hills, but like I said, they are hardly isolated anymore, further South becomes populated as well, and aaaargh the traffic, hopefully we will make it to the Beach with my old 4x4, may have to get out and push it, but it will get there. If WA was hit with a Major suenami a lot would just disappear, we are onhigh ground and should be ok for tsunamis.
  15. mysterymet

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    There are some prepper Docs online that you may be able to get some extra meds from to store up ahead of time. You may try going that route. It would be a sizable investment but once you have then put them in to your regular use rotation and use them up and refill with the regular perscriptions. Just a thought.
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  16. Waz

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    Thanks wife is on Script only Meds that have to be approved, every time the Dr has to ring for approval numbers
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