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  1. M118LR

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    Honest minimum Combat issue WWII & NAM. Is this Combat ready?
    atlantis_ii___black_silicone. trunks_swimmer. fins. MK2MK13Mod0Combo.
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  2. techsar

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    Depends on the theatre of operations and mission goals.
  3. 3M-TA3

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    No board shorts?
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  4. chelloveck

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  5. M118LR

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    Aren't these the government issued items that initiated all operations and mission goals in both WWII and NAM?

    What else is required to survive?
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  6. BTPost

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    That is the bare minimum for a Water born Assault Mission... but without some sort of Land foot ware, you wouldn't get far on rocky ground once you leave the water....
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  7. M118LR

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    And..... what survivalist on this forum doesn't know how to make thier own footwear? ? ?
    And... if they don't... well maybe this is the time to learn? ? ?

    I think there were a couple of combatants wearing Ho Chi Minh sandals in combat from WWII to NAM. JMO.
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  8. techsar

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    Going into a combat area while below freezing you would be hard pressed to live long enough to secure your AO, build a shelter, start a fire then accumulate enough cordage and skins to survive, let alone carry out a mission with that gear.
    So, no that is not combat ready. At least not for an individual without any other support.
    And without knowing the specifics of the exercise... ;)
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  9. M118LR

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    So how did they overcome it techsar?
  10. chelloveck

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    It looks like "Sea Hunt" lite panoply....even Lloyd Bridges was better equipped than that....[​IMG]:rolleyes:
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  11. techsar

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    And actually no, those items did not initiate all ops. They played a very small part.

    I believe what you are eventually getting at is the need for cooperation and logistics to support operations, be it survival or a combat role.

    Getting warmer? :)
  12. M118LR

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    Guess you have never watched the 13 th Warrior?
    You assess with what you can see, not what can be done.

    How about how History can allow you to utilize the skills required of others to formulate proven real world situations that can be used from behind a keyboard like a scenario? BTPost came out of the surf with a foot wear problem. You came out of the surf on the Aleutian Islands, both of these situations have happened to the folks issued that simple combat equipment. Yet under combat conditions they survived and conquered. So now, what skills can we replicate within our toolboxes to ensure that we don't become Histories failures. Where do we need to search to find and master the skills others have found to be necessary in combat conditions?

    Opps, forgot a link. Starting at the OSS Maritime Unit and not getting preoccupied with the SEAL Narrative. Navy SEAL History | Navy SEALs
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  13. Dont

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    Some 15 years ago, I met a man that was very vulnerable and the mercy and dependent on others for everything. He was a big guy and you could tell that he had been very fit at one time. Well, he was a retired deputy sheriff. Late one night he confided in me, once he had learned I had been active duty Marine, that he had been a sailor. Not just any sailor but UDT during WW2. That was his uniform of the day when he would slip from the ship and go forth the accomplish his mission. He had been a Seal, before there ever was Seal's. Told him he had my most heart felt admiration..
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  14. Sgt Nambu

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  15. duane

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    Minimum combat issue? Time and distance change all men and women and with all the equipment I have, at 79 years of age, I can not compete on a level playground with a fit 19 year old. With my limited logistics, I can not compete with anyone who has the capability of resupply from others, be it FEMA, the military, or the police. I can not compete in the political system in our local community, been overrun with liberal tree hugging refugees from Mass, and thus have learned to keep my mouth shut as well as I can and work within the system if possible and under it as much as possible. So my minimum required combat load would add at least a boat and perhaps a motor just to get to shore and waterproof hearing aids in order to communicate with the other members of the team. The above minimum combat load requires the backup of an advanced system with thousands of years of incremental progress and development. Swim fins, rubber or plastic, chemicals, molding equipment, etc. Knife as shown, iron ore, coal, steel mills, forging and tempering, the handle, plastic, leather or wood, sheath materials, a whole infer structure to create a sharpening stone, the swim trunks require spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing, flax or cotton and their fields or chemicals and their factories for the threads to weave, needles etc to make shorts, etc. Goggles need all the inputs of the swim fins plus glass or plastic for the lens, another whole group of inputs. Point of all of this, his minimum combat load after TSHTF would be just about as difficult to make as a M16 and its ammo. I in the short run, being 79 there is no real long run, two is one, and if you don't have it now. it probably will not exist after some major event and my ability to take it from others is minimal. My major preps include a good medical insurance plan, seeing my doctors regularly, exercise and diet, keeping my wife as healthy as possible to assist me if I am sick, taking what vitamins, minerals, and medications I think I need, etc. It is a 100 % certainty that I am getting old and that my body is falling apart on me and that my minimum combat load requires one h*** of a lot of work to just maintain the body to put the load unto.
  16. arleigh

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    Your not going to survive in the Aleutian waters with out being in a Gumby suit it's just not possible.
    Dad spent 4 years driving a crash truck on the tarmac at Cold bay , weather changed in moments as the wind would blow from one direction and freeze and change and thaw .
    Any one that fell in the water was lost in just a few minuets .
    He participated in the battles of Attu and Kiska and they used boats ,no one swam in those waters.
  17. chelloveck

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    I may have seen it....can't recall exactly, but appealing to a motion picture film, adapted from a piece of fiction (a novel by Michael Crighton) loosely based on the legendary story of Beowulf isn't a convincing argument for evaluating the combat ready status of an individual with a 4 piece minimalist swimming kit. Yes certainly, there may be individuals who'd make a good fist of trying to achieve their mission objective with this basic kit....but without knowing what that objective was, where it was, the swimmer's skillsets and physical characteristics and capabilities; the season, climate, prevailing weather conditions, and a host of other unspecified's one of those how long is a piece of string kind of speculations.

    There are some...probably very few who'd be combat ready, totally naked, unequipped, and without any kind of weapon, who might be combat ready, even without that minimalist kit posited in the OP....and there are some who would have everything that a combat swimmer might ever conceivably need...and still not be considered combat ready.

    Being combat ready is having the necessary physical and psychological endurance, resilience and toughness, training, knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to execute a combatant job competently, given the necessary resources and/or the ingenuity and enterprise to win them and achieve the mission. Any items of equipment that they happen to have, at any moment, are merely augmentations and enhancements of the warrior's fundamental capabilities: Without those fundamentals...a combatant is, probably not "combat ready", regardless of what equipment they may initially be equipped with.
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  18. AxesAreBetter

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    "Boiled. Cow-piss??" Haha.

    Why is a frog suit the "basic" kit?
  19. ghrit

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    It was for UDT in the Pacific theater and to a much lesser extent in the Med, neglecting the mission specific stuff like dragging around demo charges (the progenitors of C4.) Things became a bit more sophisticated in Nam, but not by a lot, there was not a lot of mine clearing needed in the rivers and the combat engineers handled demo on land. UDT was a combat unit, tho' the mission was not strictly combat in the sense of Seals do it all.. Not a lot of those ops were or are yet widely known or publicized that I've found. These days, rangers, night stalkers, seals etc can do the demo that UDT was originally tasked with as well as fight.
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  20. Kingfish

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    I had a guy once try and tell me that a frogman could defeat my defenses here. So the guy would carry all that stuff for miles through the forests to get to our place then use it to swim across our 209 acre lake to assault our back yard. In the dark it would be very nasty as the silt around our shore is like 4 feet deep and the water too shallow to actually swim in . mud bound and stuck. All the while under fire from 100 yards. During the day he would look like a big fish coming in from the deck. I have no use for any of it.
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