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    the wiki is dead... thanks for playing
    Anyone who wants to play with this is free to.

    Anyone here know about them?
    As in

    I have loaded up the wiki software and was wanting to create a SurvivalWiki.</wick-ey></wee-kee>
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    I've heard of it and have seen quotes here and there taken from one or another wikipedia. I guess the question for you is, "How busy do you want to be adding stuff to it and correcting other people's errors of fact?" (If that is even a necessary function.) Does sound like an interesting project.
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    Yes it is interesting ghrit. If a pool of folks get together and add things from time to time, any errors will eventually get corrected. Behind every page is a tab labeled 'discussion', this is for any debate or problems with any others post/content.

    I'm hoping to not really have to do much with it. (I did have the link here but a certain someone already came in and tried to deface it). The DB saves all work and it can easily be reverted back to a former state so it's not really a big deal.

    THere is a disclaimer tab that can also be edited to say something to the effect of "this is a work in progress and may or may not be accurate information"

    But, the idea of a SM FAQ with all of our content in all categories-survival has a draw for me. The link is in ADmin/mods. If anyone else wants to take a look and contribute, PM me and I'll shoot you the link.

    Also, let me know if you are on Direcway, I'm banning the Direcway IPs as the attack came from that range.

  4. melbo

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    Just wanted to say that we are looking for original content on the wiki, not cut&paste from other sites.
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    How about cut and paste from here if we want to save some typeing? [peep]
  6. melbo

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    That's fine. I just wasn't looking to fill it up with content from other sites, not original to us. At this point, anything is better than what we have. I haven't had time lately to add anything to it.
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  8. melbo

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    Thanks to The Lone Bard for some wiki contributions!
  9. yonder

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    I poked in and created a few new nodes, no real content yet, but article headers for things to think about. I'm not a huge fan of editing wikis but I do like the concept. I do like to write, but I write in a linear fashion and don't "think like a wiki" very well.
  10. Brook

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    what kind of information are you looking to add? perhaps some of us can contribute.

  11. Blackjack

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    So far there are only a couple of pages. I'm not sure it's goin anywhere for a while. I'd love to do some, but that kinda thing takes a lot of time.
  12. Brook

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    takes time? not if you are a blabber typer like me!

    With Katrina last year, and Colorado this year we are not much better at predicting the weather now as our forefathers were. It is a good time to think about putting together a pantry. During a natural disaster, the stores are filled with others panic buying, leaving little for others. Have you ever gotten sick and just not felt like going to the store for food? a pantry can be a blessing!

    To start a pantry, purchase 1 extra of what your are already purchasing. A goal of one week's food stored away is far easier to think about then trying to store 2 weeks or even a month.

    Make a list of the canned foods your family likes and eats. Canned chili, non-condensed soup as water is at a premimum and needs to be used sparingly and any other canned meal. If there are 4 in your family, purchase 4 cans of chili. This will give you 1 nights dinner, the little ones will eat less then the adults so the adults can eat more. Which canned fruits will you eat? purchase 4 cans of say peaches, this will give you something to eat for breakfast. The juice from the fruit can be saved and mixing with water to thin it out, can be added as part of your daily requirement for water. Any left over fruit can be eaten at lunch. Canned vegetables, beans and meats can be made into delicious meals. Write your menu down with recipes and put them in a notebook.

    Canned foods don't need to be heated and can be eaten right out of the can, or opened and heated over a candle if needed. Don't forget a manual can opener!

    If you plan a week's menu it makes it easy for you to know what you are going to prepare for meals in a state of emergency. Don't forget little comfort foods, hard candy, gum, cookies or crackers.

    Water is a must for survival. Many save their soda pop bottles and fill with water, others purchase bottled water, I use distilled water and water bath can it to seal it under pressure and store it away in the canning jar boxes the jars came in.

    Once you have food put away, store paper goods like toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels and even paper plates.

    Move on to storing batteries and flashlights, know where the water main is, the gas or propane main, the fuse or breaker box is. If you have a phone that requires electricity it won't work if the power goes out.. pick up a cheap non-electric phone next time you are out. Make a diagram of where these turn-off valves are and add them to your notebook.

    If you have children pick up books that you can read to them or they can read, card games, marbles, jacks are always fun games keep kids busy, coloring books and crayons, notepad and pen for the older children to keep a journal of events as they unfold.

    Once you purchase your items, bring them home and date the tops of the cans. This will come in handy when you need to rotate your pantry items. If you pull it out of the pantry to use, put it on the shopping list to replace your stock. Always use the oldest dated foods first. Keep a list of what is in your inventory/pantry and again put it in your notebook

    Get your family involved.. ask them what kinds of things they would like to put away in the pantry. Have the family write down the books they would like, games they want to play or learn. Plan fire drills and practice them. Have a plan in place if there is a major problem and you are at work and the kids are in school. Keep a small backpack in your car filled with a items you might need if you have to walk home.

    to be continued....


    this isn't well thought out as it is just rolling off my fingers. Perhaps this will spark ideas.

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    Melbo, what's up? I tried to get on, and I get an error message. Here it be:

    Error in fetchObject(): Got error 1 from storage engine
    • GlobalFunctions.php line 451 calls wfbacktrace()
    • Database.php line 531 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
    • MessageCache.php line 151 calls databasemysql::fetchobject()
    • MessageCache.php line 94 calls messagecache::loadfromdb()
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    • OutputPage.php line 657 calls wfmsgnodb()
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    hmmm, not sure. Just saw this.
    I'll take a look.
  16. melbo

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    looks like someone hacked it.
    I never really got into DB backups and such on that site because it had very little activity.

    Not sure I can get it back. Give me a few days.
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