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Discussion in 'GNU/Linux' started by Wild Trapper, May 10, 2009.

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    I've been using Linux for over a year now and just made a switch to a new OS. I was using PCLinuxOS on my laptop mostly because that was the only distro I could get my HP to except. It had served my well and gone through many changes.

    The other day I happened to click on http://distrowatch.com/ and discovered a new release of Linux Mint. I downloaded and burned the iso file to a DVD for testing. When I actually saw how nice it was compared to what I had, I researched some more until I made up my mind to try it. The deciding factor was the availibility of Amateur Radio programs that could be downloaded.

    Since Mint is based on Ubuntu, most programs for hams must be writen for that distro. All of the programs I used before work too, so far. I've a little fine tuning to do, but for the most part it was a totally painless transition for me.

    Many thanks to Melbo and all the linux users for starting this sub-forum. I should now find all the amateur radio programs I will be needing all "free!"

    Now windows free, no longer duel booting my system. If there is just something I need to run in window, I do it on my wife's machine.
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    I'm using Linspire 5 and cannot get you tube videos anymore. So...I'm looking at at new OS as well. I play bass, and want a distro that is good for music. How does Mint like sound cards? Just went to your link and Musix sounds good for musicians, Thanks!
  3. Wild Trapper

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    Even though PCLinuxOS was working fine for me, it did not seem to be as friendly to Amateur Radio programs as Mint or Ubuntu. Mint is working out for me at present, but I may switch to Ubuntu one of these days. The newest distro (64 bit) works on my laptop, Mint is actually a split off of Ubuntu now and has some features I like. I am hooked on the KDE desktop. It seems the newer distros are more compatible to HP laptops than some of the older ones were. However, my patched together old eMachine is very sensitive to different distros.
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