Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet’

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by stg58, May 7, 2013.

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    Several days ago, my provider, CenturyLink, was totally offline nationwide from at least 5AM when I got up, to 1:08PM when they finally came back up - I had NO internet. Even my backup (which I thought would work without CL) was down. Could be related? Cyber attacks?
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    and a certain Tinfoil Hat Monkey seems to think that this can't happen... A segment, or country can't just be dropped off the Internet.... Well, It can happen, and HAS Happened, in the past, and will happen in the future.... Doesn't matter, if it was a Router failure, or someone, flipping a switch.... It happened, and happens, .......
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    I too have century link. on the news here they said they had law enforcement involoved. but I didnt hear anything further about it until today. I was eating breakfast this morning at the local waffle joint and a century link driver came in and sat down next to me at the bar. I aked him what happened last week and he said he inquired about it to his boss and the boss said he inquired from higher ups and got nothing back. he said that was the first time he did not get any answer. strange, isnt it?
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    Let me know whet it largely disappears from the planet. The internet is a good start though..
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