Tactical Sharpie?

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    I have seen a tactical pen on here, kind of pricey but people say you cannot put a price on your safety. Just saw this article on how to make a tactical sharpie marker. I have lots of Sharpies, they are a must for all preppers because they assist in making food rotation easier. The article does say to check with local laws regarding carrying a tactical sharpie.

    Materials needed are:

    Piece of Rubber or Jar Gripper ( I used a piece of bicycle inner tube)
    Hot Glue Gun or Epoxy (if you want it a lot stronger, will take longer for epoxy to set)
    File or Bench Grinder
    Hack Saw
    Small Screw Driver (like for eyeglasses)
    1 Sharpie Fine Point Marker
    1 11/64 Drill bit (preferably a longer sized drill bit)

    Follow the link to learn how to make your own Sharpie Tactical marker-
    DIY Everyday Carry Sharpie Tactical Marker - Preparing for shtf

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    Good idea, and easy to understand instructions. Not sure how penetrative this would be with the large shoulder and body behind the point. It is also no longer a Sharpie, and might draw an illegal concealed weapon charge in certain circumstances.

    I carry a Zebra F301 pen, which has a steel body, when I'm out and about. This is one of the tips I picked up in Emerson's book 100 Deadly Skills. No laws against carrying a working pen, but it substitutes as a very effective close combat weapon with practice.

    I suppose many pens would work, especially metal bodied ones, but the SEALs prefer the Zebras and they are supposedly strong enough to penetrate a human skull with enough oomph behind them, and for $2 I can't complain about the price.
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