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Discussion in 'GNU/Linux' started by 3M-TA3, May 13, 2017.

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    There have been a few recent threads regarding Linux vs Windows vs Mac as well as some high profile security issues, so I thought I'd create a quick reference on how to install and boot Linux from a USB stick so non tech Monkeys can take a test drive without having to do a full install. The process is quick, painless, and fully reversible.

    The steps are as follows:
    • You need a USB stick with at least 2 GB free space
    • Set your computer to boot from USB. This is different depending upon your hardware and BIOS. The goal is to enable USB boot and then place it before the hard drive in the boot order.
    • Download Linux for your computer type (the link below has links for Ubuntu). Many/most distributions come with Open Office which is file compatible with MS Office.
    • Download Rufus (see link below)
    • Follow the easy instructions here: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows
    Once the BIOS has been set and Linux installed on the USB stick, simply insert it and reboot. When you are finished or want to revert, shut down, pull the USB stick and boot.

    Note that you can run TAILS, a special linux/TOR distribution the very same way for super secure web browsing.

    EDIT: You can expect the following:
    • It will boot like a raped ape compared to Windows or IOS
    • Your computer will feel much faster since Linux is a small kernal OS (Like iOS) and doesn't need the overhead of antivirus/spyware/etc.
    • You may need to find the correct Linux drivers for your video card, but in my experience the driver included with Ubuntu worked pretty well. The only thing I would want better drivers for would be a graphic intensive program like Google Earth (yes, there is a Linux version). For a test drive comparison it shouldn't be necessary to worry about drivers, just keep it simple.
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    I cant run this on my Windoze work station, but it worked of on my laptop, EXCEPT, it wouldn't work with the touch screen no matter what drivers I found, so I was forced to revert back to windoze 8.1.
    I run win 7 pro X64 on the work station and have zero malware or virus issues. I run the old school Botscan once a week and then win defender, and I switch off with malware bites every few weeks, Never had any issues except the stupid Win 10 forced upgrade which I have to rid my self of by a total reimage.
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    Although I am perfectly happy with my present OS, I am tempted to run this just to possibly see Open Office actually work correctly on something...but, then I have plenty of copies of Office so no biggie.
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    Several Pi's and a Mint 17 laptop here. Still use Win 7 Pro on a few machines, but they are slow. Excellent post by 3M-TA3! Every one should at least give Linux a try.
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    I'm running Ubuntu Budgie on one of my laptops and since I use Chrome as a browser there's very little difference in how it works. You can configure Budgie to look like you want it to.
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