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    how many just have a shower stall in their house? How are we going to get clean after there’s no electricity and no water pressure? We won’t have any thing to get in to wash the daily dirt off, creeks?ponds?buckets? What would you use?
  3. Motomom34

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    I have a pan like this-

    I have had practice bathing with less then a gallon of water when our well was down. It takes practice but can be done. As for tubs, no sense in using them if you do not have electric or water because they use to much water.
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    Since we are OFF-Grid and generate ALL our own power, our water pressure does NOT depend a the Grid, PERIOD... In the Summer, we have 60 PSI Gravity Feed Water... and in the Winter, we have 40-60 PSI from a Stinky Danforth 12VDC Vane Pump/20USG Bladder Tank... We have a Shower/BathTub Combination in the cabin....
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  6. ghrit

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    Martin's Creek isn't far from here, nor is Salt Lick Creek. There's open water all year long, tho' a mite chilly. But that is what buckets and fires are all about. Ennyweigh, no one else is going to care if I stink, 'cause they will too.
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  7. sdr

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    I've been using a solar shower at my bol for years. Usually just heat the water on the stove and pour it in. Takes about 1 gallon for me to get clean.
    Backpacking I carry a large aluminum pot. Just use a cup to pour warm water over me. Makes bathing easy. Never could sleep well being dirty.
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    Grandmaw always keep a #3 tub out in the yard.
    Build a fire under it, We had hot water for a bath!
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  9. TnAndy

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    Have a shower stall, a soaking tub, and another tub with a shower head.

    Spring feeds into 3,000 gallons of storage tanks by gravity.
    Tanks feed down hill into my house, by gravity.

    So unless gravity fails, or a pipe breaks, water runs all over my farm, and has for the last 35 years. Of course, there have been improvements along the way...increased storage from 1,000 to 3,000 in mid 90's. Have run extensions of waters lines thru the years. Drilled a backup well about 10 years ago....which does require electric IF I need to use it...so far, it's been mostly for some irrigation, convenience, not critical need.

    Water Heating:
    Water is currently heated by propane with no electric power required. I have 2-3 years worth of propane. After that, I have a 50 gallon stainless steel tank (former gas water heater) ready to set up for non-demand, wood fired hot water.

    Waste water:

    Septic tanks. One for the house, another at my shop. I did both of them, using concrete tanks. Had house one pumped about 10 years ago....so little solids in it I'll never do it again.

    Also have a solar hot water setup I did use on a greenhouse, but it didn't work out, so there is a 48 tube vac system and a 200 liter tank I can set up. That one does require electricity to run the circulator pump (1/20hp) from the tubes to the loop in the tank, but since I have an 11kw solar setup, that just happens to put out peak production at the same time the solar water heater would need a little for the pump, I don't think electricity will be a problem either.

    None of our critical systems (water, heat, waste disposal, food, etc) depend on too much from 'off the farm'.
  10. Ura-Ki

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    I have three independent means of generating power, so electric heating for water( and every thing else) is a done deal. I also have a recurculating steam set up which is the second power supply, but primary heating system, and unlimited water supply. In adition, about 2 miles up hill is a hot spring, it's output varies from 6 gal per second, to less then 2, but is more then acceptable. I just need to run a flume down to the Ranch and build a holding tank, and we would have additional hot water and heat with out power. No solar, no fuel fired power for normal ops, and can go completly off grid at any time we wish. We do have a well with pump, and we do still use supplied electricity, but the days are near when we can in plug! Reminds me, need to get the well tested and the pump checked.
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  11. TnAndy

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    Hot spring would be lovely to have....except I might wonder WHAT the heck I was sitting on top of that was doing the heating...... :D

    Really, I'd think most people here and in the 'survival' mode in general would have, or be in the process of, figuring out how they plan to live assuming the guys that go to work supplying them with whatever (food, fuel, power, water, security, etc) CAN'T, OR WON'T, GO TO WORK ANYMORE.
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  12. DKR

    DKR Interesting ideas, interesting stories

    3 gallon - about $7


    low on water? 2 cups at a time

    Stand in tub, spray, soap, rinse.

    The cement mixing tubs from HD work great to stand in & catch the water if on the road - about $7.
  13. Dont

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    I have had many a bath out of coffee cans.. Even in Feb. in Korea..
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  14. Big Ron

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    Steam bath. Towel baths or a small container bath.
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  15. Asia-Off-Grid

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    In Southeast Asia, most bathrooms will be a tiled wet room. That is, they will not have a separate, or a partitioned shower. The shower will be part of the room, offering a water drain in the corner. Here is an example of an Asian bathroom / toilet:

    The floor in a bath here will be slightly sloped - enough so as to cause the water to flow toward the drain.

    In our case, every time we build a structure at the farm, we make it a point to add a roof that will allow rainwater harvesting, so as to make the most of rainwater collection.

    If I choose not to shower in the bathroom, we just fill two buckets or a single wash tub, with at least 40 liters (~10.5 gallons) of water, for my evening bath. I would find it very difficult to use anything less than that amount, to provide for my bath.

    As I have stated previously on this forum (and others), I may do without a number of "modern" conveniences. However, I will not do without a proper bathroom, whether it be a shower or toilet. I'm going to have running water to use, regardless of where I live.
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  16. arleigh

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    Once a month whether I need it or not.
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