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Discussion in 'Politics' started by melbo, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Strange. I've been scanning the AM and FM talk rasio the past few days and suddenly Rush, Hannity, Levin, Boortz, and a few of the lessor knowns started to trash McCain and Huckleberry starting Thursday.

    If you don't think the media is controlled, I want you to take not of this. Most of these guys have been fairly medium on all of the GOP candidates (Save Paul) and then they all start talking the same line. They seem to be funneling towards Romney with some talk about Thompson.

    I've also noticed that the GOP candidates have all adopted a message of restoring the Constitution and dismantling the IRS in some form or fashion. Can it be that they see the RP revolution and are trying to change their tone for expedient reasons?
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    These people are masters of political strategy and incorporate numerous tactics, most are nothing new to a seasoned spectator such as myself. The key to a successful campaign starts and ends with public perception, and it doesn't matter what actually happens so much as how the matter is conveyed and perceived. Rush, Hannity and the others are well versed in ways that spin the reality of the subject to suit their needs.

    All that is required is to have an enemy to place the blame. That's it.

    With voting being rigged, it doesn't matter who is praised and who isn't when it comes down to the election day -but, what is important, is to create the illusion of acceptance. The people as a whole must believe that the candidate who "won" actually did, and it must sit well with scholars and experts who would otherwise try to speak out -which wouldn't harm the overall plan, only make it...inconvenient. With the approval ratings for republicans on the slopes due to an arrogant president and a war that is ruining the economy, it is only natural, even logical to find other right wing candidates and their cronies touting a more central or leftist platform. In actuality, we will see the call for a bipartisan effort from the right, and on single standalone issues like the IRS and Constitution, we will definitely see some more empty rhetoric being spewed from candidates who have no real intention of dismantling the IRS or restoring the common law. These side issues, or standalone topics as I refer to them, are crucial for these candidates because it shifts the attention from the war and the economy to more recognizable terms which do not indicate the party's affiliation with the current president.

    Most people will vote for the guy (or gal) who can speak the right bullsh*t and make promises they never keep -promises the people keep believing in, nevertheless. It's all just a smoke and mirror show, put on for the sake of making this all look like a valid election -having the appearance of hard earned votes and willing voters with "record turnout" support.

    The recent friction with Russia and the UK and US is a prime example of this game being played on another level. The banks own and control all these nations, corporate cartels hold the leash, and the media reports what it is told. The world is preparing for another world war, but to the mundane...this just looks like another political quagmire and economic fiasco.

    Smoke and mirrors. Abracadabara.
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