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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by fedorthedog, Dec 26, 2011.

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    My 25 year old son came home for Xmas and informed my that he was taking his rifles home as he did not like what he was seeing an needed something with a longer range in his apartment. His 45 acp would not cut it. Sent him home with a hi cap mag rifle instead as his 03 3006 dont load fast enough.

    Then it was into the woods for a tune up on skills at his request.

    This got me to thinking many of us are mid age and up, what are you hearing from the younger crowd. What is their perception of current events.
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  2. Sapper John

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    The younger folks in my family are sensing the coming unrest and are trying to prepare for it...My son and DIL are active duty Marines and some nieces and nephews are currently on active duty.Like me, they can't quite put their finger on it, but they realize things are out of kilter!
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  3. tulianr

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    I made a similar remark to my college-aged son last night on the phone. I can't point to any one thing that makes me uneasy, but what I see out of our society, and the world situation, taken as a whole, makes me very uneasy. Steps I am taking now to prepare, would have been unthinkable for me just ten years ago. I would like to convince myself that it is just a matter of me getting older, and that my perception of events has changed; but I don't believe this to be true.
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  4. larryinalabama

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    The problems younger people (all of us still trying to earn a living for that matter) is most of the skilled trades have been ruined by the Illegal alien workforce. College has been dumbed down to 9th learning so everyone can attend, doesnt mean that much anymore. The goovernment has made running your own business extremely difficult. so much that most people in government dont understand all the rules.

    I wonder what would have happened if in the recient protests both sides were armed, right now the goovernment has a huge advantage over people wanting to change the system, but at some point payrolls wont be met and goovernment police will be civilians once again. To me the future doesnt look promising.
  5. Witch Doctor 01

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    My kids are also taking it more seriously... many of the Christmas presents were BOB related... new compasses, kershaw folders, bivy bags, etc... basic needs... also requests for CATM classes from a family friend who trained AF Special ops at Eglin...

    The big thing is in the event of a major problem they want to know that they can make it home on their own...
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  6. hedger

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    My 27 Y.O. son is totally on board with prepping and does have the right mindset.

    The recent political/economic events (over the past 3 yrs) have been a powerful agent of change. My son only had one friend, other than himself, who voted against Obama. After 3 years of my son and his friend gently reminding their friends, "I told you so." most of those folks are coming around to a different perspective. Most of them feel they were deceived and are not going to make the same mistake again.

    While those who are reconsidering their choices are not all likely to vote against Obama in the 2012 election, those who did support him before are saying they are simply not going to vote at all.

    My son is aghast at the sheep who are still lapping up the propaganda being fed to them by the far left.

    It satisfies my wife and I very deeply that our son shares our values.
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  7. Cephus

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    as one younger person told me "Don't blame me I voted for the AMERICAN" I'm pretty sure he gets it,he works for a company that has holdings all over the world ! I'm surprised at how many young people around here are into prepping even some of the resent HS graduates .
  8. enough

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    While my kids are still quite young, I do have a brother that is notably younger than me. He is active army infantry and just finished his first front line deployment.

    When he got home, I wanted to know what his general feelings were. While we haven't had the opportunity to discuss his concerns in depth, I was surprised to hear that his major fears are they we will be hit with a major natural disaster and as a result he will be deployed state side in the name of martial law. He pointed mainly to solar activity as the cause.

    Now, this is not something that would have come out of my brother's mouth 12 months ago. I'll get a chance to debrief with him later this month, face to face and see what is driving this. However, he is finally tuning into the prepping mentality and its a blessed thing in my eyes. Thank you Lord.
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  9. dystopia

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    Most of my four kids are oblivious to whats going on in the world. The one exception is my oldest daughter, the church she belongs to has set up a point to gather in case of emergency. A story to illustrate how oblivious my one son is that after the tsunami hit japan i mentioned it to him, he had no idea what i was talking about.
  10. Waz

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    Fortunately my Son and SIL are on board, I got them both BOB for Xmas packed with short term items, Son said it had been on his mind to get a little prepared (32) SIL 36, luckily we don't have toe same worries you guys have, no Nuke stations, same thing as far as weather goes, that can happen anywhere anytime, and our Kids are becoming aware of the unrest around the World, esp with the ME.
    It's good to see our children becoming aware and sad that they are feeling threatened to the point of getting prepared
  11. DKR

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    No big, we go tthis covered.

    I have been working with my children since they we just wee tads and lads. Today two of three are married and are raising a family of their own.

    My oldest son and I spent a fair amount of time last winter bagging rice, beans, wheat and milk. He has camping gaer and a large kerosene heater and the means to recover and purify water.

    Daughter is working hers up and the youngest has a BOB bag to make to the homestead. We have planned to host him - as an 0311, happy to have him at home.

    So - are they concerned? No, because they know they can handle 'it' and have family to fall back in, just in case something goes really, really south.

    And because we enjoy a day at the range then a BBQ, several times each summer as a family, not much to worry about that way either.

    Folks that have no extended family, live in an apt in a big city and no space for preps or any training, they have my sympathy.

    The US has survived some serious s**t in the past, and I have no doubt we will survive 'it' again.

    Just don't give up hope.
  12. BJC628

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    I remember

    Growing up in the military, (my Daddy was a career soldier), and being stationed in France during the "BerlinCrisis", I know how important it is to be ready for anything. We were "on alert" 24/7. I am glad my daughter and son-in-law are on the ball. I do seek comfort in the fact that I read the back of the "Book".........we win!
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  13. hedger

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    Your comment about your oldest daughter and her church really caught my attention. I'm pleased to see that some of our churches are taking steps--even if they may be rudimentary--to promote preparedness/survival.

    It seems like the sheep are of a monolithic mindset which says that survival after SHTF will be distributed as in a lottery. Those of us who have considered this in more depth dismiss that childish notion because we are not only aware but we have truly broken a seat to PREPARE.

    I wish that I had a brilliant insight that would enable you to "reach" all of your kids. Sadly, I do not have that insight.
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