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    alittle slow at first but worth reading(perhaps better posted in the"reading room"?)

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    The Art of Survival, Taoism and the Warring States This week's theme: Survival + (June 27, 2008)

    I'm not trying to be difficult, but I can't help cutting against the grain on topics like surviving the coming bad times when my experience runs counter to the standard received wisdom.

    A common thread within most discussions of surviving bad times--especially really bad times--runs more or less like this: stockpile a bunch of canned/dried food and other valuable accoutrements of civilized life (generators, tools, canned goods, firearms, etc.) in a remote area far from urban centers, and then wait out the bad times, all the while protecting your stash with an array of weaponry and technology (night vision binocs, etc.)
    Now while I respect and admire the goal, I must respectfully disagree with just about every assumption behind this strategy. Once again, this isn't because I enjoy being ornery (please don't check on that with my wife) but because everything in this strategy runs counter to my own experience in rural, remote settings.

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    This, unfortunately, sounds all too vaguely familiar to me.....
    Having had a 28 ft. trailer vandalized, and a storage shed cleaned out, and then, a couple days later, the shed disappeared too...
    Along with all the tools and equipment.
    This I can say, "IF" someone is of the mind to steal from another person, regardless of being a "HICK" or a "FLATLANDER", they deserve exactly what they get in return....
    No help.
    They deserve to reap, what they have sown.
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    Sorry to hear that, I've only had large things stolen a couple of times ( a trailer and a parked motorcycle) but that sinking feeling when you see its gone is enough to put one on the roof with a rifle; and its just the principle of the thing(violation of boundaries); not the lost value.
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    Having grown up poor, I am well acquainted to the culture described in that article. We never stole off anyone else, didn't have much, helped our neighbors rather they were better off or not. I've come a long ways from that, but if our garden produces more than we can use or not we share with others who don't have or can't grow gardens (city folk and "flatlanders"). If a need to borrow something and a part on it breaks, I replace the part and fix it if I know how.

    I could go on but this is a life style to me, not really a prep thing, you just learn to live within your means and not talk about what you actually own that friends and neighbors that don't need to know. We dress like those around us, drive a Ford, live in a doublewide, have chickens running around in the yard. We even buy some of our clothes at thrift stores or yard sales.

    Not really survivalist at all, more what i call subsistence living.
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    Sounds good, +1 all neighbors in our little cul-de-sac share garden produce; I feel lucky the older couple next door have been improving their garden soil every year for over 20 years andwhere I can get some produce to grow their garden GROWS! Theyalso have several bearing apple trees...
    oohh gotta go economic DOOM on cnbc!
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