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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by sarawolf, Mar 18, 2017.

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    We teach an informal class from time to time at Church. They are usually on preparedness, 72 hr kits (bugout bags) family history etc. This one will be to the singles on 72/96 hour kits with a bit of gardening in small places and or containers on the side.

    I am trying to approach this one a little differently so they realize how important these can be. Yes I start thinking and writing things up wayyyy ahead of time this class is the 3rd Sunday in May. That way I have plenty of time for revising and etc.

    Dh will go through and add things he also thinks are important and is usually the main speaker. I do a bit of the talking (sometimes I think to much lol) Our kits are almost always ready to go. I do need a new canteen as somehow the cap of my came off and is lost. I think maybe little grand daughter had something to do with that lol. Having a little imp in the house from time to time things happen.

    Dh says as he opens the address phone book, "what are all these x's all over the pages?" I say Kay, he says Oh lol.

    Anyway, many folks that live down in the valley especially new move in's think there is nothing here that might make them grab their bags and head for the hills. I put a stop to that way of thinking real quick. We have Clearwater paper which has big tanks of chlorine, so does the waste water plant. If one would rupture the gas would go to low lying areas. There is an earthquake fault sitting down the Clearwater River which runs right through and by Lewiston Idaho. Not to mention volcanos that sit 6 hours drive away. When Mt ST Helens went off they had 7 or so inches of ash here. If some of the others went off there would be even more.

    So there ya go lol and hope it goes well and we can get across the importance of it all. [​IMG]

    If anyone has ideas to throw in for help to peek their interest jot it down here please.
  2. Yard Dart

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    Sounds like a great community service you are providing. Knowledge is everything in an emergency!! [winkthumb]
  3. Motomom34

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    @sarawolf your community is blessed to have you and DH. Your willingness to share a teach others is so kind. You recognize the dangers of your area and are passing your knowledge on to others. If danger ever did hit your area, because of you both more people will have a chance of survival. I firmly believe that one cannot survive alone. It takes others and even a community to weather an 'event'.

    You have quite a few threats in your area, chemical plants, fault lines, volcanoes but you also have fire and blizzards as threats. I started from my simple threat which was a blizzard. After being snowed in for days, I know that living day to day will not work. Do you students have the capability to survive a major storm? Prior to getting our generator, we would vacate the house prior to a major storm because we knew that without heat, we would be in trouble.

    For your 72 hour bags- ask them to call out what they think they would need. Each person has a different family/home so each answer would vary.

    Good luck and keep us posted as your lesson develops.
  4. Seepalaces

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    Yes, and would you consider making a video and posting it? Probably a great resource for us newish preppers.
  5. sarawolf

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    Um I would have to see if hubby could set us up to record it. We don't really have the equipment to do that but maybe we can come up with something by that time.

    On the dangers we also have Dworshak dam up above Lewiston and some other some towns and Dh did a study for emergencies when he worked for the city and it would take 6 hours to hit the river valley down here along the Clearwater river.
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  6. ghrit

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    Call your local TV station. They have to do some community services to retain Federal grants, they might be interested in setting you up.
  7. Bandit99

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    I was just down in Lewiston on Tuesday! There was a very faint smell of something...was that a pulp mill? As a child in Washington, before the great Microsoft, we had them everywhere but this wasn't very strong and, of course, my memories are years ago but... but what a lovely town, I was coming from the North, on 95, and the view was marvelous. I had nice lunch in Mystic Café then headed home...
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  8. Tevin

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    The people who attend classes like this tend to be those who don't really need the training. They are already "in the club" and have made some kind of effort to be prepared.

    Therefore, my idea is to go well out of your way to bring in people who have not prepared for anything. For sure, your prepper friends have non-prepped friends they can recruit. It's nice if true believers show up, but that's not really the point of the class.
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  9. ghrit

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    Yep, and spreading the word is sometimes really easy. Fer zample, 'round deez pahts, there's a local freebie fishwrapper that has a community calendar that features announcements. You may have something similar that could be convinced to carry the class announcement as a community service. Often, churches other than your own will also post this sort of thing in their weekly bulletins.
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  10. Motomom34

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    @Seepalaces road trip to see @sarawolf's class. I would be it would take me a few days to get there
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  11. sarawolf

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    Yes that was what is known now as Clearwater Paper, sometimes it can about clear folks out of Lewiston until you get used to it. It is amazing what smells we can get used to lol.
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  12. Seepalaces

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    I would have guessed this, also. We had a recent class to talk about the possibility of Cascadia, and I assumed the people in the class would be at least minimally prepared. Instead we had a thoroughly amusing discussion about why it's probably smart to keep at least two weeks of food in your house (no kidding, I probably have two weeks of food in my car). I quietly left at the half break.
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  13. medicineman

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    First of all, listen to those who have lived through a LOT of disasters and UP that 72 hours to a full TWO WEEKS.
    You will save lives if you do.
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