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    Police Comfort Children By Giving Them Trauma Teddies Just After Car Crash

    A simple teddy bear can easily distract and comfort a child. I know because my son at age two received one. We had to call 911 when my son started vomiting rust colored stuff after hitting his head. My little son was in distress and not functioning well. The sheriff that arrived before the ambulance opened his truck and took out a teddy bear. My son held onto that bear the whole way to the hospital. That bear became a treasured item.

    A friend said her son received a teddy bear. He son had an eye injury and the paramedics gave her son a teddy bear. The responders even taped a bandage over the bears eye, like they did her son.

    Across America, police departments and ambulance crews have teddy bears. These teddy bears are given to children in traumatic situations. It is a simple thing but it brings much comfort in many cases. Last week I was in the local police department and saw they had a bear program. I bought a bear, they give you one to take home and a bear for the officers to carry and give to a child in need. It was a small price for what it will give. When the bear is given out, the police department will send me an e-mail letting me know that the bear has been “adopted”.

    Why am I starting this thread? One because this is a good charity and your local police department may need bears. Imagine giving a gift that gives to others. Two, you may have little children in your family or as neighbors. If society breaks down, a teddy bear may help you if a child needs comfort. Like the story above, the EMS people treated the teddy bear like they treated the child.

    The police add a bear to their gear, maybe you should also.

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    Nice,,,,, just another things the police do to try and help ,, and it's overlooked just like all the other things they do to help their communities,,,,nice post MM,,,
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    I just might add one to my Bug Out Bag..... For me!! :rolleyes:
  4. DKR

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    I bought a bunch for Tucson PD when sis was an officer.

    Now she is a single mom and going back to school, we just send her the $.
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    The teddy bears are also good to have on hand if you plan on having kids or grand-kids around if SHTF. We have talked about having games and drawing paper to combat boredom but what to comfort in case of injury or trauma? while you are bandaging and giving first-aid, a teddy bear can help distract and comfort the child you are working on. Medics, EMTs, police etc... know this has worked in many cases. So I believe this is something people may want to have one or two set aside, just in case.
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    Something to hug when the shooting starts... :rolleyes:
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    The knitting group that I belong to knit trauma bears for children who have been hospitalised.



    They also make fidget muffs for men and women suffering from dementia.

    First fidget spinners in schools, now it is fiddle muffs in nursing homes

    How to make Twiddlemuffs

    Knit for dementia patients: free twiddlemuff pattern | The Yarn Loop

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    On the other hand.....
    Bring a nice Teddy on the Mardi Gras float and......
    Well you know.....
    Dress it up with some nice beads and then...Well you know....

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    Easy there, Gator.
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    Party pooper,,,,,,,,,,,:ROFLMAO:
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  11. chelloveck

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    It's ok Altoid...even non-heteronormative, non-binary, gender fluid folk like colourful soft cuddly things to take their minds off trauma when things are not as they should be in their lives...on the other hand what's not to like with having bold colourful funky things to wave from a mardi gras float?

    I'm sure that there are knitting ? crocheting patterns for those.....though it might not be as comforting to a kid as a trauma bear...:eek: Penis Chapstick Cozies EXIST Because Honestly, Why The Hell Not?
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