Teotwawki Gill Net

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    Picked this up today from Louisiana Net and Twine co. Lafayette La..
    This place has a lot of different net's and trap's just for those whom are into trapping..
    Net measure's 100' x 5'6'' Has a weighted rope at the bottom and a floater rope on top.Mesh size is 2'' and you can get larger mesh size's if needed..Run's about $135.00....
    You may can find it cheaper on the web...But consider the weight and shipping charge's...
    Some state's may or may not allow this type of netting???
    But as the title state's i'm saving this for a Teotwawki situation...
    Tks..Gator 45/70
    1-800-626-6552 is their toll free number...
    The picture's are soso...netting is hard to photograph using a I-phone...
    gill net 1.JPG gill net 2.JPG
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    thanks for the info there sir
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    At one time, my Dad and I used a 400 yard net on our mullet boat. On a good day, we could boat 400 pounds of fish. We held a Salt Water license and could sell to the public.

    Then they changed the laws...... you had to make a certain amount or make 25% of your living from fishing to maintain the license - we did not. SO we became just 'recreational fishermen', and sold 'off the record' to friends.
    Eventually, they first increased the legal mesh size as too many were catching the younger fish, depleting breeding stocks. Then they outlawed net fishing completely. The "Net Ban" put a lot of Florida fishing families out of work. Dad burned his mullet boat and converted to trailer to haul his garden tractors.

    I haven't kept up with it to know what the law is nowadays.
  4. Gator 45/70

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    Your Welcome sir....
  5. Gator 45/70

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    Yes sir,That's why i chose the 2'' mesh webbing..
    I should be able at night to catch a few white pearch,bass,or catfish...
    but only during bad situation's..

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