The 10 Bushcraft Books by Richard Graves

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    The below links have changed and do not offer the pdf for download anymore. See post #5 for the pdf in full.

    Here's a link where you can download read all 10 for free:

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    Re: 'The 10 Bushcraft Books' by Richard Graves

    Wow! Great pdf! Thanks for the link [boozingbuddies]

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    Re: 'The 10 Bushcraft Books' by Richard Graves

    The 22 has always been my favorite round,and it's nice to see someone went through the time and trouble to prove its worth.[applaud]
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    Computer dummy here again....

    How can I save these to my desktop in pdf form? I'm on a mac.
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    Byte (thanks!) sent me the original PDF that was grabbed before the format of the above mentioned link changed. Here it is:

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    Thanks Melbo! Much Appreciated!
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    Wow, What a shame this is no longer in print. After serving for a decent period and doing courses in bushcraft/survival, I hadn't learnt some of even the most basic of skills listed here.
    Sweet read, thanks for posting!
  8. Hispeedal2

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    Cool. Good reference book.
  9. RonRay

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    Thanks much melbo! I've been looking for this one.
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    Richard H Graves

    Richard H Graves, was an Irish born Australian; author of "Australian Bushcraft: A guide to survival and camping" and had an association with American servicemen during WWII, so he most probably would have been pleased to know that the survival knowledge that he had developed was shared and appreciated by the Americans at this site.
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    They still appear in 2nd hand bookshops and library sales- I still have my copy from when I was in Cubs, and recently found a copy for 50 cents, yep, 50 cents, lol, in a library sale-will be for one of the kidlets one day.
    I love my PDFs and printouts as much as anyone; but having a hardcover printed copy is still my preference. Must be getting old, lol
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    Bushcraft was quoted in "Shelter"

    I came looking for Bushcraft after seeing a reference to it in Shelter, a lovely book by Shelter Publications from 1973. I needed some usable detail on thatching a roof. The Graves' material shown in Shelter was perfect.
  13. dragonfly

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    Thanks Melbo!
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