Resource The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving 2014-01-08

Good Eats for grubby times.

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    I work construction, if you pick the right dumpsters you build a house for the cost of hauling the stuff.
    The beginning of a project when their framing, after the finish the plumbing, there's usually a lot of pvc, when there doing drywall, they get paid by the sheet, you can probably guess how many full sheets make their way in. About the time they start doing the exterior stucco, siding whatever, they always scrap what they don't use, I scored enough free stucco to do my entire house along with enough mesh, for free.
    But the real prizes come at the end when their cleaning up the site. You can usually find a laborer who will help you out and tell you what phase their on. It's always best if you find the General Super-intendant of the site, their usually pretty cool and don't mind if you take the stuff out while they are there, they really don't like pulling out as your pulling in, or pulling in as your pulling out.
    I could not even begin to tell you how much $ value of stuff I got off a construction site.
    Good Diving!!
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