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    What ever the threat/event where ever you are when it happens you must have some basic knowledge to survive.

    My Background: I myself having lived for more years that you can count, have survived many man-made and natural disasters. Including: hurricanes (5), typhoons (18), earth-quacks (7), tornadoes (9), wildfires (4), house fires (3), Blizzards (20+), chemical spills (1), aircraft accidents (2), Auto accidents (5), Mountain climbing accidents (2), being knifed (2), being shot (2), survived 4 major surgeries. I have lived in LA, Tokyo Japan, Okinawa Japan. South Korea, the Philippines, and now in NE Florida, I was raised on a Dairy farm in Wi., Horse/ Cattle ranched in Yuma Az. So I do have some background when I talk about prepping and survival.

    There are a few categories of Basic Survival listed below in their importance:

    1. Shelter Without shelter you could die within hours of the event. Exposure/Hypothermia kills remembers that! A simple Tarp and 550 cord to tie it to trees can provide the most basic shelter.

    2. Water Without clean drinking water you will not be able to survive beyond 3 days. Exposure and your own movements require you to drink plenty of water - a minimum of 3 litters per day.. Remember that a gallon of water weighs in at 8 pounds. If you have a bug out bag get a water filter that you can use anywhere.

    3. Food Yes without food you could last 10-30 days depending on what you are doing. Food helps retain water in your body so you must have additional water for the preparation of your meals. About 1 gallon per adult. 72 hours is 6 meals at least. MRE's work find and have a shelf life of 5-7 years depends on temperature.

    4, Medical/Personal Hygiene I combined these because once you are in a survival situation you do not have the back up resources to help you survive. A major health emergency could see you dead within 60 seconds. A single cut or scratch could cause you to die without proper treatment. Get some first aid classes/CPR training from the local RED CROSS.

    5. Security Yes the big one that everyone has an opinion about security, guns, and knives.. If you are out and about trying to survive you may not want others around you. You would need to act like everyone else is infected and stay well away from them.

    RICHFL - - I'm a retired GySgt USMC, and retired Deputy Sheriff, State of Florida.
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    Welcome back @RICHFL Nice post.....
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    Welcome aboard!!
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    I think this one is an important point that we do not discuss enough. Personal Hygiene. I have often wondered the basics of keeping clean when there is little resources to do so. One scratch on a filthy body and you can infect yourself. When water is scarce and one needed that water for drinking, how does one stay semi-sanitary post disaster? After a typhoon or flood/hurricane and the water source is contaminated- how much of your clean water will you sacrifice for bathing or cleaning ones self?
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    One thing we do is still buy the unscented baby wipes (by the case) at Costco. We keep a package in each car and they are awesome. Clean up sticky foods or wipe off Cheeto dust.

    I know several folks who used them while they were deployed in the middle east when and where traditional bathing weren't possible.

    Obviously it depends on how dirty you are, but they say you can take a wipe down bath with 4 or 5 (took me 8 when I tried but when I was done I saw how it could be cut down). I wasn't operation room clean but in a pinch it would definitely do the trick and be very welcome.

    We still have a couple of packages from the most recently opened case and they are a couple years old and as good as the day we bought them.
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    I made my own hand sanitizer.

    Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe | Wellness Mama
    5 Homemade Hand Sanitizers -

    DIY Hand Sanitizer - Live Simply

    The one above is the one I used. I make a gallon of the stuff and put in washed rubbing alcohol, peroxide bottles. I save them all and wash them. But, you can put them in fancy bottles if you want.
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    I saw a news report on what the soldiers would like people to send if they so desire and baby wipes and hand sanitizer was at the top of the list. There was a drop area in Houston where you could just take the stuff down there and they would send it for you. We sent the small soaps and small baby powder bottles (travel size). Lots of paperback books. Bless their souls.
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