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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Stratovarius, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Stratovarius

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    Energy used per passenger per mile is about 35 calories. A car uses about 1,800 calories.

    The bicycle is the most energy efficient vehicle ever designed I think.

    Learning to maintain and repair a bicycle and stocking up on spare parts might be a good idea.
  2. CRC

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    New experience here today...

    I have a Beach bicycle....(Caloi)

    My brother says it's too hilly here for I am going to use his recumbant bicycle....

    He rides a $2300 mountain bike.....I can't imagine....paying that for a bicycle, unless I was a serious cyclist.....
  3. Tango3

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    recumbants are cool; everride his?? Alot of theworld uses bicycles for transportation as opposed to sporting toys as we do here, people go around the world on them..I think you are right, if/when the peak oil effects really become apparent we're gonna see many more of them.
  4. CRC

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    I rode it today.....

    Heck of a workout....I'm sure I'll feel it in the morning.... ;-)

    And it's not totally flat here like back home....Fun day though!
  5. phishi

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    He might feel the same about a 1911.......course, I would also being such a fan of glocks! [pop]

  6. jim

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    I've been considering getting a used mountain bike to keep in my truck for the ride home during SHTF if needed. How much should a used one go for?
  7. CRC

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    My brother sold mountain bikes, recumbant bikes, etc....

    He said it depends on the seller...but you can pick one up usually for $50.(ck the newspapers, Craigslist, etc.......or a brand new piece of junk at Walmart for the same price..but you would be getting a piece of junk...

    He said 80% of the bikes that are sold end up being an impulse buy...New Years resolutions, etc.....and they end up being expensive clothes racks...

    He said if you are really looking for a good SHTF $500....Used $200....
  8. jim

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    Thanks! I'm forty miles from home and about the same from the wife and son plus another 11 miles when at work. I may end up getting a diesel pickup truck, but until then, I need an alternative.

  9. BAT1

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    Bikes are 99.95% efficient. I have a Giant cadex carbon fiber mountain bike. I used to play on mototcycle trails here. I've endoed, biffed, fell over and bruised everthing at least once. Now it sports street tires. I'm getting too brittle. It would be a very useful item in an emergency.
  10. dukenukum

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    survival bike

    bikes are a good form of transportation I have a older gt all terra that is set up for bug out got it used for fifty bucks a few years ago put a rack on the back made a couple of bags camped of this bike a lot I will replace the over priced useless rack with one of my own design so it will hold up also putting bags on the front . and build a trailer for it so i can pull my boat or canoe .[dunno]
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