The Cold Is A-Coming!!

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    12 hours later, at 8 AM, here's the view from my front door, back door and door to driveway (pics taken earlier today):
    [​IMG] [​IMG][GALLER[​IMG]

    Temp is only about 28 F now. This week, highs will be in 30's, lows from 8 F to 15 F. Enough already! LOL

    I went out and it took me an hour to get the snow off two of our vehicles (can't see one in this pic). Son drives the vehicle without the wipers sticking up here and dug his vehicle out. All the local businesses are closing at 6 PM. Roads are NOT cleared since our little town has zero snow plows or snow removal equipment.

    Are we having fun yet? LOL We haven't lost power so it could be tons worse. Our fireplaces are keeping us nice and cozy.

    Sweetie and I stayed home, ate a bit, had a cup of coffee or 2 from our new Keurig, I took a stroll on the treadmill, Bunny (our son) is out with some of his friends playing in the snow covered desert in their lifted pick up trucks and having a blast.

    No work tomorrow due to winter weather conditions.

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    I think we're going to survive. Pic from front door at 5 PM Monday afternoon: [​IMG]
    And Driveway Monday Afternoon: [​IMG]

    It's going down to 20 F tonight so all the melt and remaining snow will freeze solid, but up to 48 F tomorrow. What a storm (at least for this area......records broken all over the place!)! We didn't go in to work today, tomorrow work is delayed until at least 12 Noon.

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    We are finally thawing out and getting all that white stuff melted! It's been a week and a half (I know, I know, some of ya'll live with it 9 months out of the year) and my front and back yard are almost down to bare grass. Along the sides of the roads and in the parking lots, there are still piles 9-10" deep that will take another week or 2 to melt. Sheesh! This is the desert SW, this ain't supposed to happen here! Heck, I don't even drink milk because it's cold and white!! Give me a break! LOL

    Sweetie and I took a trip up to N Central NM Monday and came back yesterday. About 90 miles north of us, the snow on the ground started being less and less and by the time we hit I-40, the ground was clear. I thought cold came down from the north! LOL

    Anywho, I'll be able to talk about surviving the blizzard of '16 when I'm older and more feeble. :LOL:

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