The Conspiracy Theory About Obama Hoarding Ammo

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    The Conspiracy Theory About Obama Hoarding Ammo Is Causing Real Trouble | Motherboard
    I think the writer of the article show's her true feelings quite loud and intended this article to be more of a hit piece towards the people that would question, their government's intentions. But she brings ups some good points for discussion. Her final statement sounds like more of a challenge to the convictions of the people unhappy with the direction of this country and what if anything we can do about it.
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    If there is any doubt to an actual confiscation, just remember, remember Katrina...
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  3. -06

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    Glad they are stockpiling ammo--one needs to know where it is accessible in time of need.
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  4. bountyhunter

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    I've heard it said that DHS et al has over two billion .40 HP rounds. Enough for about five per man, woman and child in this country or about an equivalent of fifteen years of military usage. Whatever the count the amount of ammo is staggering for a government agency.

    What could it be used for? A number of things. One, they expect massive riots and social unrest when the economy tanks and entitlements and government aid are no longer available (my guess). Two, they plan on creating social unrest and/or takeover and need the ammo to enforce their will (possible follow-up to item one). Three, they expect the possibility of invasion by a foreign government or people group. Four, they just like the warm fuzzy feeling that two plus billion rounds of pistol ammo gives them.

    Just about every federal agency falls under DHS authority so they’re going to need a big supply. You do not however need to be an advocate of tin foil beanies to ask the question, For What?
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  6. -06

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    Having it and keeping it is a different story.
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  7. VisuTrac

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    I've actually figured out what it is for. When the US defaults on it's bonds, we are going to have a bunch of Chinese, German and just about every other country on the planet wanting to swap their worthless debt notes for some assets like .. ports, sky scrapers, ranches, fresh water from the great lakes. To keep that horde at bay is going to take a lot of bullets.

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  8. Brokor

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  9. Mike

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    I'm happy it's .40 cal.
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  10. bfayer

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    The majority of the "2 billion" rounds are not in government warehouses. They are IDIQ contracts that lock in a price for purchases up to a maximum negotiated quantity over a period of several years.

    If you could go to the gun store today and tell them you want to buy ammo for the next five years, but you want to pay today's price for it, and then tell them you will only pay them when you feel like you want some, but they still need to honor today's prices in five years, would you do it?

    That is all DHS is doing with the majority of their contracts.

    My guess the average person on this site has more ammo than DHS does for each of their folks that needs to qualify with a weapon. Remember both the Coast Guard and FLTC Glenco are under the DHS umbralla.
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  11. Gator 45/70

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    I've watched the US Border Patrol practice at the range, Those boy's ARE pretty good at 10 yds.

    Problem is that all they shoot is center mass AT ten yds.

    They are the only one's that I care to see with plenty ammo, The rest of the ammo whore's is a BS smokescreen.

    Pretty much like our government.
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  12. BTPost

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    Heck, Gator... I am pretty good at 10 Yds... Even with my new Ruger 45/22.... 5" circle with all ten rounds inside, and I have only had it a week...
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  13. Mike

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    That makes sense. I'm still happy it's .40 cal. If I need a lot, they probably are getting a lot procured. lol
  14. Mike

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    Since getting my .40 XDm my accuracy has gotten a lot better. I can hit all 16 in the chest at 25 yards, all 16 in the head at 25 ft.
  15. Gator 45/70

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    I bet !!! Those are noted for being fine fine shooters, BTW, Where are we finding 22lr in Ak. ?
  16. bfayer

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    The CBP course of fire for handgun qualification includes both strong and week side with transitions including one hand shooting. Ranges are from 3 to 25 yards and includes the use of cover, combat and tactical relaods, and classic failure drills with shots to the head.

    Other agencies in DHS are very similar, although the number of rounds for each string and the scoring may be different.

    Now back to the ammo thing:

    DHS has about 70,000 folks that carry weapons across all the agencies, with an AOR that includes the entire country. The New York police department has something like 35000 and they only take care of one city. The majority of the DHS folks that carry guns are doing jobs that the Constitution actually tells the federal government they are responsible for doing. Protecting our boarders, immigration, customs, protecting commerce, preventing counterfeiting of money etc. We all want our federal government to stick to what the Constitution tells them they should be doing, Right? Well that is what the majority of the DHS agencies do.

    There are enough things that our government does that deserve and require scrutiny, I just don't see how making sure that the folks we put in harms way have enough ammo to train and qualify is one of them. The way I see it, is if you hire someone to carry a gun, you better darn well make sure they are properly trained and that takes ammo. I have no problem arguing about the number of people the federal government hires, but once we hire them and give them a gun, they need to know how to use it.

    I would rather focus my energies on keeping the federal government in the box the Constitution created for them.
  17. BTPost

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    Still have a couple of bricks from the LAST CaseI bought 10 years ago... Have my Son, an Ammunition Scrounger, looking for a couple of Cases for Me, He already has my IMR 4064 and IMR 4895 8# Jugs of Powder in Stock and will ship the whole mess on the first barge North in the spring.
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  18. Mike

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    Good son.
  19. enigma

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    My son DHS agent( I won`t say which one) and he told me what his average ammo usage is a year for practice and qualification...he then did the math for the number of individuals in the DHS that have to qualify and practice...after that the numbers don`t seem so out of line. Also the NRA had an article out and they went thru all the numbers and it all sounded logical.
    Also most of those agencies are strict 9 to 5 bureacrats that are represented by a union. How are they going to declare and keep a marshall law order when it is 1700 hrs and time to go home? And they can`t get approval from a supervisor for the OT. I could relate a lot of stories on DHS ineffectivness but I don`t want to compromise anyone. I asked my son about the marshall law scenario and he just awful lot.
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  20. bfayer

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    If martial law is ever declared it would take DOD to enforce it. The majority of the DHS folks that know how to use a gun are civilian and the ones that are not (USCG) are not about to go to war with the small towns they are stationed in. The majority of the DHS civilians would tell their boss to pack sand and then call their union rep.

    Now make no mistake where I'm coming from, I think some components of DHS have overstepped and congress needs to give them an attitude adjustment. But the majority of the operational folks in DHS are only in DHS because their agency got transfered, and nobody asked them what they thought about it.
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